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beat-garage (1)   folk/acid-folk (5)   grooves (5)   library (1)   psych-prog (21)   punk (2)   rock/post-rock (10)   
wave (3)   world-music (35)        

  Artist  Title  Format  Label  Condition  Genre  Price EUR     
Anastasia - Na Rjekah VavilonskihAnastasia Na Rjekah Vavilonskih LP Dom 3   NM folk/acid-folk €21.00 Info  Buy 
Andersen & Pleym - Have your own feeling Have your own wayAndersen & Pleym Have your own feeling Have your own way LP mayfair   NM psych-prog €21.00 Info  Buy 
Art boys collection - Stoned WallArt Boys Collection Stoned Wall LP Golden pavilion   NM psych-prog €27.30 Info  Buy 
Bashir Abd El-Al,George Basil,Mohamed El-Berjaway, - Introduction To Instrumental Arabic MusicBashir Abd El-al, George Basil, Mohamed El-berjaway, Introduction To Instrumental Arabic Music LP Arab Tunes   VG++ world-music €68.25 Info  Buy 
Ben Jorge - Jorge benBen Jorge Jorge ben LP Philips R 765.100 L   NM grooves €315.00 Info  Buy 
Berberian John - Echoes of ArmeniaBerberian John Echoes of Armenia LP Olympia records   EX world-music €21.00 Info  Buy 
Bezdikian Jerry - Folk music of the near eastBezdikian Jerry Folk music of the near east LP Bezdikian records   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Bilezikjian John - Dantz Fever (double)Bilezikjian John Dantz Fever (double) LP Dantz records   VG++ world-music €18.90 Info  Buy 
Bilezikjian John - SiroccoBilezikjian John Sirocco LP Dantz records   EX world-music €36.75 Info  Buy 
Bilezikjian John - The Art of the OudBilezikjian John The Art of the Oud LP Trend   VG++ world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Bilezikjian John - The Neo Classical OudBilezikjian John The Neo Classical Oud LP Trend   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Billy synth & The Turn-ups - Disorderly ConductBilly Synth & The Turn-ups Disorderly Conduct LP Tragik Records TRLP1   SS punk €21.00 Info  Buy 
Bob Tashjian & Souren Baronian With Mid-Easter - Middle Eastern SoulBob Tashjian & Souren Baronian With Mid-easter Middle Eastern Soul LP Carlee Records   VG world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Broomstix riders - Rockin' AliensBroomstix Riders Rockin' Aliens LP SRT6KL767   NM rock/post-rock €42.00 Info  Buy 
Ciccada - A child in the mirrorCiccada A child in the mirror LP Missing Vinyl   SS folk/acid-folk €26.25 Info  Buy 
Cosmetics - Hello Man / Love can destroyCosmetics Hello Man / Love can destroy 7" Lemon 118 003   VG++ wave €21.00 Info  Buy 
Cure - Carnage visorsCure Carnage visors LP Kittens   rock/post-rock €26.25 Info  Buy 
Cure - Visions of dominoCure Visions of domino LP Drugstore   NM rock/post-rock €15.75 Info  Buy 
Dahlena - Dahlena's Middle Eastern Music for Belly Dancing Vol.2Dahlena Dahlena's Middle Eastern Music for Belly Dancing Vol.2 LP Dance Records   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak - Strictly Belly Dancing Vol. 4Eddie "the Sheik" Kochak Strictly Belly Dancing Vol. 4 LP Aneraba Records   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Elias George - Contemporary Songs For Bellydancing And Debkeh FolkdancingElias George Contemporary Songs For Bellydancing And Debkeh Folkdancing LP Elias Records   EX world-music €31.50 Info  Buy 
Elias George - Nawaa-ém (Sensual Belly Dance Music)Elias George Nawaa-ém (Sensual Belly Dance Music) LP Elias Records   EX world-music €31.50 Info  Buy 
Experiencia - Passo a passoExperiencia Passo a passo LP luso LP 1040   EX psych-prog €262.50 Info  Buy 
Fania All Stars - Live (Including Poster)Fania All Stars Live (Including Poster) LP Fania Records JM-00515   NM grooves €47.25 Info  Buy 
