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Thelonious Sphere Monk was an iconoclast of the jazz community, a brilliant composer/pianist whose relentlessly quirky music has been putting smiles on people's faces long after his death. While he played with many groups through the 1940s, it wasn't until '47 that Monk began his solo odyssey. Outside the Bebop mainstream, Monk was busy concocting his own brew of witty, angular melodies with unorthodox and difficult chord progressions, and deeply swinging, Stride-influenced rhythm. In larger combos, Monk was a brilliant, if erratic, accompanist. His approach was wildly diverse, encompassing harmonically dense riffing, startlingly dissonant counterpoint, and complete silence. He was even known to get up and dance around the piano during his bandmates' solos. Monk was also a master at choosing sidemen; on his 1957 recording Monk's Music, he placed the passionate Post Bop explorations of John Coltrane alongside the gruff proto-Swing of Coleman Hawkins. A genius of modern music, indeed.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
  Thelonious Monk 15 Original Albums CD   1 listed $22  Details 
19511952  Thelonious Monk 1951-1952 CD   1 listed $15  Details 
  Thelonious Monk 1963 In Japan CD   1 listed $59  Details 
3 Classic Albums  Thelonious Monk 3 Classic Albums CD   1 listed $33  Details 
  Thelonious Monk 5 By 5 By Monk LP   3 listed $19 - $22 View All
  Thelonious Monk 5 Original Albums CD, Other   3 listed $18 - $26 View All
8 Classic Albums  Thelonious Monk 8 Classic Albums CD   3 listed $11 - $14 View All
Absolutely Essential  Thelonious Monk Absolutely Essential CD, CD3, Other   7 listed $7 - $29 View All
  Thelonious Monk Album LP   1 listed $36  Details 
All Monk  Thelonious Monk All Monk CD   1 listed $146  Details 
Alone In San Francisco  Thelonious Monk Alone In San Francisco LP, CD   13 listed $7 - $156 View All
Always Know  Thelonious Monk Always Know LP, 2LP   9 listed $17 - $79 View All
  Thelonious Monk American Composer DVD   1 listed $30  Details 
  Thelonious Monk And Sonny Rollins LP   2 listed $28 View All
  Thelonious Monk And The Jazz Giants CD   1 listed $9  Details 
April In Paris  Thelonious Monk April In Paris LP, 2LP   6 listed $15 - $70 View All
The Art Of The Ballad  Thelonious Monk The Art Of The Ballad CD   2 listed $9 - $14 View All
Ask Me Now  Thelonious Monk Ask Me Now CD   1 listed $40  Details 
At His Best  Thelonious Monk At His Best LP   2 listed $32 - $73 View All
  Thelonious Monk At Newport 1963 And 1965 CD   1 listed $13  Details 
At The Five Spot  Thelonious Monk At The Five Spot LP, 2LP, CD   11 listed $5 - $65 View All
  Thelonious Monk Bd Jazz Vol. 21 CD   1 listed $30  Details 
  Thelonious Monk Berlin 1961 LP   1 listed $49  Details 
Best Moments Of Part 2  Thelonious Monk Best Moments Of Part 2 LP   2 listed $60 View All
The Best Of Thelonious Monk  Thelonious Monk The Best Of Thelonious Monk CD, LP   12 listed $4 - $56 View All
Big Band And Quartet In Concert  Thelonious Monk Big Band And Quartet In Concert LP, Cassette   23 listed $7 - $104 View All
Blue Monk  Thelonious Monk Blue Monk CD, 7", LP, 45, EP   23 listed $4 - $275 View All
  Thelonious Monk Blues Five Spot LP   2 listed $9 - $62 View All
  Thelonious Monk Blue Sphere LP+CDR   1 listed $71  Details 
  Thelonious Monk Bolivar Blues LP+CDR   1 listed $75  Details 
Bop Fathers Complete Edition  Thelonious Monk Bop Fathers Complete Edition CD, LP   2 listed $46 - $69 View All
  Thelonious Monk Brillant Corners LP   4 listed $20 - $22 View All
Brilliant Corners  Thelonious Monk Brilliant Corners CD, LP, 2LP, 7", Cassette   81 listed $5 - $288 View All
Bye Ya  Thelonious Monk Bye Ya 45   1 listed $20  Details 
Changing Of The Guard  Thelonious Monk Changing Of The Guard CD   1 listed $11  Details 
The Classic Quartet  Thelonious Monk The Classic Quartet CD   4 listed $12 - $38 View All
  Thelonious Monk Collection CD   1 listed $6  Details 
The Columbia Years  Thelonious Monk The Columbia Years CD, CD Box Set   5 listed $15 - $79 View All
The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings  Thelonious Monk The Complete 1957 Riverside Recordings LP, CD, LP Box Set, 2CD, 3LP, 4CD, 2LP, CD Box Set   68 listed $9 - $330 View All
The Composer  Thelonious Monk The Composer LP, CD   10 listed $3 - $64 View All
Criss  Thelonious Monk Criss LP, CD   40 listed $6 - $127 View All
Criss Cross  Thelonious Monk Criss Cross LP, CD   14 listed $5 - $59 View All
  Thelonious Monk The Definitive On Prestige And Riverside CD   2 listed $9 - $15 View All
  Thelonious Monk Discovery CD   1 listed $6  Details 
  Thelonious Monk Early Thelonious Monk CD   1 listed $18  Details 
Epistrophy  Thelonious Monk Epistrophy CD, LP   8 listed $4 - $67 View All
  Thelonious Monk The Essence Of Thelonious Monk CD   1 listed $14  Details 
  Thelonious Monk Essential CD   6 listed $3 - $27 View All
Evidence  Thelonious Monk Evidence LP, CD   8 listed $5 - $94 View All
  Thelonious Monk Farewell To Monk 2LP   2 listed $29 - $76 View All
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