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Sivert Høyem - Vocals Robert Burås - Guitar Frode Jacobsen - Bass Madrugada was formed around 1992 under the name of "ØX" in Stokmarknes, Norway and has since then gone under several identities and member changes until around 1997 when they permanently changed their name to Madrugada. Their style can be considered as dark, melancholic and blusey rock, and ever since the instant success of their first release "Industrial Silcence", several awards has been won by the band through their career. The recording of Madrugadas last self titled album was started early summer 2007 in New York. During the recording, their guitarist and main songwriter Robert Burås was found dead in his apartment in July. Despite this tragedy, the remaining 2 members went trough finishing the recording of the album. Shortly after the release they issued a statement that they where to split up reasoning that: "as long there is no Robert, there is no Madrugada". With a replacement guitarist, they went on a last farewell tour in 2008 ending in Oslo Spectrum.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
   Madrugada Aja "pantalones" 12"   1 listed $31 Details
   Madrugada Beautyproof CD Single, CD   2 listed $29 - $44 Details
 Best Of Madrugada  Madrugada Best Of Madrugada CD, 2CD   4 listed $25 - $40 Details
   Madrugada A Deadend Mind CD, CD Single   2 listed $43 - $50 Details
 The Deep End  Madrugada The Deep End LP, CD, CD Single   6 listed $29 - $177 Details
   Madrugada Electric CD Single   1 listed $57 Details
   Madrugada Ep CD Single   1 listed $152 Details
 Grit  Madrugada Grit CD, LP   8 listed $24 - $254 Details
   Madrugada Hands Up CD, CD Single   3 listed $36 - $87 Details
   Madrugada Higher CD   1 listed $26 Details
   Madrugada Hold On To You CD   1 listed $72 Details
   Madrugada I Don't Fit CD   1 listed $29 Details
 Incastro  Madrugada Incastro CD   4 listed $26 - $75 Details
   Madrugada Industrial Silence CD, 2LP   5 listed $9 - $538 Details
   Madrugada The Kids Are On The High Street CD, CD Single   2 listed $28 - $29 Details
 Lift Me  Madrugada Lift Me CD Single   3 listed $25 - $31 Details
 Live At Tralfamadore  Madrugada Live At Tralfamadore 2LP, CD   2 listed $20 - $141 Details
   Madrugada Look Away Lucifer CD Single   2 listed $22 - $31 Details
 Madrugada  Madrugada Madrugada CD, LP   13 listed $26 - $823 Details
   Madrugada Majesty CD, CD Single   3 listed $29 - $57 Details
   Madrugada New Depression CD Single, CD   3 listed $63 - $123 Details
 The Nightly Disease  Madrugada The Nightly Disease CD, CD Single, 4LP, LP   14 listed $9 - $116 Details
   Madrugada Original Music For The Eclipse CD   2 listed $9 - $20 Details
   Madrugada Ready CD, CD Single, 7"   6 listed $15 - $443 Details
   Madrugada The Riverbed CD   1 listed $109 Details
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