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The drugged out underground/counterculture antidotes of Richard "Cheech" Marin and Tommy Chong almost seem anachronistic in present day light, but before the 1980s unleashed Reagan's war on drugs, Cheech and Chong were the progenitors of stoner comedy. While some critics dismissed their edgy sketches as lowbrow, others compared their craft to W.C. Fields' boozy boutades. The two comics met while attempting to form a rock band. As musicians, they found that audiences reacted much more enthusiastically to their dopey onstage banter, so they ran with it. They built up a grass roots following the success of their recorded albums before taking their antics to the silver screen. But as the 1970s turned into the '80s and the nation's young people were advised to "Just Say No," Cheech and Chong's popularity inevitably waned enough to warrant a breakup. While Chong has largely remained an underground icon of pop culture (showing up as himself, more or less, in such appropriate sitcoms as That '70s Show, Cheech has worked hard to forge a bona fide Hollywood career for himself.

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  Artist   Title Format Quantity           Price   
Basketball Jones  Cheech & Chong Basketball Jones 7", 7" PS, 45   31 listed $2 - $23 Details
Big Bambu  Cheech & Chong Big Bambu LP, CD, LP Gatefold, 7"   107 listed $1 - $160 Details
Black Lassie  Cheech & Chong Black Lassie 7", 45   9 listed $3 - $14 Details
Bloat On  Cheech & Chong Bloat On 7", 45, 7" PS   28 listed $3 - $38 Details
Born In East La  Cheech & Chong Born In East L.a 7", 45, 7" PS, 12", LP   42 listed $1 - $51 Details
Cheech And Chong  Cheech & Chong Cheech And Chong LP, CD, Cassette, LP Gatefold, DVD, Poster, Memorabilia, Blu-ray, Laser Disc   142 listed $1 - $129 Details
A Day At The Beach With Pedro And M  Cheech & Chong A Day At The Beach With Pedro And M 7", 45   6 listed $6 - $16 Details
Earache My Eye  Cheech & Chong Earache My Eye 7", 7" PS, 45   31 listed $2 - $32 Details
Framed  Cheech & Chong Framed 7"   10 listed $3 - $8 Details
Get Out Of My Room  Cheech & Chong Get Out Of My Room LP, CD, Cassette   50 listed $4 - $43 Details
Greatest Hit  Cheech & Chong Greatest Hit LP, Cassette, CD   21 listed $4 - $36 Details
  Cheech & Chong How I Spent My Summer Vacation 7"   4 listed $5 - $18 Details
  Cheech & Chong I'm Not Home Right Now 7"   3 listed $2 - $10 Details
In Weed We Trust  Cheech & Chong In Weed We Trust Sticker, Patch   2 listed $3 - $6 Details
Let's Make A New Dope Deal  Cheech & Chong Let's Make A New Dope Deal Cassette, LP   28 listed $1 - $43 Details
Los Cochinos  Cheech & Chong Los Cochinos LP, CD   76 listed $2 - $199 Details
Red, White And Tan Photo With Logo  Cheech & Chong Red, White And Tan Photo With Logo Patch   1 listed $6 Details
  Cheech & Chong Santa Claus And His Old Lady 7"   1 listed $18 Details
Sister Mary Elephant  Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant 45, 7" PS, 7"   33 listed $1 - $18 Details
Sleeping Beauty  Cheech & Chong Sleeping Beauty CD, LP   31 listed $6 - $96 Details
Turn That Thing Down  Cheech & Chong Turn That Thing Down 7"   2 listed $6 Details
Up In Smoke  Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke LP, Cassette, CD, 45   20 listed $6 - $52 Details
Wedding Album  Cheech & Chong Wedding Album LP, 8-Track, Cassette   32 listed $1 - $44 Details
  Cheech & Chong Where There's Smoke There's Cheech And Chong CD   3 listed $22 - $43 Details
  Cheech & Chong Wink Dinkerson 45   1 listed $2 Details
Anthology  Cheech Y Chong Anthology 2CD   1 listed $63 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Boat On 45   1 listed $5 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Born N E. La Cov Only Tear On Cover 7"   1 listed $5 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Don’t Bug Me 7"   1 listed $10 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Get Of Of My Room LP   1 listed $12 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Greatiest Hits LP   1 listed $19 Details
I'm A  Cheech Y Chong I'm A 7"   1 listed $5 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Let's Make A Dope Deal LP   1 listed $18 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Let's Ake A New Dope Deal Other   1 listed $10 Details
Photo Leaf  Cheech Y Chong Photo Leaf T-Shirt   1 listed $7 Details
  Cheech Y Chong Same LP   1 listed $15 Details
Zig Zag Rolling Paper Parody quothigh Quality Marijuanaquot  Cheech Y Chong Zig Zag Rolling Paper Parody "high Quality Marijuana" Sticker   1 listed $3 Details
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