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A curated collection of great music. We have been selling vinyl records and compact discs online since 2002 and are currently listing close to 7000 items for sale. Here you'll find prog, 12-inch singles, UK/US punk/indie, folk and acoustic (US, UK and the world), promo-only releases, rare promo posters, 1980s indie US music magazines, NM 80s indie and experimental vinyl, rarely-seen 1960s US/UK folk, and 37 feet of classic rock, jazz and blues. Unlike some other record-selling websites, you can browse our complete inventory selection here on MusicStack.

Abstract (4)   Acid House (1)   Acoustic (3)   Afro-Cuban (1)   Afro-Cuban Jazz (1)   Afrobeat (1)   Alternative (25)   
Alternative Rock (40)   Ambient (5)   Art Rock (5)   Audiophile (5)   Avant (40)   Avant-garde Jazz (2)   Avantgarde (6)   
Ballad (3)   Beat (1)   Berlin-School (1)   Bhangra (4)   Big Band (3)   Bluegrass (62)   Blues (98)   
Blues Rock (27)   Book (9)   Bop (1)   Bossanova (1)   Brit Pop (2)   Broadway (2)   Calypso (1)   
Celtic (116)   Chicago Blues (1)   Childrens (13)   Christian (9)   Classic Rock (10)   Classical (171)   Comedy (45)   
Contemporary (1)   Contemporary Jazz (3)   Cool Jazz (1)   Country (129)   Country Blues (6)   Country Rock (7)   Dance (2)   
Delta Blues (1)   Dialogue (1)   Disco (4)   Dixieland (1)   Drum n Bass (1)   Easy Listening (12)   EBM (1)   
Education (1)   Electric Blues (2)   Electro (1)   Electronic (17)   Emo (1)   Exotica (8)   Experimental (10)   
Field Recording (4)   Flamenco (2)   Folk (735)   Folk Rock (46)   Free Improvisation (3)   Free Jazz (2)   Funk (2)   
Fusion (6)   Game (2)   Garage Rock (17)   Glam (6)   Goth Rock (1)   Gypsy Jazz (1)   Hard Bop (1)   
Hard Rock (7)   Hardcore (7)   Hillbilly (1)   Hip-Hop (12)   Holiday (1)   Indie (18)   Indie Rock (11)   
Industrial (16)   Instrumental (1)   Interview (1)   Italo-Disco (1)   Jazz (358)   Jazz-Rock (3)   Jazzy Hip-Hop (1)   
Kids (1)   Krautrock (1)   Latin (2)   Latin Jazz (1)   Leftfield (7)   Lo-Fi (2)   Lounge (4)   
Magazine (17)   Marches (1)   Metal (8)   Modern (1)   Modern Classical (2)   MPB (1)   Music Hall (1)   
Musical (2)   Musique Concrète (1)   Neo-Classical (1)   New Age (1)   New Wave (30)   Noise (2)   Nordic (2)   
Novelty (1)   P.Funk (1)   Piano Blues (1)   PictureDisc (1)   Polka (3)   Pop (63)   Pop Rock (33)   
Post-Punk (3)   Power Pop (5)   Prog (50)   Prog Rock (5)   Promotional (1)   Psychedelic (1)   Psychedelic Rock (18)   
Punk (175)   Quad (6)   R&B (43)   Radioplay (2)   Reggae (10)   Reggae-Pop (1)   Rhythm & Blues (6)   
Rock & Roll (22)   Rockabilly (3)   Romantic (1)   Roots (42)   Score (2)   Ska (1)   Smooth Jazz (1)   
Soft Rock (5)   Soukous (1)   Soul (11)   Soul-Jazz (3)   Soundrtrack (1)   Soundtrack (39)   Southern Rock (1)   
Space Rock (1)   Spoken (7)   Spoken Word (6)   Stoner Rock (1)   Story (3)   Surf (2)   Swing (4)   
Synth-pop (9)   Technical (3)   Thrash (1)   Tribal (1)   Vocal (10)   Weird (1)   World (161)   
Wprld (1)   Xmas (2)   Xtian (8)   Zydeco (1)      

  Artist  Title  Format  Information  Label  Price USD     
 '57 Incident Teaserama / The '57 Incident 7" 
Betty Page Sleeve 
Part $6.99 Info  Buy 
 "oh! Calcutta!" Original Cast Oh! Calcutta (Original Cast Album) LP 
Mark On Vinyl Plays Through Fine / Minor Corner Dent 
Aidart Records $13.99 Info  Buy 
 1/2 Japanese Horrible EP 
Vinyl And Sleeve A Strong Vg+ (excellent); With Becky The Monkey Comic Book, Insert, And First Avenu... 