Feenjon group - Belly Dancing At The Cafe FeenjonFeenjon Group Belly Dancing At The Cafe Feenjon LP Monitor MFS 497   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Fetus Production - Dali / FlickerFetus Production Dali / Flicker 7" private   rock/post-rock €15.75 Info  Buy 
Gastrbajtrs - Pot v RajGastrbajtrs Pot v Raj LP Helidon FLP 05-073   NM wave €31.50 Info  Buy 
Grupoide - Queimaram as berlengasGrupoide Queimaram as berlengas LP RCS 7008   NM psych-prog €315.00 Info  Buy 
H. Aram Gulezyan & His Instrumental Group - Exotic Music For The OudH. Aram Gulezyan & His Instrumental Group Exotic Music For The Oud LP Lyrichord   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Hegazi Mike & Ra' Afat Zeina - Bedouin Belly DanceHegazi Mike & Ra' Afat Zeina Bedouin Belly Dance LP Emi Voix de l'orient   NM world-music €31.50 Info  Buy 
Horizont - Summer in TownHorizont Summer in Town LP Melodiya C60-23911   EX psych-prog €78.75 Info  Buy 
Kassab Youssef - Nadira Belly Dances For Youssef KassabKassab Youssef Nadira Belly Dances For Youssef Kassab LP Peters pilps 10075   VG+ world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Ladeiras ne - CorsariaLadeiras Ne Corsaria LP Schiu   VG++ psych-prog €26.25 Info  Buy 
Ladeiras ne - Sonho AzulLadeiras Ne Sonho Azul LP Valentim de Carvalho   VG++ psych-prog €26.25 Info  Buy 
Lahoud Romeo - Dark eyes and oriental moodsLahoud Romeo Dark eyes and oriental moods LP Peters Pilps 10045   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Law Keith - Eyes in the windLaw Keith Eyes in the wind LP Anazitisi   MINT folk/acid-folk €26.25 Info  Buy 
Layale Bourg El Hamam - Belly Dance Nights Vol.2Layale Bourg El Hamam Belly Dance Nights Vol.2 LP Emi Voix de l'orient   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Life - Same (Reissue of mega rare Swedish prog English lyrics version)Life Same (Reissue of mega rare Swedish prog English lyrics version) LP Golden Pavilion   SS psych-prog €26.25 Info  Buy 
Linardos Jimmy & His Near-East Group ? - Belly Dance Volume TwoLinardos Jimmy & His Near-east Group ? Belly Dance Volume Two LP Fran   VG++ world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Malone Wil - SameMalone Wil Same LP Morgan Blue Town B.T.5005   psych-prog €23.10 Info  Buy 
Maroun Saba,Fahed Ballan,Abboud Abdel Al & Orc - live from the fez in hollywoodMaroun Saba, Fahed Ballan, Abboud Abdel Al & Orc live from the fez in hollywood LP Fez records   EX world-music €36.75 Info  Buy 
Mizar - Svjat DreamsMizar Svjat Dreams LP Amarkord records   NM rock/post-rock €84.00 Info  Buy 
 Moody Blues Days Of Future Passed LP Deram SML 707   NM psych-prog €131.25 Info  Buy 
Norman Haines Band - Den of iniquityNorman Haines Band Den of iniquity CD Progressive Line   psych-prog €10.50 Info  Buy 
Nu - Cuentos De Ayer Y De HoyNu Cuentos De Ayer Y De Hoy LP Chapa discos HS 35007   NM psych-prog €105.00 Info  Buy 
Pentwater - samePentwater same LP Beef Records   VG++ psych-prog €157.50 Info  Buy 
Pertot Gino - Jew NailsPertot Gino Jew Nails LP Golden pavilion GP1001   SS psych-prog €21.00 Info  Buy 
Pleroma - InsidePleroma Inside LP jugoton   VG++ rock/post-rock €42.00 Info  Buy 
Rebels - sameRebels same LP Persianna PSR003   beat-garage €10.50 Info  Buy 
Rolling Stones - From Hillside to WoodstockRolling Stones From Hillside to Woodstock LP Avitom DHTA 446   NM psych-prog €26.25 Info  Buy 
Saffron Summerfield - Salisbury plainSaffron Summerfield Salisbury plain LP Spectacle   NM folk/acid-folk €73.50 Info  Buy 
Saga - sameSaga same LP Acid Nightmare   psych-prog €36.75 Info  Buy 
