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Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev producer Dave Friedman also twiddles the knobs for these magnificent and otherworldly visionaries who are blessed with the studio accompaniment of the eclectic and chemically imbalanced Elephant Six collective. The dynamic and hallucinogenic songs of Elf Power make you want to punch your fist in the air triumphantly and paint miniature lead figurines at the same time. If J.R.R. Tolkien knew how to play the theremin or the flugel-snorkle (and he might have -- wait, is he dead yet?), he would be a perfect addition to this fantastical symphony of white light, white heat, and white noise. Check out their innovative and soaring cover of Brian Eno's "Needles in the Camel's Eye.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
 All The World Is Waiting  Elf Power All The World Is Waiting CD Single   2 listed $1 - $8 Details
 An Old Familiar Scene  Elf Power An Old Familiar Scene CD Single   1 listed $3 Details
 Back To The Web  Elf Power Back To The Web CD   10 listed $6 - $48 Details
 Creatures  Elf Power Creatures CD   10 listed $6 - $66 Details
 A Dream In Sound  Elf Power A Dream In Sound CD   11 listed $5 - $49 Details
 Elf Power  Elf Power Elf Power CD, LP   12 listed $6 - $66 Details
 High Atop The Silver Branches  Elf Power High Atop The Silver Branches CD Single, CD   3 listed $4 - $26 Details
 In A Cave  Elf Power In A Cave CD, LP   8 listed $7 - $66 Details
 Jane  Elf Power Jane CD Single   3 listed $5 - $28 Details
   Elf Power Naughty Villain 7", CD Single   10 listed $4 - $36 Details
 Nothing's Going To Happen  Elf Power Nothing's Going To Happen CD   9 listed $13 - $66 Details
 Sunlight On The Moon  Elf Power Sunlight On The Moon LP, CD   16 listed $13 - $63 Details
   Elf Power Vainly Clutching At Phantom Limbs CD   4 listed $6 - $56 Details
 Walking With The Beggar Boys  Elf Power Walking With The Beggar Boys CD, Poster   9 listed $6 - $54 Details
   Elf Power When The Red King Comes CD   8 listed $10 - $57 Details
 The Winter Is Coming  Elf Power The Winter Is Coming CD   7 listed $8 - $39 Details
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