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Blue Oyster Cult


Blue Oyster Cult



A1   Transmaniacon MC      3:20
A2   I'm On The Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep      3:09
A3   Then Came The Last Days Of May      3:29
A4   Stairway To The Stars      3:42
A5   Before The Kiss, A Redcap      4:57
B1   Screams      3:09
B2   She's As Beautiful As A Foot      2:56
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Through a combination of circumstances, New York has never been a spawning group for very many good, enduring white rock 'n' roll bands. The Velvet Underground spring readily to mind. and the Rascals, and there have been several fine one shots that never got the attention they deserved, like the Good Rats and Autosalvage. But the Big Apple, as us farmboys call it, hasn't really come through with solid rockout organizations too often. Now, with the Blue Oyster Cult, New York has produced its first authentic boogie beast, and with any luck this one… Read More

should be around for awhile.

Sandy Pearlman, one of the Cult's managers, modestly described this album as "better than Killer, but not quite as good as Master of Reality." While I can't honestly say that they have yet attained the degree of maniacal control held by either Alice or Black Sabbath, they do have the formula down better than most bands in recent memory, and not only that, but at times they sound a lot like the Music Machine, of "Talk Talk" and one-black-glove-on - each - member's - pick - hand fame, not to mention the whole 1965-6-7 acid-fuzztone-feedback-freakout genre. Which means in front that they have achieved a highly delicate synthesis, uniting the noise which some of us old farts of 23 grew up on and loved with the Zeepelin-Sabbath-Grand Funk juggernaut-rock which many of us have had so much trouble with and which "the kids," of course, thrive on. And that means that the potential audience for a band of this type is very large indeed.

Their first album is an almost too-perfect melange of highly proximate style that, due to production with a definite lack of laser flash and technicolor presence, tends to sound rather mundane, almost monotonous at first. But once you get into it–and by the second playing you can't help but begin to hear all the great ideas and deft touches–it'll grab you and move inevitably to the front of your play-pile.

Contrasts abound: "Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll" is the group's big Black Sabbath move, complete with deep gutty guitar slices and triumphantly psychopathic lyrics ("My heart is black/And my lips are cold/Cities on flame/With rock and roll/3000 guitars/They seem to cry/My ears will melt/And then my eye"). "Workshop of the Telescopes" is prototype sci-fi rock, but Merlin-fantasy as opposed to Pink Floyd's and Kantner-Slick's Star Trek fixations, while "She's As Beautiful As A Foot" is as mysterioso as any Doors song, although the vocal sounds more like Sky Saxon of the Seeds: "Didn't believe it when he bit into her face/It tasted just like a fallen arch." You would have to hear it to realize just how haunted they can make those words sound; camp it ain't.

"Screams" is the ultimate psychedelic paranoia fantasy, beating Grand Funk's "paranoid" for sure though maybe not Black Sabbath's classic of the same name and sounding somewhat like Neil Young's "Out of My Mind" plasticized and

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