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Bathory was essentially a one-man band, fronted by Quorthon and filled out with an endless string of session players who usually only lasted one album. Based in Sweden, Bathory is widely regarded as a pioneer of the modern black metal sound, and everybody who is anybody in black metal likes to quote Bathory as a big influence. Bathory ended with Quorthon's unexpected death on 7 June 2004.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Bathory  Bathory Bathory CD, LP Pic Disc, LP, Cassette, Other, DVD   53 listed $9 - $193 Details
  Bathory Bloodbath LP   2 listed $31 - $45 Details
Blood Fire Death  Bathory Blood Fire Death CD, LP, LP Pic Disc, T-Shirt, 12", 12" Pic Disc   55 listed $10 - $99 Details
Blood On Ice  Bathory Blood On Ice 2LP, Cassette, CD, LP, 12" Pic Disc, 12"   38 listed $9 - $87 Details
Destroyer Of Worlds  Bathory Destroyer Of Worlds CD, LP Pic Disc, LP, 12"   25 listed $14 - $107 Details
Hammerheart  Bathory Hammerheart LP, CD, T-Shirt, LP Pic Disc, 2LP, 12" Pic Disc, 12", Cassette   54 listed $9 - $60 Details
  Bathory A Hungarian Tribute To Bathory CD   1 listed $20 Details
In Memory Of Quorthon  Bathory In Memory Of Quorthon T-Shirt, LP, CD   34 listed $18 - $249 Details
Jubileum  Bathory Jubileum CD, LP, 2LP   63 listed $9 - $71 Details
Katalog  Bathory Katalog CD   8 listed $11 - $29 Details
  Bathory Memorabilia 1 Memorabilia   1 listed $7 Details
Nordland I  Bathory Nordland I CD, LP, 12" Pic Disc, 12", 2LP, Pic Disc   44 listed $19 - $60 Details
  Bathory Norland 1 And 2 LP   4 listed $46 - $71 Details
Octagon  Bathory Octagon LP, CD   31 listed $12 - $60 Details
Requiem  Bathory Requiem CD, LP, 12" Pic Disc   26 listed $19 - $107 Details
Return  Bathory Return LP, CD, LP Pic Disc, 12" Pic Disc, T-Shirt, 12"   52 listed $14 - $175 Details
  Bathory Speed Kills Iii LP+CDR   1 listed $81 Details
  Bathory True Black Essence History CD   2 listed $15 - $19 Details
Twilight Of The Gods  Bathory Twilight Of The Gods 2LP, LP Pic Disc, LP, T-Shirt, CD, 12" Pic Disc, 12", Pic Disc   55 listed $14 - $134 Details
Under The Sign Of The Black Mark  Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark LP, CD, LP Pic Disc, Pic Disc, 12"   40 listed $15 - $129 Details
  Bathory Untitled LP   1 listed $16 Details
The Vinyl Box  Bathory The Vinyl Box LP   1 listed $182 Details
Turulheart  Bathory =tribute= Turulheart CD   3 listed $20 Details
Voices From Valhalla  Bathory =tribute= Voices From Valhalla 2CD   3 listed $27 - $29 Details
  Bathory Tribute In Conspiracy With Satan CD   1 listed $107 Details
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