Press Records $49.99 Info  Buy 
 1/2 Japanese Loud LP 
Couple Light Scuffs Side B; Will Play Test Before Processing Your Order. Includes Custom Printed Ins... 
Armageddon Records $49.99 Info  Buy 
 1/2 Japanese / Don Fleming Untitled 12" 
We Rarely Grade Used Vinyl As Nm; No Spindle Marks; Looks Unplayed. Blue Vinyl In Clear Poly Sleeve... 
Overzealous Editions $19.99 Info  Buy 
 101 Strings Back Beat Symphony LP 
Mono; Split On Bottom; Small Stamp On Back 
Somerset $7.99 Info  Buy 
 101'ers Featuring Joe Strummer Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited 2LP 
Sealed W/embossed Rsd2015 And Info Sticker On Front 
Andalucia $37.99 Info  Buy 
 1st Brigade Band. 3rd Division 15th Army Corps, Nic Dixies's Land LP 
We Rarely Grade Used Vinyl As Nm; Still In Shrink 
Heritage Military Music Foundation, Inc. $19.99 Info  Buy 
 1st Brigade Band. 3rd Division 15th Army Corps, Nic Rally 'Round The Flag LP 
We Rarely Grade Used Vinyl As Nm; Gatefold Sleeve Has Additional Taped Insert About The Group 
Heritage Military Music Foundation, Inc. $29.99 Info  Buy 
 23 Skidoo Just Like Everybody LP 
Made In The United Kingdom Sticker-back 
Bleeding Chin $13.99 Info  Buy 
 27 Various Yes, Indeed LP 
With Lyric Sheet 
Susstones $10.99 Info  Buy 
 3 Below Electric Sermonette LP 
6 Song Ep, Minneapolis Band Private Press / Still In Shrink 
Rhythm $8.99 Info  Buy 
 3 Mustaphas 3 DJ Trouble Fezz presents Fiz'n / Xamenh Evtexia / Kopanitsa EP 
Mint Condition, Unplayed. 
Globestyle $6.99 Info  Buy 
 3 Mustaphas 3 Friends, Fiends & Fronds Cassette 
Sealed Cassette 
Omnium $3.99 Info  Buy 
 3 Mustaphas 3 Friends, Fiends And Fronds CD 
Brand New Sealed Cd, Direct From The Label 
Omnium $11.98 Info  Buy 
 3 Mustaphas 3 Linda, Linda [Special Longer Mix / Szegerely Megarely Mix] EP 
Mint Condition, Unplayed. 
Globestyle $6.99 Info  Buy 
 3 Mustaphas 3 Play Musty For Me CD 
Brand New Sealed Cd, Direct From The Label 
Omnium $11.98 Info  Buy 
 3 Mustaphas 3 Shouffi Rhirou / Voulez Vous Danser? / Darling Don't Say No EP 
Mint Condition, Unplayed. 
Globestyle $6.99 Info  Buy 
 3 Mustaphas 3 Si Vous Passez Par La / Maldita Guajira / Starehe Mustapha 1 2 3 EP 
Mint Condition, Unplayed. 
Globestyle $6.99 Info  Buy 
 3 Teens Kill 4 No Motive LP 
Sticker Front / With Booklet / Nyc Post Punk 1983 
L'Invitation au Suicide $53.99 Info  Buy 
 39 Clocks Blades in Your Masquerade LP 
Flicknife $29.99 Info  Buy 
 3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect Cassette 
Sticker Goo On Box; Not Play-tested But Satisfaction Guaranteed 
Def Jam / Columbia $3.99 Info  Buy 
 4 Out Of 5 Doctors 2nd Opinion LP 
Custom Printed Inner Sleeve (split); Ring Wear 
Nemperor Records $7.99 Info  Buy 
 400 Blows If I Kissed Her I'd Have To Kill Her First LP 
Custom Printed Inner Sleeve, Price Sticker On Front 
Illuminated $10.99 Info  Buy 
 5th Dimension Up, Up And Away LP 
Vinyl And Sleeve A Strong Vg+ (excellent); Laminated Sleeve; Blue Label 
Liberty $13.99 Info  Buy 
 76% Uncertain Estimated Monkey Time LP 
Kbd / Custom Printed Lyric Insert 
Shmegma $48.99 Info  Buy 
 A. L. Lloyd, Anne Briggs, Frankie Armstrong With Alf The Bird In The Bush (Traditional Erotic Songs) LP 
Later Tan/green Label; Vinyl Is A Strong Vg+ (excellent); Front Cover Has A Couple Ink Pen Marks, Ri... 
