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 Dukes Up - 3 MIXES 12" 
Zm 017 Zoemagik Label - Dj Abstract's One Am Mix + Album Edit + Joshua's Dubwise Mix 
VG+ $10.50 Info  Buy 
 W.a.s.p. Forever Free (Eagle Edit / L.O.V.E. Machine (Live '89) - MISSPRESS - UK) 7" PS 
Uk Cls 546 Capitol Picture Sleeve - No Badge - Has Wrong Song On A Side Has Richard Thompson Turning... 
VG+/VG+ $15.75 Info  Buy 
 W/s Knuckle Dragg I Otta Leave L.A. (3 Versions / No Better Time (Unedited)) 12" 
Nm1-6601 Dj Promo? 
NM $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wa Wa Nee Stimulation - DJ PROMO 7" 
34-07671 Epic Dj Promo Company Sleeve 
VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wa Wa Nee Stimulation (Extended Vocal 6:50 / Extended Dub) 12" 
49 07541 
NM $15.75 Info  Buy 
 Wa Wa Nee Wa Wa Nee LP 
Bfe 40858 With Original Inner Sleeve 
VG+/NM $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wackers Day And Night / Last Dance 7" 
E 45816 Elektra Label 
VG $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wackers Hey Lawdy Lawdy - DJ PROMO 7" 
Ek-45841 Elektra Mono/stereo Dj Promo In Company Sleeve 
VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wackers Hot Wacks LP 
Eks-75025 Elektra White Label Dj Promo With Title Sticker & Punch Hole On Cover With Lyric Insert 
VG/VG+ $15.75 Info  Buy 
 Wackers Shredder LP 
Eks-75046 Elektra Gatefold Cover With Pink Insert 
VG+/VG $6.30 Info  Buy 
 Wacky Clackers Crazy Balls - DJ PROMO 7" 
Ena-9030 Enterprise Dj Promo Same Both Sides 
VG+ $19.95 Info  Buy 
 Wade Brothers Which Wade? SEALED - CANADA LP 
Canada Pec 80024 Epic Sealed Not A Cutout! 
SS $26.25 Info  Buy 
 Wade Imre Morissette Sargam Scales Of Music CD 
30695-2 Nettwerk 
NM/NM $15.75 Info  Buy 
 Wade, Adam I Can't Help It / I Had The Craziest Dream 7" 
Co 530 Coed 
VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wade, Adam Tell Her For Me / Don't Cry My Love 7" 
Co 520 Coed 
NM $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wade, Len Close Enough To Love - DJ PROMO 7" 
818 802-7 Dj Mercury Dj Promo 
NM $7.35 Info  Buy 
 Wade, Len Never A Man Loved A Woman (The Way I Love You - DJ PROMO) 7" 
880 388-7 Dj Mercury Dj Promo 
NM $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wader, Hannes 7 Lieder - GERMAN LP 
Germany Philips 6305 165 
VG+/NM $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Adrian Instincts - UK LP 
Uk Cas 1124 Charisma Phonogram Hatter Label With Textured Cover 
VG+/VG+ $15.75 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Adrian The Last Inca CAS 1135 With Booklet UK LP 
Uk Cas 1135 With Original Booklet 
NM/NM $52.50 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Bodie Hobo LP 
1015 Philo Yellow Label With Insert 
VG/VG+ $15.75 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Jack All I Need - DJ PROMO 7" 
7-29238 Qwest Dj Promo In Company Sleeve - Unplayed 
NM $6.30 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Jack All I Need PICTURE SLEEVE ONLY 7" PS 
29238-7 No Vinyl- Picture Sleeve Only 
VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Jack If She Loves Like She Looks - DJ PROMO 7" 
7-2703 Qwest Dj Promo Company Sleeve 
NM $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Jack Love Can Take Us All The Way - DJ PROMO 7" 
7-28790 Qwest Dj Promo Company Sleeve Unplayed 
NM $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Jack Premonition - DJ PROMO 7" 
