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 Agape Force Potpourri LP 
Original Press, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Candle Company Music M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Akaka, Reverend Abraham Kahikina Sunday In Hawaii LP 
MCA VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $5.75 Info  Buy 
 All-philadelphia Boys Choirs Songs Of Inspiration LP 
Original Press 
SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Allen, Doris Ann / Church Hill Urban Ministry Choir I Love The Morning LP 
1977 Original Press, Co 
Savoy SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Andrews, Dana And God Said - Stories From The Bible In Word & Song LP 
Original Pressing, Laminated Gatefold Sleeve. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Light Scuffs; Cover Has Some Min... 
Epic VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Angelic Gospel Singers i'll Go With Jesus LP 
Original Pressing 1981. Vinyl Has A Few Light Marks, Cover Is Very Nice. 
Nashboro VG+;M- LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $10.35 Info  Buy 
 Arties, Walter Chorale Sings Jewels Of Faith LP 
1967 Original White Label Promo, Vinyl Very Nice, Cover Has Dj Sticker On Front, Minor Seam Wear 
Atlantic M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Back To The Bible Quartet King Of Kings LP 
Good News M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Bagwell, Wendy & The Sunlighters Old Time Religion Comin Down LP 
1978, Bb 
Skylite SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Bagwell, Wendy & The Sunliters Plain Georgia Gospel LP 
1977, Co 
Canaan SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Banks Brothers And The Combined Greater Harvest LP 
Original Press, Cover Has Cut Corner 
Savoy SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $46.00 Info  Buy 
Barnes,Lee & The Gospel Crusaders - That’s The Way The Good Lord Planned ItBarnes, Lee & The Gospel Crusaders That’s The Way The Good Lord Planned It LP 
1975 Original Press, Dh 
ABC Songbird SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Barrow, Cathy Trusting Is Believing LP 
Original Press, Cover Has Some Ringwear 
Pinebrook VG+;VG LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Beavers, Rev. Robert L. ‘jackey’ The Inspired LP 
1977 Original Press, Minor Cover Creasing 
Gospel Roots SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $69.00 Info  Buy 
 Blackwood Brothers Hymns Of Gold LP 
Skylite VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Blackwood Brothers The Joy Of Knowing Jesus LP 
Skylite VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Blackwood Brothers Quartet Do You Thank The Lord Each Day? LP 
RCA Camden SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Boyd, Malcolm & Charlie Byrd Are You Running With Me, Jesus? LP 
Original White Label Promo Press, Prayers By Malcolm, Vinyl Has Minor Scuffs, Cover Has Dj Timing St... 
Columbia VG+;VG- LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Boyer, Dave It’s A New World LP 
Minor Cover Wear 
Sacred SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Bradshaw, Terry Until You LP 
1980 Original Press 
Benson SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Breath Of Life Quartet Plenty Good Room LP 
1975 Original Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl 
Chapel VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $28.75 Info  Buy 
 Camp, Steve Shake Me To Wake Me LP 
1985, Lyric Sheet Insert 
Sparrow M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Caravans The Famous Caravans Sing LP 
Original Press, Cover Has Cut Corner, Minor Water Damage On Same Corner 
Gospel SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $80.50 Info  Buy 
 Carman Champion, The LP 
Original Pressing 1985, Original Inner Sleeve, Vinyl Has A Few Light Scuffs; Cover Has Light Surface... 
Myrrh VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Chariot Wheels Of Baltimore MD. LP 
Orginal Press, Cc, Cover Has Some Creasing 
Gospel SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $34.50 Info  Buy 
 Choraleers Roll, Jordan, Roll LP 
Nice Clean Vinyl, Cover Has Some Minor Seam Wear 
Sutton VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Chuck Wagon Gang Joy Bells Ringing In My Soul LP 
Red 2 Eye 360 Label Stereo Pressing, Vinyl Very Nice. Cover Is A Strong Vg+ With A Tiny Amount Of Su... 
Columbia M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Chuck Wagon Gang Move Up To Heaven LP 
Original 360 Sound Stereo Press, Cover Has Minor Wear, Dj Stamp On Back 
Columbia M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Cleveland, James And The Angelic Choir Vol. 3 LP 
Original Press, Vinyl Has Moderate Scuffing, Harvey Painted Cover Has Partial Sticker 
Savoy VG;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Cole, Nat King Every Time I Feel The Spirit LP 
Original Rainbow Label Press, Cover Has Minor General Wear 
Capitol M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Collegiate Chorale A Child’s Introduction To Sunday School Hymns LP 
Wonderland M- LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Crabb, Kemper The Vigil LP 
1982 Original Press, Custom Inner Sleeve, Cover Has Hole Punch 
Star Song M-;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Crouch, Andrae & The Disciples Best Of Andrae 2LP 
Gatefold Sleeve. Vinyl Has A Few Light Scuffs; Cover Has Light Surface And Edge Wear. 
Light VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Daniel Band Run From The Darkness LP 
Original Pressing, Christian Rock Lp With Insert. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Light Scuffs; Cover Has Ligh... 
Refuge VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Davis, Jimmie No One Stands Alone LP 
Vocalion M- LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Davis, Jimmie Put Jesus First LP 
Canaan SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Davis, Jimmie Songs Of Faith LP 
Decca SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $23.00 Info  Buy 
 De Garmo & Key Band No Turning Back 2LP 
Original Pressing Of 1982 Live Album In Gatefold Sleeve. Vinyl Is A Strong Vg+ With A Few Very Minor... 
Lamb and Lion VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $8.05 Info  Buy 
 De Garmo & Key Band Straight On LP 
Original Pressing 1979, Christian Band. Vinyl And Cover Both Show Only Minor Signs Of Wear. Original... 
Lamb and Lion VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Dean, Jimmy Hymns By Jimmy Dean LP 
Mono Pressing, Vinyl Very Nice. Cover Has Moderate Surface Wear. 
Harmony M-;VG LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Dion Inside Job LP 
1980 Original Press, Custom Inner Sleeve, Partial Sticker On Cover 
Day Spring VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Dixie Echoes He Touched Me LP 
Sacred SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Dixie Echoes Quartet Shades Of Though LP 
Ethic VG+;M- LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Dixon, Jessy & The Chicago Community Choir He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother LP 
Original Press, Cc 
Gospel SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $28.75 Info  Buy 
 Douglas, Rev. Isaac Special Appearance LP 
1977 Original Press, Large Areas Of Missing Shrinkwrap, Moderate Spine Wear, Corner Wear 
Creed SS;VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
Dupree,Leontine feat. The Voices Of Chicago - It’s Gonna Take LoveDupree, Leontine Feat. The Voices Of Chicago It’s Gonna Take Love LP 
1976, Co 
Savoy SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Earthen Vessel Folk Group 72 Tour LP 
Original Pressing, Wol, Wobc. Vinyl Has A Few Visible Scuffs, But Not Too Bad. Cover Has Some Edge W... 
Century VG;VG- LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Earthen Vessel Folk Group Earthen Vessel, The LP 
Original Pressing Of Travelling Christian Folk Group Lp From The Early 1970s. Viyl Is A Strong Vg+ W... 
Century VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Echoes Of Zion The Sound Of Spirituals LP 
Original Stereo Press, Vinyl Is Strong Vg+, Cover Has Minor General Wear 
Smash VG+ LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $34.50 Info  Buy 
Five Blind Boys - There’s A God SomewhereFive Blind Boys There’s A God Somewhere LP 
1974, Dh, Prominent Creasing In One Corner 
ABC Peacock SS LPs Gospel/Religious/New/Used/OOP $23.00 Info  Buy 

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