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PRESSHA Records and CDs

One-man R&B outfit is sunnier than most of his contemporaries, and more lyrically prone to leave the dark recesses of the bedroom. Pressha's R&B and mid-tempo jams focus on two things: love and lovin'. Still, he keeps it clean enough for the kids to listen in.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
   Pressha All The Way 12"   8 listed $3 - $51 Details
 Do Boy  Pressha Do Boy 12", CD Single   25 listed $1 - $52 Details
   Pressha Do Boy A 12"   1 listed $13 Details
 Don't Get It Twisted  Pressha Don't Get It Twisted LP, Cassette, CD, 12"   18 listed $5 - $79 Details
   Pressha Gimme Mines 12"   2 listed $26 Details
   Pressha Plackavellie 12"   1 listed $51 Details
   Pressha Pressha CD Single   1 listed $36 Details
   Pressha Put Ya Thang Down 12", CD Single   10 listed $3 - $51 Details
   Pressha Search No More 12"   1 listed $40 Details
 Splackavellie  Pressha Splackavellie CD Single, 12", CD   50 listed $1 - $59 Details
   Pressha Spackarellie Red Zone CD Single   1 listed $6 Details
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