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Denmark (København)
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jeg er iværksætter lige begyndt
jeg agter at gå ind i branchen men nu ser jeg lige først hvordan det går med mine 500 lper

Denmark Records
Denmark (3310 Oelsted)
510 items
Vintage rock (any kind), pop, folk, country, jazz, classical, world
Being a trained and professional musician bass player and vocalist in denmark.basred UK band sixties-bandRed Squares,)for more than 30 years, I have developed a wide knowledge in many areas of music and recordings. I aim to know a good deal of the music that I sell, which is mainly from my private collection. I have been selling on the internet since 2001.

Denmark (Rønde)
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Buy with confidence

Fat Captain
Denmark (Viby J, Jylland)
2,363 items
specializing in rare vinyl records, mainly alternative and stuff

Heavy Metal Danmark
Denmark (Ferritslev)
355 items
Heavy Metal Collector From Denmark.
Selling out of his own collection.

Indie Blue And Other Colours
Denmark (Copenhagen S)
1 items
Sell great records - particularly from Tigermilk Records

Denmark (Rønne, Danmark)
1 items
Private Person

Denmark (Aarhus V)
1,402 items
Collector selling own collection of mainly rock.
Collector selling own collection of progressive rock (CD and LP) and many promotional items.

Denmark (Odense S)
1 items
The RecordPusher is an online independent Record store, with analog organic music.
The RecordPusher is totally devoted to vinyl. I sell singles, EPs and LPs. And all styles from metal, rock and blues to jazz, soul, hip hop, and electronic. And anything in between you can imagine, you will also find t-shirts,mugs, turntables, posters, books and other great stuff.

Sound Station
Denmark (Frederiksberg)
18,020 items
Sound Station is Scandinavia's best-stocked record store
Welcome to Sound Station. Since our establishment in 1991, three keywords have always characterized our store: depth, variety & interest. We carry any genre from mainstream pop to musique concrete and electronica, from rockabilly, vocal pop, 60'ies garage & psyche, metal, punk and all their revival forms to rural blues, soul, jazz & rare grooves. Sound Station is one of Scandinavia's best-stocked record stores. We carry a wide range of music to satisfy even the most discriminating listener. You will find a growing sample of rare vinyl & CDs, collectibles, memorabilia, posters etc. on our online store. We currently have more than 40.000 items in our catalogue, and we add to it on a daily basis from our stock that contains more than 200.000 titles.

Vakuum Records
Denmark (Aarhus C, Jylland)
38,662 items
you have to listen to quite a lot of stuff before your ears fall off....
We are a small bedroom joint who are record collectors ourselves. We take part in several record fairs in Denmark. We specialize in collectible alternative, electronica, lo-fi, industrial and exotica.

Denmark (Rønde)
4,480 items
Vinyl fanatic

Denmark (Videbaek)
12 items
VoronichStock - 72
10 years Sale CD