Topic Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 A. More Flying Doesn't Help LP 
Vinyl Strong Vg+ (excellent) 
Quango $13.99 Info  Buy 
 A.l. Camp A.L. Camp Plays the Banjo LP 
Vinyl A Strong Vg+ (excellent); No Insert; Drill Hole Top Left 
Folkways Records $37.99 Info  Buy 
 A.l. Camp A.L. Camp Plays The Banjo LP 
With Insert 
Folkways $40.99 Info  Buy 
 Abba ABBA LP 
Rare Promo Only Sampler From 1978. Record Looks Beautiful, Has Been Vacuum Cleaned. Jacket Has Ring... 
Atlantic $62.99 Info  Buy 
 Abdel Aziz El Mubarak Orchestra Straight From the Heart LP 
Price Sticker-front 
World Circuit $15.99 Info  Buy 
 Ada Lee Comes On! LP 
Vinyl Is A Strong Vg+ (excellent); Harp Label, No Spindle Marks; Glossy Front; Corner Bend, 2-inch S... 
ATCO Records $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Adam Newman Killed LP 
Unplayed, Direct From The Label. Red Vinyl 
Stand Up Records $19.99 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Pepper Urban Dreams LP 
Palo Alto Jazz $11.99 Info  Buy 
 Adderley, Nat Work Songs 2LP 
Milestone $15.99 Info  Buy 
 Addiss, Steve - Bill Crofut Such Interesting People LP 
Mono; Hole Punch Jacket; Name Stamped On Back & Label 
Verve $21.99 Info  Buy 
 Aeron Paltareon The Far Memory Of Elves LP 
Includes Lyric Insert. Jacket Gray Ring Wear; Edge Wear; Spine Damage; Stains On Front (will Send Pi... 
Eldar Productions $49.99 Info  Buy 
 Agitpop Open Seasons LP 
Cut Corner / Spine Split 1 Inch / With Press Release 
TWIN/TONE $7.99 Info  Buy 
 Ahmad Jamal All Of You LP 
Vinyl A Strong Vg+ (excellent); Blue/silver Label; Argo Factory Sleeve Included; Price Tag Top Right... 
Argo (6) $14.99 Info  Buy 
 Ahvah Aloha LP 
AhVah $26.99 Info  Buy 
 Airkraft Airkraft LP 
Vinyl And Sleeve Are A Strong Vg+ (excellent); Still In Shrinkwrap 
Premiére Records $24.99 Info  Buy 
 Akiyoshi, Toshiko-lew Tabackin Big Band Insights LP 
Very Slight Ring & Edge Wear 
RCA Victor $9.99 Info  Buy 
 Al & Emily Cantrell Under A Southern Moon LP 
2 X Sticker Front 
Sombrero $14.99 Info  Buy 
 Al Lerner, Frederick Loewe Gigi LP 
Solid Vg+ All Around; Laminate Is Glossy And Without Any Peeling; Name Written On Back Top Flap, Sma... 
MGM Records $7.99 Info  Buy 
 Al Stewart Zero She Flies LP 
Vinyl And Sleeve Are A Strong Vg+ (excellent); Minor Ripples On Back Of Sleeve; Early Orange Cbs Lab... 
CBS $27.99 Info  Buy 
 Alaimo, Chuck HOW I LOVE YOU / LOCAL 66 7" 
Label Wear, Sticker, Writing 
MGM $6.99 Info  Buy 
 Alan Lomax Scotland LP 
Hardbound Sleeve With Booklet Inside; Blue & Silver Masterworks Label; Vacuum-cleaned Record Looks V... 
Columbia Masterworks $24.99 Info  Buy 
 Alan Mills & The Shanty Men Songs Of The Sea LP 
With Insert / Sticker Back 
Folkways $27.99 Info  Buy 
 Alan Munde The Banjo Kid Picks Again LP 
Sticker Front, Sticker Residue, Cut Corner, Minor Ring Wear 
Ridge Runner $38.99 Info  Buy 

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