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CLOVEN HOOF Records and CDs

--> Cloven Hoof is a power metal band from Wolverhampton that was active from 1979 to 1990, and again from around 2000 onwards. The band were associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, alongside bands such as Motörhead, Iron Maiden and Diamond Head. Enduring many line-up changes through their career, only founding bassist Lee Payne has existed as an ever-present member. Biography 1979-1987 Cloven Hoof went through a few early line-up changes, including a brief spell with vocalist Steve Sammon, before settling on a steady line-up that would last their first few recordings. Theatrical from the beginning, the four band members took up pseudonyms after the four elements - David "Water" Potter, Steve "Fire" Rounds, Lee "Air" Payne and Kevin "Earth" Poutney. This line-up recorded the band's successful demo tape from 1982, along with The Opening Ritual EP, and Cloven Hoof. Following the release of their self-titled debut, David Potter left the band to be replaced by Rob Kendrick, who took up the "Water" pseudonym. This line-up only managed to record the live album Fighting Back, before splitting up completely soon after the release of the album. Lee Payne was the only...  Read More

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
   Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof Cassette   1 listed $24 Details
   Cloven Hoof The Definitive Part One 2LP, CD   6 listed $23 - $99 Details
   Cloven Hoof Dominator CD, Cassette, LP   6 listed $17 - $106 Details
 Eye Of The Sun  Cloven Hoof Eye Of The Sun CD   2 listed $30 - $58 Details
   Cloven Hoof Fighting Back LP   2 listed $60 - $69 Details
 Opening Ritual  Cloven Hoof Opening Ritual CD, LP   3 listed $36 - $335 Details
 A Sultan's Ransom  Cloven Hoof A Sultan's Ransom 2LP, LP, 2CD, CD   11 listed $23 - $98 Details
   Cloven Hoof Throne Of Damnation CD   5 listed $16 - $66 Details

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