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nicolai dunger artist picture

Nicolai Dunger

Born February 4, 1969, singer and acoustic songwriter from Piteå in Sweden.

Aliases: A Taste Of Ra

Nicolai Dunger Discography

Songs Wearing Clothes (CD) Telegram Records Stockholm 1996       Track Listing
Eventide (2 Versions) Atrium 1997       Track Listing
This Cloud Is Learning (7 Versions) Dolores Recordings 1999       Track Listing
Blind Blemished Blues (Vinyl) Hot Stuff 2000       Track Listing
A Dress Book (Vinyl) Hot Stuff 2001       Track Listing
Soul Rush (2 Versions) Dolores Recordings 2001       Track Listing
Sweat Her Kiss (Vinyl) Hot Stuff 2002       Track Listing
The Vinyl Trilogy (3 Versions) Virgin 2002       Track Listing
Tranquil Isolation (9 Versions) Virgin 2002       Track Listing
Here's My Song, You Can Have It...I Don't Want It Anymore, Yours 4-ever (7 Versions) Zoë Records 2003       Track Listing
Nicolai Dunger Sjunger Edith Södergran (CD) EMI 2006       Track Listing
Rösten Och Herren (CD) V2 2007       Track Listing
Nicollide And The Carmic Retribution (CD) Capitol Records 2008       Track Listing
Play (5 Versions) Fargo Records 2009       Track Listing
Upstate Gospel Sessions (Vinyl) Metronome 2014       Track Listing
Arkebuseringen Av Egot (2 Versions) Hi-hat Music 2017       Track Listing
Raison D´être (Vinyl) Kning Disk 2018       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
Nicolai (Vinyl) Hit It Productions 1991       Track Listing
1000 Rainbows (2 Versions) Telegram Records Stockholm 1996       Track Listing
First Born Track (CD) Dolores Recordings 1998       Track Listing
Something In The Way (2 Versions) Dolores Recordings 1999       Track Listing
What Tomorrow (CD) Dolores Recordings 1999       Track Listing
I'd Rather Die (CD) Dolores Recordings, Virgin 2001       Track Listing
Hey Mama (CD) Dolores Recordings 2002       Track Listing
Ol' Lovers (CD) Virgin, Labels 2002       Track Listing
Hunger (2 Versions) Virgin 2003       Track Listing
My Time Is Now (CDR) Not On Label 2004       Track Listing
Lyckokatt (CD) EMI 2006       Track Listing
Heart And Soul (CDR) Bonnier Amigo 2009       Track Listing
En Svit Med Par (Vinyl) Håll Tjäften, Flesh Boat Recordings 2012       Track Listing

Heaven Wear Our Hearts (CD) Telegram Records Stockholm, Jazz Beat 1995       Track Listing
Been Cheating (DVDr) Capitol Records 2008       Track Listing
Crazy Train (CD) Fargo Records 2009       Track Listing
The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Vallmo (Vinyl) Moserobie Music Production 2010       Track Listing
Cornelis Vs Riedel (CD) Playground Music Scandinavia 2011       Track Listing
Ballads Of This Land (Vinyl) Flesh Boat Records 2011       Track Listing
Terror & Tradition (Vinyl) Hi-hat Music 2018       Track Listing

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