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Bathory was essentially a one-man band, fronted by Quorthon and filled out with an endless string of session players who usually only lasted one album. Based in Sweden, Bathory is widely regarded as a pioneer of the modern black metal sound, and everybody who is anybody in black metal likes to quote Bathory as a big influence. Bathory ended with Quorthon's unexpected death on 7 June 2004.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Bathory  Bathory Bathory LP, CD, LP Pic Disc, 12" Pic Disc, Cassette, Other, DVD   53 listed $9 - $221 Details
  Bathory Bloodbath LP   3 listed $26 - $47 Details
Blood Fire Death  Bathory Blood Fire Death CD, LP, LP Pic Disc, T-Shirt, 12", 12" Pic Disc   52 listed $11 - $99 Details
Blood On Ice  Bathory Blood On Ice Cassette, 2LP, CD, LP, 12" Pic Disc, 12"   35 listed $13 - $87 Details
Destroyer Of Worlds  Bathory Destroyer Of Worlds CD, LP, LP Pic Disc, 12"   21 listed $8 - $107 Details
Goat  Bathory Goat Memorabilia   1 listed $13 Details
Hammerheart  Bathory Hammerheart T-Shirt, LP, LP Pic Disc, CD, 2LP, 12" Pic Disc, 12"   46 listed $20 - $75 Details
  Bathory A Hungarian Tribute To Bathory CD   1 listed $20 Details
In Memory Of Quorthon  Bathory In Memory Of Quorthon T-Shirt, LP, CD   28 listed $19 - $215 Details
Jubileum  Bathory Jubileum CD, LP, 2LP   54 listed $9 - $75 Details
Katalog  Bathory Katalog CD   5 listed $9 - $22 Details
  Bathory Memorabilia 1 Memorabilia   1 listed $7 Details
Nordland Ii  Bathory Nordland Ii CD, LP, 12" Pic Disc, 12", 2LP, Pic Disc   43 listed $13 - $63 Details
  Bathory Norland 1 And 2 LP   4 listed $46 - $75 Details
Octagon  Bathory Octagon LP, CD, 12" Pic Disc   27 listed $13 - $63 Details
  Bathory Odens Ride Southerns CD   1 listed $22 Details
Requiem  Bathory Requiem CD, LP, 12" Pic Disc   23 listed $16 - $107 Details
The Return  Bathory The Return CD, LP, LP Pic Disc, Memorabilia, 12" Pic Disc, T-Shirt, 12"   48 listed $13 - $175 Details
  Bathory Speed Kills Iii LP+CDR   1 listed $81 Details
  Bathory A Tribute From LP   1 listed $43 Details
  Bathory True Black Essence History CD   2 listed $16 - $25 Details
Twilight Of The Gods  Bathory Twilight Of The Gods CD, LP, LP Pic Disc, 2LP, T-Shirt, 12" Pic Disc, 12", Pic Disc   54 listed $14 - $134 Details
Under The Sign Of The Black Mark  Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark LP, Memorabilia, CD, LP Pic Disc, Pic Disc, 12" Pic Disc, 12"   43 listed $13 - $129 Details
  Bathory Untitled LP   1 listed $17 Details
The Vinyl Box  Bathory The Vinyl Box LP   1 listed $187 Details
  Bathory Tribute In Conspiracy With Satan CD   1 listed $107 Details
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