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The Fireflies were an American doo wop group that formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1957. Members included Paul Giacalone, Lee Reynolds, John Viscelli, Carl Girosli, and Ritchie Adams who joined the group later and reportedly sang lead on their most successful hit, the 1959 release, "You Were Mine." Later lineups have included Vic Puma, Fred Simmons, and Marco Gueli Jr.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
 Autumn Almanac  Fireflies Autumn Almanac CD   9 listed $18 - $69 Details
   Fireflies Because Of My Pride 7"   4 listed $7 - $41 Details
 I Can't Say Goodbye  Fireflies I Can't Say Goodbye 7", 45   32 listed $1 - $46 Details
   Fireflies In Dreams CD   2 listed $14 - $17 Details
   Fireflies Marianne 7"   2 listed $25 - $45 Details
 My Girl  Fireflies My Girl 45   3 listed $4 - $36 Details
   Fireflies Picture Frame 12"   2 listed $7 - $15 Details
 Stella Got A Fella  Fireflies Stella Got A Fella 45, 7"   17 listed $2 - $47 Details
 What Did I Do Wrong  Fireflies What Did I Do Wrong 45, 7"   12 listed $3 - $46 Details
 You Were Mine  Fireflies You Were Mine 7", 45, CD   63 listed $1 - $55 Details
   Fireflies Feat. Alexandra Prince Incl. Richard F CD Single   1 listed $8 Details
 I Can't Get Enough  Fireflies Ft. Alexandra Prince I Can't Get Enough 12", CD Single, CD   17 listed $1 - $29 Details
 Ost  Fireflies In The Garden Ost CD   1 listed $41 Details
   Fireflies In The Garden / Various Fireflies In The Garden DVD, CD   6 listed $10 - $41 Details
 Vintage Rock And Roll 4  Fireflies, fleetwoods, monotones, mark Dinning Vintage Rock And Roll 4 7"   1 listed $12 Details
 Bison Bop Vol. 15  Fireflies, maddy Brothers, the Love Brothers Bison Bop Vol. 15 LP   1 listed $20 Details
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