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Formation and early years: 1981–84 Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe met in an electronics shop on Kings Road in Chelsea, London in August 1981. Recognising a mutual interest in dance music, they began to work on material together, first in Tennant's flat in Chelsea and from 1982, in a small studio in Camden Town. It was during those early years that several future hit songs were created, including "It's a Sin", "West End Girls", "Rent" and "Jealousy". Initially Tennant and Lowe performed as West End because of their love of London's West End, but later they came up with the name Pet Shop Boys, derived from friends of theirs who worked in a pet shop in Ealing. Their big break came in August 1983, when Tennant was assigned by Smash Hits to interview The Police in New York. The duo were obsessed with a stream of Hi-NRG records made by New York producer Bobby Orlando, simply known as Bobby O. According to Tennant: "I thought: well, if I've got to go and see The Police play, then I'm also going to have lunch with Bobby O." They shared a cheeseburger and carrot cake, at a restaurant called the Apple Jack, on 19 August (two years to the day since Tennant and Lowe had met) and, after hearing a demo tape that Tennant had brought along with him, Orlando suggested...  Read More

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Pet Shop Boys ... Do This Kind Of Thing" &"west End Girls 12"   1 listed $5 Details
1989 Tour Programme  Pet Shop Boys 1989 Tour Programme Program   1 listed $12 Details
  Pet Shop Boys 1999 Memorabilia   1 listed $10 Details
  Pet Shop Boys 2013 Used Concert Ticket Memorabilia   1 listed $6 Details
20th Century Blues  Pet Shop Boys 20th Century Blues CD   1 listed $39 Details
  Pet Shop Boys 25 Years Of Hits CD   4 listed $2 - $9 Details
Abandonado A Mi Suerte  Pet Shop Boys Abandonado A Mi Suerte 12"   3 listed $16 - $124 Details
About  Pet Shop Boys About CD, 2CD   4 listed $40 - $200 Details
Absolutely Fabulous  Pet Shop Boys Absolutely Fabulous CD Single, 12", Poster, 7", CD   17 listed $4 - $124 Details
Actually  Pet Shop Boys Actually LP, Cassette, CD, 2LP, Poster, 7", 2CD, Other   192 listed $2 - $130 Details
All Over The World  Pet Shop Boys All Over The World CD   1 listed $50 Details
Allways On My Mind  Pet Shop Boys Allways On My Mind 12"   1 listed $100 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Alright LP   1 listed $14 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Altenative Pet Shop Boys CD   1 listed $69 Details
Alternative  Pet Shop Boys Alternative CD, 2CD, Poster, Cassette   47 listed $4 - $59 Details
Always On My Mind  Pet Shop Boys Always On My Mind 12", 7", 7" PS, CD3, CD Single, 12" PS, CD, Cassette, 45, LP   319 listed $1 - $244 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Aternative Russian Edition 2CD   1 listed $19 Details
Aurally 3  Pet Shop Boys Aurally 3 2CD   2 listed $60 - $113 Details
Autobiography  Pet Shop Boys Autobiography CD   1 listed $7 Details
Axis  Pet Shop Boys Axis 12", CD   3 listed $23 - $100 Details
Back To Mine  Pet Shop Boys Back To Mine 2CD, CD   8 listed $11 - $50 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Baktabak Pic Disc   1 listed $22 Details
Battleship Potemkin  Pet Shop Boys Battleship Potemkin CD   12 listed $9 - $41 Details
Before  Pet Shop Boys Before CD Single, CD, 12", 2X 12", 12" Box Set, 3X 12", Cassette, CD Maxi Single, CD EP, LP, Poster   160 listed $1 - $199 Details
Behaviour  Pet Shop Boys Behaviour Cassette, CD, LP, 2CD, Memorabilia   104 listed $1 - $98 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Being 12", CD Single   4 listed $14 - $60 Details
Being Boring  Pet Shop Boys Being Boring 12", CD, 7", CD Single, CD3, 7" PS, Cassette   57 listed $2 - $45 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Best Hits Collection DVD   2 listed $11 - $40 Details
  Pet Shop Boys The Best Of Pet Shop Boys Cassette, Poster   2 listed $11 - $16 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Big Bang! CD   1 listed $32 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Biligual CD   1 listed $8 Details
Bilingual  Pet Shop Boys Bilingual 2CD, CD, Cassette, CD Single, Press Kit, Poster, CD Maxi Single   125 listed $1 - $139 Details
Blingual  Pet Shop Boys Blingual CD   1 listed $18 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Bloodhound Gang The Ballad Of Chasey Lain CD Single   1 listed $16 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Blur Girls And Boys CD Single   1 listed $16 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Boy 12"   1 listed $20 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Boys And Girls 7"   1 listed $7 Details
  Pet Shop Boys The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On 12"   1 listed $47 Details
Break 4 Love  Pet Shop Boys Break 4 Love 12", 2X 12"   9 listed $4 - $21 Details
  Pet Shop Boys By Eric Watson Poster   1 listed $23 Details
Can You Forgive Her  Pet Shop Boys Can You Forgive Her CD, CD Single, 7", Cassette, 12", CD Maxi Single, 12" PS, 45, 7" PS   142 listed $1 - $77 Details
Chicas Del Oeste  Pet Shop Boys Chicas Del Oeste 7"   1 listed $44 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Chris Lowe Memorabilia   1 listed $1 Details
Christmas  Pet Shop Boys Christmas CD Single, CD, Other, Zine, Memorabilia, 2CD   11 listed $11 - $284 Details
City Lights  Pet Shop Boys City Lights Zine   1 listed $11 Details
The Classic Techno  Pet Shop Boys The Classic Techno 2CD, CD   2 listed $25 - $27 Details
Closer To Heaven  Pet Shop Boys Closer To Heaven CD Single, CD   6 listed $9 - $45 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Club Mixes From The Pet Shop Boys Introspective Album 3X 12"   1 listed $40 Details
  Pet Shop Boys Coachella 2014 DVD   1 listed $35 Details
Complete Singles Collection  Pet Shop Boys Complete Singles Collection CD   6 listed $6 - $29 Details
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