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Item Details

Artist Title Media Condition Price GBP
C. A. Quintet Trip Thru Hell 2LP Mint (m) 299.98

Factory Sealed 2 LP Set - Sundazed Remastered / Reissue - Gatefold album cover - With a black square "Sundazed" sticker on cellophane with 21 Tracks

A1Trip Thru Hell (Part 1)9:09
A2Colorado Mourning2:31
A3Cold Spider4:41
B1Underground Music4:43
B2Sleepy Hollow Lane2:04
B3Smooth As Silk2:12
B4Trip Thru Hell (Part 2)3:40
C1Dr. Of Philosophy2:09
C2Blow To My Soul1:59
C3Ain't No Doubt About It2:31
C4Mickey's Monkey2:26
C5I Put A Spell On You2:47
C6I Shot The King2:22
C7Fortune Teller's Lie2:09
D1Sadie Lavone2:49
D2Bury Me In A Marijuana Field2:11
D3Colorado Mourning2:13
D4Underground Music2:08
D5Smooth As Silk3:20
D6I Want You To Love Me Girl2:41
D7She's Got To Be True1:54

BarcodePrinted: 0 90771-5037-1 8
BarcodeScanned: 090771503718

Artwork [Original] - Rod Eaton
Backing Vocals - Toni Crocket (Tracks: A1 to B4)
Bass, Vocals - Jim Erwin (Tracks: A1 to B4)
Design [Package Design] - Janet Atkins
Drums - Rick Johnson (Tracks: A1 to B2, B4)
Engineer - Darrell Arvidson (Tracks: C1 to D7)
Engineer [Original Recording] - Steve Longman (Tracks: A1 to B4)
Guitar - Tom Pohling (Tracks: A1 to B4)
Keyboards, Vocals - Doug Reynolds (Tracks: A1 to B4)
Liner Notes - Steve Longman
Mastered By - Bob Irwin, Vic Anesini
Other [Interview Conducter] - Jim Oldsberg
Other [Masters And Acetates Provided By] - Clark Besch, Dave Dean, Ken Erwin, Steve Longman
Producer [Produced For Lp] - Bob Irwin
Trumpet, Lead Vocals, Producer [Original Album] - Ken Erwin (Tracks: A1 to B4)
Written-By - David Stuart Sandler (Tracks: C2, D6), Doug Reynolds (Tracks: D7), Ken Erwin (Tracks: A2 to C1, C3, C6 to D5)

An expanded reissue of "Trip Thru Hell" album which was originally released on Candy Floss in 1969 (Cat#: 7764).

Disk one: "Trip Thru Hell" album.
Disk two: bonus material (non-album singles, acetates & unreleased tracks).

This double LP version came out a year later than the C. A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell, also on Sundazed Music. This version contains two extra unreleased tracks (D6 & D7) not on the CD version.

Also pressed on colored vinyl.

There are no clear credits for the tracks on disk two.

Interviews with Ken Erwin & Steve Longman reprinted inside of the cover.

Cat# on labels: "LP 5037".
Cat# on back cover & spine "SUNDAZED LP 5037".

Item Number: 1225-2014-0501-1546

Item in stock and ready to ship.

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Vinyl: The record is cracked, badly warped, and won't play through without skipping or repeating. The picture sleeve is water damaged, split on all three seams and heavily marred by wear and/or writing. The LP jacket barely keeps the LP inside it. Inner sleeves are fully seam split, and written upon. Except for impossibly rare records otherwise unattainable, records in this condition should be bought or sold for no more than a few cents each.

CD: The CD (if it is included) may or may not play some or all of the tracks. See the seller's comments for details. Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Very worn. It may have obvious writing on it, it may be ripped/torn, or significantly faded, or water damaged.
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