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children of bodom    
Finnish heavy metal band from Espoo, formed in 1993 as " by Alexi Laiho and Jaska Raatikainen. Different sources tend to categorize them stylistically in different ways, but according to the lead singer and guitarist Alexi Laiho "it's just metal and that's it." In 1997, the band, still name ", signed up with a small Belgian label to release their first album "Something Wild". But before its release, the band was contacted by Spinefarm Records. Since they were already signed to another label, they had to fake a split-up and change the name to be able to release the album through Spinefarm. They chose Children of Bodom as the new name, inspired by the unsolved Lake Bodom murders, which took place in Finland in 1960 (teenagers camping next to the Lake Bodom were slaughtered by a maniac). Line-up: Alexi Laiho - lead vocals, lead guitar (1993–present) Jaska Raatikainen - drums, percussion (1993–present) Henkka Seppälä - bass guitar, backing vocals (1996–present) Roope Latvala - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2003–present) Janne Warman – keyboards, synthesizers (1997–present) Former members: Alexander Kuoppala – rhythm guitar (1995–2003) Samuli Miettinen – bass...  Read More

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
   Children Of Bodom 7-pd-needled 24 7"   1 listed $9 Details
 Are You Dead Yet  Children Of Bodom Are You Dead Yet CD, LP, LP Pic Disc   46 listed $4 - $214 Details
 Bestbreeder From 1997 To 2000  Children Of Bodom Bestbreeder From 1997 To 2000 CD   2 listed $35 - $46 Details
 Blooddrunk  Children Of Bodom Blooddrunk CD, LP, 12", 7", 2CD, CD Single, LP Pic Disc, DVD   67 listed $5 - $121 Details
   Children Of Bodom Bloodrunk CD   1 listed $107 Details
 Bloodstock 04  Children Of Bodom Bloodstock 04 Ticket   1 listed $8 Details
 Chaos Ridden Years  Children Of Bodom Chaos Ridden Years 2CD, DVD, CD, CD DVD   24 listed $9 - $148 Details
 Children Of Bodom  Children Of Bodom Children Of Bodom CD DVD, DVD, LP   13 listed $15 - $31 Details
 Club Citta 2001  Children Of Bodom Club Citta 2001 Handbill   1 listed $9 Details
   Children Of Bodom Disturbing The Priest CD   3 listed $12 - $33 Details
 Follow The Reaper  Children Of Bodom Follow The Reaper CD, T-Shirt, Digi Pak, Pic Disc, LP   46 listed $7 - $62 Details
 Halo Of Blood  Children Of Bodom Halo Of Blood Other, CD, LP, 2CD, Poster   62 listed $3 - $153 Details
 Hatebreeder  Children Of Bodom Hatebreeder CD, LP, T-Shirt, Pic Disc   51 listed $5 - $62 Details
 Hate Crew Deathroll  Children Of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll CD, LP   32 listed $5 - $75 Details
 Hellhounds On My Trail  Children Of Bodom Hellhounds On My Trail Pic Disc, 12", LP, CD   8 listed $7 - $24 Details
 Holiday At Lake Bodom  Children Of Bodom Holiday At Lake Bodom Other, CD DVD, LP, CD, 2CD   13 listed $17 - $98 Details
 In Your Face  Children Of Bodom In Your Face CD Single, DVD   5 listed $6 - $18 Details
 Japan 2013 Tour Handbill  Children Of Bodom Japan 2013 Tour Handbill Handbill   1 listed $6 Details
   Children Of Bodom Lookin' Out My Backdoor CD Single   1 listed $11 Details
 Relentless Reckless Forever  Children Of Bodom Relentless Reckless Forever CD, CD DVD, Other, LP, 2CD   37 listed $7 - $195 Details
   Children Of Bodom Round Trip To Hell And Back 7"   2 listed $9 Details
 Sampler  Children Of Bodom Sampler CD DVD   1 listed $23 Details
 Skeletons In The Closet  Children Of Bodom Skeletons In The Closet CD   24 listed $7 - $99 Details
 Something Wild  Children Of Bodom Something Wild CD, LP, T-Shirt, LP Pic Disc   49 listed $5 - $107 Details
   Children Of Bodom Stockholm Knockout 2CD, CD   9 listed $9 - $34 Details
   Children Of Bodom Thrashed Lost And Strung Out CD   1 listed $11 Details
 Tokyo Warhearts  Children Of Bodom Tokyo Warhearts CD, 12" Pic Disc, Pic Disc, LP   25 listed $6 - $107 Details
   Children Of Bodom Trashed, Lost An CD, DVD, CD Single   15 listed $4 - $107 Details
 Tshirt  Children Of Bodom T-shirt T-Shirt   1 listed $18 Details
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