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Granted, you've got to be a fan of this stuff to really appreciate it, but if you are, then listening to 1986's Pleasure to Kill or its follow-up, Terrible Certainty will be as painfully pleasurable an experience as losing your baby teeth or picking a scab. Considering the short distance between these releases and Venom's Black Metal, it's impressive that riffs so dense and drumming so exhausting were so quickly realized. '80s Kreator is a delirium inducing experience of snarling vocals, tumultuous time changes and G-pulling guitar solos. Buckle yourself in! Entering the '90s, the band eased off from their "blastbeat here and a blastbeat there" approach to explore thematically more sophisticated terrain than routine gore. If you want to start with this down-ratcheted material and work your way up to the Voivod-esque extremes, Renewal is a good spot to wade in. By this point, the band had the confidence to write actual songs with coherent lyrics and trimmed down solos that still pack the wallop of rebar.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Kreator 1985 CD   1 listed $7  Details 
  Kreator 1985-1992 Past Life Trauma CD   1 listed $48  Details 
  Kreator 2005 Poster   1 listed $16  Details 
At The Pulse Of Kapitulation  Kreator At The Pulse Of Kapitulation Other, CD DVD, DVD   4 listed $15 - $24 View All
  Kreator Cause For Conflict CD, LP   3 listed $18 - $214 View All
Civilization Collapse  Kreator Civilization Collapse 7"   1 listed $10  Details 
  Kreator Coma Of Souls CD, LP, Cassette   8 listed $12 - $54 View All
  Kreator Doomsday News Laser Disc   1 listed $130  Details 
Dying Alive  Kreator Dying Alive CD, LP, 2LP, 2CD, Other, Blu-ray, 5CD, Poster   35 listed $2 - $127 View All
Endless Pain  Kreator Endless Pain CD, Cassette, LP   17 listed $10 - $102 View All
Endorama  Kreator Endorama CD   9 listed $3 - $53 View All
Enemy Of God  Kreator Enemy Of God CD, LP, 2LP   27 listed $8 - $129 View All
Extreme Aggression  Kreator Extreme Aggression CD, Cassette, LP, LP Pic Disc   15 listed $9 - $93 View All
  Kreator Flag Of Hate 12", LP, VideoPAL   6 listed $12 - $43 View All
  Kreator God Of Violence Poster   1 listed $6  Details 
Gods Of Violence  Kreator Gods Of Violence Other, CD, Blu-ray, LP, 2LP, CD DVD, Poster   64 listed $4 - $121 View All
  Kreator Hallucinative Comas VideoPAL   1 listed $6  Details 
  Kreator Horders Of Chaos CD   1 listed $54  Details 
Hordes Of Chaos  Kreator Hordes Of Chaos LP, CD   32 listed $4 - $90 View All
Kerrang No235  Kreator Kerrang No.235 Magazine   2 listed $3 - $12 View All
Kreator  Kreator Kreator DVD, CD DVD, CD, LP, 2CD   13 listed $12 - $33 View All
Live At Dynamo Open Air 1998  Kreator Live At Dynamo Open Air 1998 CD   1 listed $25  Details 
Live Kreation  Kreator Live Kreation 2CD, CD, LP, 3LP, DVD   7 listed $11 - $96 View All
Love Us Or Hate Us  Kreator Love Us Or Hate Us CD   12 listed $13 - $37 View All
Outcast  Kreator Outcast CD   12 listed $8 - $27 View All
  Kreator Out Of Dark...into The Night Cassette   2 listed $20 - $41 View All
Out Of The Dark  Kreator Out Of The Dark CD, 12", LP, Cassette   11 listed $10 - $82 View All
Phantom Antichrist  Kreator Phantom Antichrist CD, LP, 2LP, 2CD   38 listed $6 - $199 View All
Pleasure To Kill  Kreator Pleasure To Kill LP, CD   9 listed $9 - $73 View All
  Kreator Renewal LP, Cassette, CD   5 listed $7 - $69 View All
  Kreator Scenarios Of Violence CD   2 listed $48 - $59 View All
Terrible Certainty  Kreator Terrible Certainty CD, Cassette, LP   15 listed $10 - $80 View All
  Kreator Terror Prevails CD   1 listed $17  Details 
Violent Revolution  Kreator Violent Revolution LP, CD, 2LP   23 listed $6 - $89 View All
  Kreator Voice Of Transgression CD   1 listed $14  Details 
  Kreator #1 Various Titles CD   2 listed $6 View All
  Kreator (ger) The Best Of CD   1 listed $44  Details 
Thrash Metal Box  Kreator; Sepultura; Sodom Thrash Metal Box CD   1 listed $50  Details 
  Kreators Doomesday News Iii Cassette   1 listed $8  Details 
Foreign Lands  Kreators Foreign Lands 12"   3 listed $2 - $8 View All
Home  Kreators Home 12", 2LP   4 listed $4 - $27 View All
Home Feat Xl  Kreators Home Feat. Xl 12"   1 listed $5  Details 
  Kreators Home Radio 12"   1 listed $12  Details 
Live Coverage  Kreators Live Coverage CD   3 listed $9 - $46 View All
Lost Pages  Kreators Lost Pages CD   1 listed $484  Details 
  Kreators Nightlife 12"   6 listed $4 - $40 View All
No Contest  Kreators No Contest 2LP, LP, CD   9 listed $9 - $159 View All
No Ordinary Love  Kreators No Ordinary Love 12", EP   2 listed $7 - $8 View All
  Kreators Personals 12"   3 listed $2 - $41 View All
  Kreators Smashed Up 12"   8 listed $2 - $51 View All
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