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The 1980s were a period of unchecked greed and decadence, when the world donned rose-colored glasses that filtered out the homeless and made the hole in the ozone layer seem patched. All those good feelings and denial of social woes meant that romance was back in style, and while the glasses clinked and millionaires' bankrolls flourished, so too did music to love by. Luther Vandross was the primary voice who provided the soundtrack for romantic rendezvous in the Reagan era, and by the mid-1980s, merely mentioning his name conjured up images of happy couples sipping Merlot in dimly lit rooms and chuckling at inside jokes -- and, alternately, jilted lovers consoling themselves. Blessed with a voice that was warm and soulful, Vandross' songs dripped with romance, promised love on the horizon, or turned a teary eye towards duos fading into solitude. When things came crashing in and bleak reality reared its ugly head in the mid-1990s, florid R&B gave way to less sentimental music. Even so, Vandross could always be counted on as the perfect complement to a night spent with a "friend" or the first few nights spent sleeping alone. He passed away on July 2, 2005, at the age of 54.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
I Can Make It Better  Luther Vandross I Can Make It Better CD, 12", 7", CD Single, CD Maxi Single, Cassette   66 listed $1 - $51 View All
I Didn't Really Mean It  Luther Vandross I Didn't Really Mean It 7", 12"   21 listed $1 - $30 View All
  Luther Vandross I'd Rather CD Single   2 listed $4 - $47 View All
  Luther Vandross If Only For One Night 7"   3 listed $7 - $12 View All
I Gave It Up  Luther Vandross I Gave It Up 7", 12", 7" PS, CD Single, CD   48 listed $1 - $48 View All
  Luther Vandross I Gave Up 7"   1 listed $2  Details 
I Know  Luther Vandross I Know CD, CD Single   20 listed $3 - $40 View All
  Luther Vandross I Know Feat. Stevie Wonder On Harmonica CD Single   1 listed $36  Details 
  Luther Vandross I Know You Want To 7"   2 listed $4 - $12 View All
I'll Let You Slide  Luther Vandross I'll Let You Slide 12", 7", 45, 7" PS   88 listed $1 - $68 View All
  Luther Vandross I Love The One Youre With 12"   1 listed $5  Details 
In Concert  Luther Vandross In Concert Program   2 listed $10 - $13 View All
I Really Didn't Mean It  Luther Vandross I Really Didn't Mean It 7" PS, 12", 7", 10", 45   99 listed $1 - $63 View All
It's Good For The Soul  Luther Vandross It's Good For The Soul 12", 45, 7"   6 listed $6 - $25 View All
It's Over Now  Luther Vandross It's Over Now 7", 12", 7" PS, 45, VideoNTSC   84 listed $1 - $56 View All
  Luther Vandross I Wanted Your Love 12", 7"   5 listed $4 - $47 View All
  Luther Vandross I Want The Night To Stay 7"   2 listed $4 - $17 View All
I Wont Let You Do That To Me  Luther Vandross I WonÕt Let You Do That To Me CD Single   3 listed $7 - $85 View All
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