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Ajax - Mind The GapAjax Mind The Gap 12" 
Wax Trax Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Attrition Haydn (Remix) 12" 
Antler M;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
Black State Choir - JihadBlack State Choir Jihad 12" 
Brainwar Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
Borghesia - She Is Not AloneBorghesia She Is Not Alone 12" 
Play It Again Sam Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $23.00 Info  Buy 
Borghesia - Surveillance And PunishmentBorghesia Surveillance And Punishment 12" 
Play It Again Sam Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Braindead Sound Machine I’m In Jail - Dogvillasan - test pressing 12" 
1991 Original Test Pressing, Strong Vg+ Vinyl, Track Info Stickers On Both Labels 
Wax Trax VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $13.80 Info  Buy 
 Cabaret Voltaire Don’t Argue 12" 
1987 Original Press, Ps, Vinyl Has Minor Scuffing, Ps Has Sticker Stain On Front 
Parlophone VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Cabaret Voltaire Drinking Gasoline 2X 12" 
1985 Original Press, Gatefold Ps 
Caroline VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Die Warzau Strike To The Body 12" 
Usa Pressing 1990, Promo Copy, Soc. Vinyl Very Nice; Picture Sleeve Has Light Surface And Edge Wear. 
Polygram M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Executive Slacks Our Lady 12" 
Original Pressing 1984, Nice Copy. Cover Has A Slight Corner Bend, 
Red M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $10.35 Info  Buy 
 Executive Slacks You Can’t Hum When You’re Dead LP 
Original Dutch Pressing 1984, Vinyl Very Nice. Cover Is A Strong Vg+ With Very Minor Surface Wear. 
Fundamental M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Foetus Bedrock 12" 
Original Usa Pressing 1987. Insert Included. Vinyl Has Some Light Sleeve Scuffs, Sleeve Has Some Ver... 
Relativity VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Foetus Calamity Crush 12" 
Original Uk Pressing 1984, Very Nice Copy. “if You’re Gonna Get Down, Get Down And Pray.” 
Some Bizzare/Self Immolation M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Foetus Finely Honed Machine 12" 
Original Pressing, Extremely Nice Copy. B-side Is Sick Minutes (unmutual) 
Some Bizzare/Self Immolation M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $16.10 Info  Buy 
 Foetus Ramrod/Boxhead 12" 
Original Pressing, Very Nice Copy. Also Includes The Track Smut. 
Some Bizzare M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Greater Than One I Don’t Need God 12" 
1989 Original Press, Ps 
Wax Trax M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Greater Than One Peace 12" 
Original Pressing, Very Nice Copy. B-side Is Gto/computer Dub 
Kunst=Kapital M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Greater Than One Trust 12" 
Original Pressing, Clear Vinyl, Very Nice Copy. 
We Never Sleep/Alamut M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Hula Shadowland LP 
1986 Original Uk Press 
Red Rhino M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Hula Threshold LP 
Original Pressing. Vinyl Is Very Clean; Cover Has A Tiny Amount Of Edge Wear. 
Red Rhino M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Hula Voice LP 
1987 Original Uk Press 
Red Rhino M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $9.20 Info  Buy 
 International B.k. International B.K. 12" 
Original Pressing, Vinyl Very Nice. Cover Has Moderate Surface And Edge Wear. 
Rebel M-;VG Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Kmfdm Money/Bargeld - test pressing 12" 
Original Test Pressing For 1992 Single. Nice Copy, Generic Sleeve, Rare! 
Wax Trax M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $34.50 Info  Buy 
Laibach - BojiLaibach Boji 12" 
L.A.Y.L.A.H. M;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Laibach Occupied Europe Tour 1985 LP 
Original Uk Pressing. Vinyl Has One Tiny Scuff On One Side; Very Strong Vg+. Great Lp. 
