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The most exciting band of the 1980s, period. Sonic Youth had no equivalent then, and they still don't -- no one on the underground can rival them for daring, brilliance and range. Their willingness to experiment and evolve brought them perilously near the mainstream in the early '90s, but recent efforts have once again delivered them into the covetous arms of art-rock's intelligentsia. Starting off on the heels of New York's No Wave movement, Sonic Youth's pre-SST material marked a period of maturation defined by self-conscious DIY amateurism and the complete demolition of rock guitar convention. The approach broke ground, but kept a pretty low ceiling on what the band could achieve. The arrival of EVOL in 1986 signaled the end of Sonic Youth's anarchic primitivism and the dawning of their golden age. They were gradually transforming bouts of alternate tuning overkill into tightly crafted song. Daydream Nation (1988) remains their pinnacle achievement, a thematically coherent pastiche of Gen-X cynicism, sonic tube disasters and surreal guitar passages that chime like harps in a hailstorm. The work of Sonic Youth is all the more remarkable for being almost entirely self-produced and truly collaborative in origin. Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo...  Read More

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
 1  Sonic Youth 1 12", CD, CD Single   6 listed $5 - $52 Details
 100  Sonic Youth 100% CD, CD Single, 10", 12", 7", Other   38 listed $2 - $64 Details
   Sonic Youth 100 Per Cent 12", 10"   3 listed $23 - $35 Details
 100 Promo 1  Sonic Youth 100% Promo 1 CD Single   1 listed $16 Details
   Sonic Youth 100% Rebel CD   1 listed $49 Details
 1988 Rough Trade Shop Signing Flyer  Sonic Youth 1988 Rough Trade Shop Signing Flyer Memorabilia   1 listed $5 Details
   Sonic Youth 1991-the Year Funk Broke DVD   4 listed $26 - $34 Details
 1999 Japanese Tour Flyer  Sonic Youth 1999 Japanese Tour Flyer Memorabilia   1 listed $4 Details
   Sonic Youth 2 LP   1 listed $11 Details
   Sonic Youth 2 Original Small Concert Handbill Memorabilia   1 listed $5 Details
 4 Tunna Brix  Sonic Youth 4 Tunna Brix LP   1 listed $180 Details
   Sonic Youth Abiku 7"   1 listed $47 Details
   Sonic Youth Alan Cross Presents The Ongoing History Of New Music CD   1 listed $22 Details
 Alice Cooper Tribute  Sonic Youth Alice Cooper Tribute 7"   1 listed $20 Details
 All Fall Down  Sonic Youth All Fall Down 7"   1 listed $80 Details
   Sonic Youth Alternative Press Issue 32 1990 Zine   1 listed $4 Details
 Anagrama  Sonic Youth Anagrama CD, LP, CD Single, 12", Digi Pak   26 listed $6 - $150 Details
   Sonic Youth Anarchy On St. Mary’s Place CD   1 listed $46 Details
 Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth  Sonic Youth Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth CD   11 listed $9 - $35 Details
 Antenna  Sonic Youth Antenna CD Single   1 listed $13 Details
   Sonic Youth Art Music Rock Pop Techno Program   1 listed $6 Details
   Sonic Youth Astoria 16 Other   1 listed $12 Details
 Bad Moon Rising  Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising 7", CD, LP, 12", Cassette   53 listed $4 - $76 Details
 Battery Park  Sonic Youth Battery Park LP, 2CD   5 listed $32 - $110 Details
   Sonic Youth Beat On The Brat 12"   1 listed $13 Details
   Sonic Youth Bonnaroo 2003 DVD   1 listed $9 Details
   Sonic Youth Brother James LP   1 listed $74 Details
 Built For Lovin'  Sonic Youth Built For Lovin' 12" Pic Disc   1 listed $51 Details
 Bull In The Heather  Sonic Youth Bull In The Heather CD Single, CD, 10", CD Maxi Single   28 listed $1 - $23 Details
 Burning Spear  Sonic Youth Burning Spear CD, 7"   3 listed $24 - $50 Details
 Bw Logo  Sonic Youth B&w Logo Patch   1 listed $4 Details
   Sonic Youth Candle 12"   1 listed $77 Details
 Catalogue  Sonic Youth Catalogue Zine   2 listed $12 - $18 Details
   Sonic Youth Coffret 3 CD   1 listed $88 Details
   Sonic Youth Come And Smash Me 7"+CDR   1 listed $57 Details
 Confusion Is Sex  Sonic Youth Confusion Is Sex LP, CD   17 listed $5 - $56 Details
   Sonic Youth Corporate Ghost DVD   10 listed $11 - $29 Details
 Cotton Crown  Sonic Youth Cotton Crown 7"   2 listed $41 - $60 Details
   Sonic Youth Dangerzone 2CD   1 listed $12 Details
 Daydream Nation  Sonic Youth Daydream Nation LP, 4LP, 12", 2LP, CD, Other, LP Box Set, CD Single   80 listed $4 - $250 Details
   Sonic Youth Death To Our Friends CD   1 listed $24 Details
 Death Valley '69  Sonic Youth Death Valley '69 EP, 12", LP, 7", 7" PS   20 listed $16 - $91 Details
   Sonic Youth Demonlover CD   1 listed $21 Details
 Destroyed Room  Sonic Youth Destroyed Room LP, CD, 2LP, 12"   24 listed $11 - $97 Details
   Sonic Youth The Devil's Jukebox 7"   1 listed $78 Details
 The Diamond Sea  Sonic Youth The Diamond Sea CD Single   2 listed $11 - $16 Details
 Dirty  Sonic Youth Dirty CD, LP, 2LP, 12", Press Kit, 3LP, 4LP, 2CD   83 listed $4 - $128 Details
 Dirty Boots  Sonic Youth Dirty Boots CD, CD Single, 12", CD Maxi Single, LP, Cassette   22 listed $5 - $78 Details
   Sonic Youth Dirty Deluxe CD   1 listed $94 Details
 Dirty Poster Flat  Sonic Youth Dirty Poster Flat Poster   1 listed $17 Details
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