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Martina McBride knew that she wanted to be a country music singer long before she married Charlie Daniels' soundman. Before she finished high school, McBride used to play keyboards for her father's band, the Schifters. After her husband became the production manager for Garth Brooks in the early 1990s, McBride landed a sweet gig as the opening act for the hugely successful Brooks on one of his early tours. Critics may have jumped on the conflict of interest, but there was no denying that the lady could sing. Since then, McBride has proven herself by landing numerous hits on the country charts and developing her voice even further. Today, many critics consider McBride one of the most underrated singers in Nashville, and with good reason: her inflections somehow manage to sound both dainty and powerful at once. Whether she's singing soft and romantic ballads or more uptempo country rockers, her dynamic voice can go anywhere she wants to drive it.

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Ein Teil Von Mir  Andreas Martin Ein Teil Von Mir LP   2 listed $7 - $9 View All
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