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The best condition rare records, your turntable will thank you.

We are VVMO, the mail order division of Vintage Vinyl Records in Evanston, Illinois, USA. We specialize in collectable, rare, original vinyl recordings in ALL genres of music. In the field of rock, we are especially known for our stock in such “unique”
areas as Psychedelic, Progressive, Krautrock, Mod. We also have excellent selections of jazz, blues, soul, soundtracks, folk, classical, and much, much more. In addition, we carry the latest UK and European imports (new releases as well as reissues) on both vinyl and CD.

We're known locally, nationally, & internationally as:

-the Museum with the Holy Grails
-my secret spot for awesome records
-your favorite record store

We were mentioned in the Movie "High Fidelity", written about in the book "The Time Traveller's Wife", and highlighted in the documentary "Re-Vinylized".

Welcome to awesome music, what can we get for you today?

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