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In the early 1970s, this trumpeter/percussionist apprenticed with such masters as Dizzy Gillespie and Eddie Palmieri, but he's best known for the fiery Latin-meets-Bop stylings of his Fort Apache Band. He frequently covers tunes by Monk and Wayne Shorter, wedding their complex harmonic schemes to his group's clattering, percussion-heavy attack.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
 Avisale A Mi Contrario Que Aqui Estoy Yo  Jerry Gonzalez Avisale A Mi Contrario Que Aqui Estoy Yo CD   9 listed $21 - $68 Details
   Jerry Gonzalez Crossroads CD   10 listed $8 - $46 Details
 Earthdance  Jerry Gonzalez Earthdance CD   7 listed $14 - $53 Details
 El Comando De La Clave  Jerry Gonzalez El Comando De La Clave CD   2 listed $29 - $38 Details
   Jerry Gonzalez Give Me Some Thought CD   1 listed $16 Details
 Jerry Gonzalez Y Los Piratas Del Flamenco  Jerry Gonzalez Jerry Gonzalez Y Los Piratas Del Flamenco CD, LP   17 listed $13 - $53 Details
 Moliendo Cafe  Jerry Gonzalez Moliendo Cafe CD   7 listed $16 - $53 Details
 Music For Big Band  Jerry Gonzalez Music For Big Band CD   3 listed $23 - $36 Details
 Obatala  Jerry Gonzalez Obatala CD, LP   7 listed $14 - $53 Details
   Jerry Gonzalez Pensativo, 1995 CD   1 listed $34 Details
 Rhumba Para Buhana  Jerry Gonzalez Rhumba Para Buhana CD   7 listed $15 - $53 Details
 The River Is Deep  Jerry Gonzalez The River Is Deep CD, LP   17 listed $10 - $53 Details
 Rumba Para Monk  Jerry Gonzalez Rumba Para Monk CD   3 listed $18 - $36 Details
 Ya Yo Me Cure  Jerry Gonzalez Ya Yo Me Cure CD, Cassette, LP   16 listed $14 - $80 Details
   Jerry Gonzalez Y Los Piratas Del Flamenco CD   1 listed $19 Details
   Jerry & Fort Apache Band Gonzalez Fire Dance CD   5 listed $13 - $51 Details
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