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A Beautiful Lie - 2007 European Pressed Limited Deluxe Edition CD/DVD Set


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Format: CD
Condition: STILL FACTORY SEALED (Media / Cover)    More Info
Label: Immortal/Virgin records 0946 3 89660 2 9
Country: Europe
Released: 2007
Quantity: 1 in stock
Seller Ref:   132610

2007 European Immortal/Virgin label limited edition CD/DVD set - comprising full album CD with the bonus tracks 'The Kill (Rebirth) and 'A Beautiful Lie (Acoustic version)' and a PAL DVD featuring selections From MTV2's 'All That Rocks',   making of 'The Kill' featurette, behind the scenes footage, interview, additional videos and more.   Graphics discs are mounted on clear trays in a 3-panel digipak packaging with end pocket for 12-page illustrated booklet.    Tracklisting:   1   Attack      2   A Beautiful Lie   3   The Kill    4   Was It A Dream?    5   The Fantasy    6   Savior   7   From Yesterday    8   The Story   9   R-Evolve    10   A Modern Myth   11   The Battle Of One      12   Hunter      Bonus tracks: 13 The Kill (Rebirth) 14 A Beautiful Lie (Acoustic)    DVD:   Initium   1 The Kill 2 The Making Of The Kill 3 From Yesterday 4 From Yesterday - Behind The Scenes 5 A Beautiful Lie - Behind The Scenes 6 The International Music Feed Interview   MTV2's All That Rocks   1 Attack 2 The Kill 3 The Fantasy (Fan Generated Take)

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CD-IIA Beautiful Lie
CD-IIIThe Kill
CD-IVWas It A Dream?
CD-VThe Fantasy
CD-VIIFrom Yesterday
CD-VIIIThe Story
CD-XA Modern Myth
CD-XIBattle Of One
CD-XIIIThe Kill (Rebirth) (Bonus Track)
CD-XIVA Beautiful Lie (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
DVD-IThe Kill
DVD-IIThe Making Of The Kill
DVD-IIIFrom Yesterday
DVD-IVFrom Yesterday - Behind The Scenes
DVD-A Beautiful Lie - Behind The Scenes
DVD-VIThe International Music Feed Interview
MTV2's All That Rocks
DVD-IXThe Fantasy (Fan Generated Take)

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