Sanlucar Manolo - SameSanlucar Manolo Same LP CBS S 81066   VG++ world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Sindelfingen - OdgipigSindelfingen Odgipig LP Anazitisi   MINT psych-prog €21.00 Info  Buy 
Smiths - Demos & Outtakes ISmiths Demos & Outtakes I LP OutRecs   rock/post-rock €26.25 Info  Buy 
Smiths - Demos & Outtakes IISmiths Demos & Outtakes II LP OutRecs   rock/post-rock €26.25 Info  Buy 
Smiths - Troy tate recordings Part ISmiths Troy tate recordings Part I LP John Mayor recordings JMR LP 83   rock/post-rock €26.25 Info  Buy 
Smiths - Troy tate recordings Part IISmiths Troy tate recordings Part II LP John Mayor recordings JMR LP 84   rock/post-rock €26.25 Info  Buy 
 Someones Band Someones band LP Deram SML 1068   EX psych-prog €682.50 Info  Buy 
Son Los Grillos - SameSon Los Grillos Same LP Monterey discos   MINT folk/acid-folk €25.20 Info  Buy 
 Spacemen 3 Sound of confusion LP Glass records GLALP 018   VG++ psych-prog €68.25 Info  Buy 
Sultans Middle Eastern Band - Volume 1Sultans Middle Eastern Band Volume 1 LP Sultans recording   EX world-music €21.00 Info  Buy 
Sultans Middle Eastern Band - Volume 2Sultans Middle Eastern Band Volume 2 LP Sultans recording   EX world-music €21.00 Info  Buy 
Three souls in my mind - SameThree Souls In My Mind Same LP Therapeutic records   NM psych-prog €21.00 Info  Buy 
Turn-ups - Urban BlightTurn-ups Urban Blight LP Cracked records CRLP3   SS punk €21.00 Info  Buy 
Vali Gus - Belly Dance Navel AcademyVali Gus Belly Dance Navel Academy LP Peters Pilps 30   VG++ world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Valle Marcos - Marcos ValleValle Marcos Marcos Valle LP Odeon MOFB 3596   EX grooves €210.00 Info  Buy 
Various - A night in the middle eastVarious A night in the middle east LP Private ME 1011   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Various - Belly Dance ! Spectacular Rhythms From The Middle EastVarious Belly Dance ! Spectacular Rhythms From The Middle East LP Emi Voix de l'orient   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Various - Dances For Festive NightsVarious Dances For Festive Nights LP Ash-Shark Records ?   VG++ world-music €21.00 Info  Buy 
Various - High modeVarious High mode LP DJ Music library   NM library €31.50 Info  Buy 
Various - Karsilamades Ke Tsiftetelia N.5Various Karsilamades Ke Tsiftetelia N.5 LP Peters   VG++ world-music €31.50 Info  Buy 
Various - Lebanon souvenirVarious Lebanon souvenir LP Parlophone LPVDX. 120   EX world-music €21.00 Info  Buy 
Various - Music For An Oriental Dance Volume 1Various Music For An Oriental Dance Volume 1 LP Voice of lebanon   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Various - Nepalese songs & melodiesVarious Nepalese songs & melodies 7" Ratna records ESR-122   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Vartan John Ensemble - spotlight on belly dancingVartan John Ensemble spotlight on belly dancing LP Monitor MFS 806   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Veloso Caetano - Caetano VelosoVeloso Caetano Caetano Veloso LP Philips R 765.086L   VG++ grooves €78.75 Info  Buy 
Vespero - Liventure #21Vespero Liventure #21 LP golden pavilion   psych-prog €10.50 Info  Buy 
Videosex - Lacrimae ChristiVideosex Lacrimae Christi LP RTVL LD 1250   VG++ wave €10.50 Info  Buy 
Wahab Mohamed Abdel - Belly Dance Volume 2Wahab Mohamed Abdel Belly Dance Volume 2 LP Cairophon   EX world-music €10.50 Info  Buy 
Yazbek Georges & His Orchestra ? - Ten Dynamic Nights From Thousand & One NightsYazbek Georges & His Orchestra ? Ten Dynamic Nights From Thousand & One Nights LP Voice of stars   VG++ world-music €21.00 Info  Buy