7-29085 Qwest Remix 3:12 / 3:15 Dj Promo In Company Sleeve 
NM $3.15 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Walt Caprice LP 
Cw 101 Carousel Records 
VG+/VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Walt Evening Muse - Jazz Nocturnes For Solo Piano LP 
Cw 103 Carousel Records 
VG+/NM $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Walt Spirit - Solo Piano LP 
Cw 104 Carousel Records 
VG+/VG+ $6.30 Info  Buy 
 Wagner, Walt Spirit - Solo Piano STILL SEALED LP 
Cw 104 Still Sealed Carousel Records - Not A Cutout 
SS $26.25 Info  Buy 
 Wagoner & Parton Just The Two Of Us LP 
Lsp-4039 Orange Rca Label 
VG/VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wah! A Word To The Wise Guy - CANADA LP 
Canada Vog 1 3340 Vertigo With Original Inner Sleeve 
VG+/VG+ $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wah! A Word To The Wise Guy - SEALED - CANADA LP 
Canada Vog 1 3340 Vertigo Still Sealed 
SS $21.00 Info  Buy 
 Wah! Come Back / Devil In Miss Jones - POSTER SLEEVE - CANADA 7" PS 
Canada Sov 2347 Vertigo Poster Sleeve 
VG+/NM $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wah! Come Back / Devil In Miss Jones - POSTER SLEEVE CANADA 7" PS 
Canada Sov 2347 Vertigo Poster Sleeve 
VG+/NM $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wah! Forget The Down! / The Checkmate Syndrome - PIC SLEEVE - UK 7" PS 
Uk Slate 1 Eternal 
NM/NM $6.30 Info  Buy 
 Wah! I Wish You'd Believe Me / Sleep - PIC SLEEVE - UK 7" PS 
Uk X 9880 Eternal 
VG+/VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wah! Story Of The Blues / Seven Minutes To Midnight PIC SLEEVE - PUNCH HOLE - CANADA 12" 
Canada 24 99800 Eternal Still In Shrink Wrap 
NM/VG+ $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wah! Story Of The Blues Part One / Part Two - PIC SLEEVE - FRANCE 7" PS 
France Jf 1 Eternal 
VG+/NM $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wah! Story Of The Blues Part One / Part Two - PIC SLEEVE - UK 7" PS 
Uk Jf 1 Eternal 
VG+/NM $6.30 Info  Buy 
 Wailer, Bunny Bunny Wailer Sings The Wailers LP 
Mlps 9629 With Original Reggae Greats Inner Sleeve 
VG+/VG+ $15.75 Info  Buy 
 Wailers The Fabulous Wailers NOTE: NO VINYL COVER ONLY LP 
Cr 3075 Golden Crest Cover Only No Vinyl -b&w Photo - Seam Split At Top Opening Wobc 
VG $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wailers Band I.D. LP 
81960-1 Atlantic Notched Cover 
VG+/VG+ $6.30 Info  Buy 
 Wailing Souls All Over The World - 10 TRACK CD CD 
Ok 48653 10 Track Album 
NM/NM $15.75 Info  Buy 
 Wailing Souls All Over The World 4 MIXES PIC SLEEVE 12" 
42 74292 Cutcorner Cover Extended Edit + Lp Version + International Mix + World Beat Mix 
VG+/NM $10.50 Info  Buy 
 Wainwright Iii, Loudon Album II LP 
Sd 8291 
VG/VG $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wainwright Iii, Loudon Album II - DJ PROMO LP 
Sd 8291 Atlantic White Label Dj Promo With Suggested Cuts Sticker On Cover - Plays Cook That Dinner... 
VG/VG $7.35 Info  Buy 
 Wainwright Iii, Loudon Album III LP 
Kc 31462 
VG/VG+ $6.30 Info  Buy 
 Wainwright Iii, Loudon Bicentennial - DJ PROMO 7" 
As 0174 Arista Mono/stereo Dj Promo 
VG+ $5.25 Info  Buy 
 Wainwright Iii, Loudon Bicentennial - DJ PROMO 7" 
As 0174 Arista Mono/stereo Dj Promo In Company Sleeve - Appears Unplayed 
NM $6.30 Info  Buy 

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