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  Artist  Title  Format  Information  Label  Condition  Genre  Price USD     
 Acoj Except Me 12" 
1986, Generic Sleeve Has Partial Sticker 
CBS M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Adamski N-R-G 12" 
Original Usa Pressing 1990. Vinyl Very Nice, Partial Soc, Cover Has Light Edge Wear. 
MCA M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Afx Analogue Bubblebath 4 12" 
1994 Original Press, Vinyl Has Some Scuffs, Ps Is Nice With Small Seam Split On Top 
Rephlex VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $32.20 Info  Buy 
 Air Force 1 See The Light/Feel The Heat 12" 
1984 Original Pressing, Label Sleeve Has Cut Corner 
Streetwise M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Alex Smoke Ring.Click.Tink EP 12" 
2005 Original Press, 4 Tracks, Strong Vg+ Vinyl 
Vakant VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Alphatronic Morphin & Metal Bar EP 12" 
2000 Original Press, 4 Tracks 
Inzec M-; Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Alter Ego Transphormer 3LP 
2004 Original Press, Gatefold Cover Has Minor Denting On One Corner 
Klang Elektronik M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Amptek Narcos 12" 
1997 Original Press, 4 Tracks 
Nature Records M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Aramchek Benicassim E.P. 12" 
2001 Original Press, 3 Tracks, Strong Vg+ Vinyl 
Rotters Golf Club VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Audion Billy Says Go 12" 
2008 Original Press, 3 Tracks 
Spectral Sound M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Audion It's Full Of Blinding Light 12" 
2009 Original Press, 3 Tracks, Ps 
Spectral Sound M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Audion Mouth To Mouth Remixes 12" 
2007 Original Press, 3 Mixes, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Ps 
Spectral Sound VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Audion Push 12" 
2010 Original Press, 2 Tracks, White Label 
Spectral Sound M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Audion Suckfish 2LP 
2005 Original Press 
Spectral Sound M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Audion The Pong 12" 
2004 Original Press, 3 Tracks, Ps 
Spectral Sound M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Auto Kinetic Uneven EP 12" 
1998 Original Stickered White Label Promo, 4 Tracks, Strong Vg+ Vinyl 
Hyperspace VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Autophonic Bathrobin EP 12" 
2000 Original Press, 4 Tracks, Ps 
Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB) M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
Beloved - Sun Rising #1 EPBeloved Sun Rising #1 EP CD Single 
1997, 5 Mixes 
East West Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $13.80 Info  Buy 
Beloved - Sun Rising #2 EPBeloved Sun Rising #2 EP CD Single 
1997, 5 Mixes 
East West Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Bentley Rhythm Ace Theme From Gutbuster 12" 
2000, Ps Has Large Bend On One Corner 
Parlophone M;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Bit_meddler Shitmix2000 12" 
2002 Original Press, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, One-sided, Comes In Custom Sticker Plastic Sleeve 
Planet Mu VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Blamstrain Blamstrain Remixed Part One 12" 
2005 Original Press, 5 Tracks, Purple Marbled Vinyl 
Merck M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Blectum From Blechdom Snauses And Mallards EP 12" 
2000 Original Press, 9 Tracks, Ps 
Orthlorng Musork M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Bodycode The Conservation Of Electric Charge 2LP 
2006 Original Press, Cover Has Some Creasing 
Spectral Sound M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Bola Mauver 12" 
2000 Original Press, 4 Tracks, Insert, Ps 
Skam M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Bolz Bolz Take A Walk 12" 
1999 Original Press, 4 Tracks 
World Electric VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Bourbonese Qualk Kneejerk Reaction EP 12" 
Original Pressing 1992, Handstamped Label. Nice Copy. 
Praxis M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Boxtype Sparkflight 12" 
2002 Original Press, 4 Tracks 
Shitkatapult M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Brocksieper, Falko Out Of Ehrenfeld 12" 
2002 Original Press, 2 Tracks, Strong Vg+ Vinyl 
Sub Static VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Brocksieper, Falko Renegade 12" 
2001 Original Stickered White Label, 3 Tracks 
Sub Static M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Brothomstrain Vs Blamstates Brothomstrain vs Blamstates 12" 
2006 Original Press, 3 Tracks 
Narita Records M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Bumblebeez 81 Remixed 12" 
Original Pressing, Promo Only With Insert In Gatefold Sleeve. Vinyl Has A Sleeve Scuff On One Side;... 
Modular/Geffen VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Bundok Cusp 12" 
2004 Original Press, 6 Tracks, Ps 
Spezialmaterial Records M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 C.o.d. In The Bottle 12" 
Original Pressing, Stock Sleeve, Wol. Electro. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Barley Visible Hairlines, But V... 
Emergency M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $34.50 Info  Buy 
 Capitol K Capitol K EP 12" 
1999 Original Press, 4 Tracks, Fold-over Ps With Note On Front, One Of The Labels Has A Tear 
Elf Cut M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Cenik Lies EP 12" 
2001 Original Press, 4 Tracks 
Isophlux M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Cenik Secret EP 12" 
2001 Original Press, 4 Tracks 
Isophlux M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Closer Musik You Don't Know Me 12" 
2002 Original Press, 3 Tracks, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Ps 
Kompakt VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $46.00 Info  Buy 
 Cns Engineering / Monkey + 1 Untitled 12" 
1999 Original Press, 5 Tracks, Limited Edition # 489/525 
Outward Music Company M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Com.a We Are The Pervert Volumes One And Two 2LP 
2002 Original Press 
Zod M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Crel Experiments In Colour 12" 
2009 Original Press, 5 Tracks, Picture Disc, Custom Inner Sleeve (some Creasing) 
Ai Records M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $28.75 Info  Buy 
 Cubenx On Your Own Again 2LP 
2012 Original Press 
In Fine Music M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $20.70 Info  Buy 
 Cut Copy Future 12" 
2004 Original Press, 4 Mixes 
Modular Recordings M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 D'enborage / Tronikgatan Kaihoisa Pt.1 10" 
2001 Original Press, 2 Tracks, Limited Edition #545/600 
Eat This Records M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Daso & Pawas Det 12" 
2008 Original Press, 3 Tracks, Ps 
Spectral Sound M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Death In Vegas Neptune City 12" 
2000, White Label 
Concrete Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Der Unsichtbare Die Elektronische Kindheit LP 
2002 Original Press, 8 Tracks, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Comes In Plastic Sleeve 
Kommando 6 VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Dresden Danse Acid 12" 
Original Pressing 1989, Soc, Minor Creases In Cover, Nice Overall. 
Harvard Square M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Dropshadow Disease / Lisa Carbon Q Versus Rather Interesting 12" 
2000 Original Press, 3 Tracks, Strong Vg+ Vinyl 
Quatermass, EFA VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Duracel 98EP 12" 
2000 Original Press, 6 Tracks 
Djak-Up-Bitch Dub M-;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Techno-Electro $11.50 Info  Buy 

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