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As is often the case with Metal bands, Testament's best selling album was its worst. 1992's The Ritual can still offer some relief to listeners suffering the wasting effects of Metallica's post-Metallica output, but any fan will tell you the band's first three albums -- recorded in '80s -- simply destroy this sorry piece of studio milquetoast. The odd thing is, in live performances they remained a rippingly good unit of shredders, doling out big, bold, bloody chops like butchers on a bender. Lead guitarist Alex Skolnick was one of an elite few capable of holding his own against Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Slayer's Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. The Ritual made it apparent, however, that Skolnick valued virtuosity over ferocity, so they replaced him and never looked back. After adding Death Metal legend James Murphy, Testament started making the heaviest records of their career. Demonic and The Gathering are no mere crust-after-pie recordings; they're absolutely ferocious. More than a decade in, Testament will never warm another bench for Metallica, now that they've again taken the field with straight-up sluggers like Slayer and Sepultura.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
decibel Presents  Testament ....decibel Presents LP   1 listed $10 Details
  Testament 2 Cassette Lot $3 Ship Cassette   1 listed $10 Details
3 Vhs Box  Testament 3 Vhs Box NTSC Video Boxset   1 listed $13 Details
  Testament Alex Skolnick Memorabilia   3 listed $1 Details
Almas De Negro  Testament Almas De Negro Cassette   1 listed $17 Details
  Testament Animal Magnetism 7"   4 listed $9 - $75 Details
Autographs  Testament Autographs Memorabilia   1 listed $76 Details
  Testament The Best CD   1 listed $16 Details
The Best Of Testament  Testament The Best Of Testament CD   9 listed $5 - $107 Details
Bradford Rio 3rd June 2006  Testament Bradford Rio 3rd June 2006 Ticket   1 listed $4 Details
  Testament Chuck Billy Memorabilia   3 listed $1 Details
Dark Roots Of Earth  Testament Dark Roots Of Earth CD, 2LP, LP, Cassette, 2CD, DVD, 3CD   53 listed $11 - $91 Details
Days Of Darkness  Testament Days Of Darkness CD, 2CD   11 listed $10 - $107 Details
  Testament Deeper Into The Vault Cassette   1 listed $6 Details
Demonic  Testament Demonic CD, Cassette   15 listed $7 - $107 Details
  Testament Eric Peterson Memorabilia   3 listed $1 Details
First Strike Still Deadly  Testament First Strike Still Deadly CD   20 listed $5 - $107 Details
The Formation Of Damnation  Testament The Formation Of Damnation CD, 12", 2LP, Cassette, Pic Disc, LP   31 listed $6 - $107 Details
The Gathering  Testament The Gathering CD   20 listed $5 - $107 Details
  Testament Greatest Hits CD   1 listed $13 Details
  Testament Greenhouse Effect 7"+CDR   1 listed $41 Details
  Testament Greg Christian Memorabilia   3 listed $1 Details
  Testament It Is Well 2X 12", 12"   6 listed $6 - $16 Details
  Testament Japan 1991 Tour Book Program, Handbill   2 listed $8 - $39 Details
  Testament Jump In The Pit CD   1 listed $20 Details
Kerrang No248  Testament Kerrang No.248 Zine   2 listed $4 Details
The Legacy  Testament The Legacy LP, CD, Memorabilia, Other, T-Shirt   50 listed $3 - $107 Details
Live At Eindhoven  Testament Live At Eindhoven 12", Cassette, LP, EP, CD   33 listed $5 - $107 Details
  Testament Live At Fillmore CD, Cassette   5 listed $5 - $52 Details
Live At The Fillmore  Testament Live At The Fillmore CD, Cassette   15 listed $6 - $33 Details
  Testament Live Eindhoven '87 CD   1 listed $33 Details
  Testament Live In Eindhoven CD   1 listed $22 Details
Live In London  Testament Live In London CD, LP, 2LP, DVD   29 listed $5 - $75 Details
Logo  Testament Logo Other, Memorabilia, Patch   3 listed $3 - $34 Details
  Testament Louie Clemente Memorabilia   3 listed $1 Details
Low  Testament Low CD, Cassette   24 listed $5 - $107 Details
Low Poster Flat  Testament Low Poster Flat Poster   1 listed $17 Details
  Testament Mentality CD   1 listed $12 Details
  Testament Native Blood 7"   2 listed $8 - $20 Details
The New Order  Testament The New Order CD, Cassette, LP   31 listed $5 - $107 Details
Original Album Series  Testament Original Album Series CD, 5CD   10 listed $21 - $75 Details
  Testament Over The Wall DVD   1 listed $9 Details
Pddark Roots Of Earth  Testament Pd-dark Roots Of Earth 2LP   1 listed $41 Details
Plastic Explosive  Testament Plastic Explosive 7"   2 listed $7 Details
Practice What You Preach  Testament Practice What You Preach Cassette, LP, CD, Other   44 listed $3 - $107 Details
Return To The Apocalyptic City  Testament Return To The Apocalyptic City Cassette, CD EP, CD, 12"   23 listed $2 - $107 Details
The Ritual  Testament The Ritual CD, Cassette, Poster   25 listed $4 - $107 Details
Seen Between The Lines  Testament Seen Between The Lines DVD, CD   9 listed $16 - $107 Details
Signed Card  Testament Signed Card Memorabilia   1 listed $76 Details
Signs Of Chaos  Testament Signs Of Chaos 12", CD   4 listed $9 - $107 Details
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