Side Effects VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $10.35 Info  Buy 
Lead Into Gold - IdiotLead Into Gold Idiot 12" 
Wax Trax Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Meat Beat Manifesto I Got The Fear (Titanium Mix - test pressing) 12" 
1988, Rare Test Pressing With 5 Pages Of Bio Info 
Sweatbox M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $34.50 Info  Buy 
 Melx Mind Machine 12" 
Original Swiss Pressing 1990, Nice Copy! 
Vision M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $8.05 Info  Buy 
 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Sexy Sucker 12" 
1997 Promo Only Red Vinyl 4 Track Ep, Stickered Sleeve Has Some Creasing 
Red Ant M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $6.90 Info  Buy 
 Nitzer Ebb Getting Closer 12" 
Original Usa Pressing, Promo Copy In Stock Sleeve. Nice Copy. 
Geffen M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Nitzer Ebb I Thought 12" 
1995, Ps Has Some Creasing 
Mute M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Nitzer Ebb Shame - Mix 1 12" 
Original Uk Pressing 1989, Picture Sleeve. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Tiny Scuffs; Cover Has Light Wear. 
Mute VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $9.20 Info  Buy 
 P2 Blunt LP 
1995 Original Press, Custom In Silkscreened Custom Plastic Sleeve, Inserts, Limited Edition #98/500,... 
The Releasing Eskimo M-;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
Pig - Sick CityPig Sick City 12" 
1989, Production By J.g. Thirlwell (foetus) 
Wax Trax Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Psychotica Macarthur Park/Ding Dong Dead 12" 
Original Pressing, Clear Vinyl Promo W/gig Handbill Included. Nice Copy! 
Zero Hour Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Screaming Trees Asylum 12" 
Original Pressing Of Uk Band From 1987 (not The Seattle Rock Band). Very Clean Copy! 
Native M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $8.05 Info  Buy 
Sigmund Und Sein Freund - SacredSigmund Und Sein Freund Sacred 12" 
Antler Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
Sigmund Und Sein Freund - SecretSigmund Und Sein Freund Secret 12" 
Antler Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
Skinny Puppy - CensorSkinny Puppy Censor 12" 
1988, Ps, A Beautiful Copy! 
Capitol M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $23.00 Info  Buy 
 Skullflower Bad Alchemy / Blues For H.M. w/PS 7" 
1992, Ps, Limited #338/500 
Dying Earth M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Skullflower Evel Knievel + 2 w/PS 7" 
1992, Ps 
Sympathy For The Record Industry M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $8.05 Info  Buy 
 Skullflower Total w/PS 7" 
1996, 2 Untitled Tracks, Letterpress Ps 
Vinyl Communications M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $9.20 Info  Buy 
 Skullflower Village Sorting Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 w/PS 7" 
1995, Inserts, Ps 
Self Abuse M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
 Slap Songs From The Cross LP 
Original Pressing. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Hairline Sleeve Scuffs; Cover Has Some Wear From Sticker Re... 
Duotone VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $10.35 Info  Buy 
 Snowy Red i'm Allright - The Long Run 12" 
Original Eec Pressing 1988. Vinyl Has A Small Scuff On One Side; Cover Very Nice. 
Antler VG+;M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $27.60 Info  Buy 
 Spk Breathless 12" 
Nettwerk Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
 Spk Off The Deep End 12" 
Nettwerk Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $11.50 Info  Buy 
 St. Che Be My... 12" 
1986 Original Press, Vinyl Has Some Scuffing, Ps Has Partial Price Sticker On Front 
Siren VG;VG+ Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $5.75 Info  Buy 
Test Dept. - Natura VictusTest Dept. Natura Victus 12" 
Sub Rosa Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $17.25 Info  Buy 
 Throbbing Gristle D.o.A. The Third And Final Report LP 
1983 Reissue Press 
Mute Records Ltd. M- Dance LPs/12-inch Singles-Industrial/EBM $40.25 Info  Buy 

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