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  Artist  Title  Format  Information  Price- GBP     
3 Of Hearts - Love Is Enough3 Of Hearts Love Is Enough CD Single 
Uk Rca 078636903422 Classic Single 2001 
£3.93 Info  Buy 
 Alabama She's Got That Look CD Single 
Us Rca 078636540924 Classic Single 1998 
£3.93 Info  Buy 
 Alice Band Instant Karma 01 PROMO CD 
Uk Instant Karma Rare 5 Track Promo Cdr In Special Sleeve 2002 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
 Alice Band Instant Karma 02 PROMO CD 
Uk Instant Karma Rare 5 Track Promo Cdr In Special Sleeve 2002 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
 Allanson Susie Heart To Heart (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Elektra 6e177 Original Vinyl Album Classic 1979 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
 Allisons Are You Sure (Vinyl!) 7" 
Uk Original 1960's 
£2.57 Info  Buy 
Anderson Lynn - Even Cowgirls DEMO (Vinyl!)Anderson Lynn Even Cowgirls DEMO (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs Cbs84634 Rare Gold Embossed Stamped Advance Demo 1980 
£14.86 Info  Buy 
Anderson Lynn - Outlaw DEMO (Vinyl!)Anderson Lynn Outlaw DEMO (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs 83611 Rare Gold Embossed Stamped Advance Demo 1979 
£14.86 Info  Buy 
Anderson Lynn - Smile For Me (Vinyl!)Anderson Lynn Smile For Me (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs 80149 Classic Original Album 1974 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Anderson Lynn - The Angel In Your Arms (Vinyl!)Anderson Lynn The Angel In Your Arms (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs Cbs82294 Original Album 1978 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Anderson Lynn - Top Of The World (Vinyl!)Anderson Lynn Top Of The World (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs Cbs65671 Original Album 1973 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Anderson Lynn - You're My Man (Vinyl!)Anderson Lynn You're My Man (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs Cbs64468 Original Album 1971 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
 Andrews Jessica Karma Remix PROMO CD 
Us Skg Drmr13865 Rare Limitd Edition Promo In Special Slve 2001 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
 Andrews Jessica Who I Am PROMO CD 
Us Skg Drmr13613 Rare Limitd Edition Promo In Special Slve 2000 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
Andrews Sheila - Lovesick (Vinyl!)Andrews Sheila Lovesick (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Ovation Ov1752 Original Vinyl Album Classic 1980 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
 Atkins Rhett More Than Everything PROMO CD 
Us Decca Limited Edition Promo 1997 
£5.29 Info  Buy 
 Austin Sherrie Little Bird CD Single 
Uk Arista 078221318426 Classic Single 1999 
£3.93 Info  Buy 
Austin Sherrie - Never Been KissedAustin Sherrie Never Been Kissed CD Single 
Us Arista 078221314022 Classic Single 1999 
£6.67 Info  Buy 
 Autry Gene Favourites (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Ember Cw145 Long Deleted Rare Issue 1974 
£8.71 Info  Buy 
 Autry Gene Gene Autry Sings (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Hallmark Hm584 Long Deleted Rare Issue 1968 
£10.09 Info  Buy 
Autry Gene - Golden Hits (Vinyl!)Autry Gene Golden Hits (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Rca Victor Rd7839 Rare Original 1967 
£6.67 Info  Buy 
Axton Hoyt - Where Did The Money Go (Vinyl!)Axton Hoyt Where Did The Money Go (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Jeremiah Jh5001 12 Track Album 1980 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
 Ballard Hank Let's Go Let's Go - Extended (Vinyl!) 12" 
Uk Charly Cyz118 Rare 12 Inch Version - Extended Mixes 1986 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bandy Moe - Following The Feeling DEMO (Vinyl!)Bandy Moe Following The Feeling DEMO (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Cbs 84891 Rare Gold Embossed Stamped Demo 1980 
£19.66 Info  Buy 
Bandy Moe Stampley Joe - Hey Joe Hey Moe DEMO (Vinyl!)Bandy Moe Stampley Joe Hey Joe Hey Moe DEMO (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs Cbs84986 Rare Gold Embossed Stamped Advance Demo 1984 
£14.86 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - 500 Miles Away From Home (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby 500 Miles Away From Home (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Pickwick Acl7003 Long Deleted Vintage Album 1975 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - Aint Got Nothin To Lose (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby Aint Got Nothin To Lose (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Columbia 074643771917 Long Deleted Vintage Original 1982 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - As Is DEMO (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby As Is DEMO (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs 84989 Rare Gold Embossed Stamped Demo 1981 
£17.61 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - Down And Dirty DEMO (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby Down And Dirty DEMO (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs 81732 Rare Gold Embossed Stamped Demo 1981 
£17.61 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - Drunk & Crazy (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby Drunk & Crazy (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs 84643 Long Deleted Vintage Original 1980 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - For The Good Times (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby For The Good Times (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Ember Cw143 Long Deleted Vintage Original 1974 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - Memphis Tennessee (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby Memphis Tennessee (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Pickwick Acl0150 Long Deleted Vintage Album 1973 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - Sings Lullabies Legends Lies (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby Sings Lullabies Legends Lies (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Rca Afl10290 Long Deleted Vintage Album 1974 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - Sleeper Wherever I Fall (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby Sleeper Wherever I Fall (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Cbs 83533 Long Deleted Vintage Original 1978 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - The Winner & Other Losers (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby The Winner & Other Losers (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Rca Apl11786 Long Deleted Vintage Album 1976 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Bare Bobby - This Is Bare Country (Vinyl!)Bare Bobby This Is Bare Country (Vinyl!) LP 
Uk Mercury 6338040 Long Deleted Classic Issue 1970 
£8.03 Info  Buy 
Barlow Randy - Arrival (Vinyl!)Barlow Randy Arrival (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Gazelle Lpn6021 Original Vinyl Album Classic 1977 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Barlow Randy - Featuring Sweet Melinda (Vinyl!)Barlow Randy Featuring Sweet Melinda (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Republic Rlp6024 Original Vinyl Album Classic 1979 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
 Bell Delia Delia Bell (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Warner 075992383813 Rare Original Album 1983 
£7.35 Info  Buy 
Benton Barbi - Barbi Doll Playboy DEMO (Vinyl!)Benton Barbi Barbi Doll Playboy DEMO (Vinyl!) LP 
Us Playboy 34738 Rare Silver Embossed Stamped Advance Demo 1974 
£16.91 Info  Buy 
 Big & Rich Save A Horse PROMO CD 
Uk Warner Bros Pro15018 Rare Promo In Special Picture Sleeve 2004 
£6.67 Info  Buy 
Bogguss Suzy - Drive SouthBogguss Suzy Drive South CD Single 
Uk Emi 724388062121 Classic Single 1992 
£3.93 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat Closer Walk With Thee (Vinyl!) EP 
Uk London D 1095 Long Deleted 1957 
£5.29 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat For A Penny (Vinyl!) 7" 
Uk Dot 15914 Long Deleted Classic - Wol 
£3.93 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat Friendly Persuasion (Vinyl!) EP 
Uk London D 1068 Vinyl Ep Rarity 
£5.29 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat Good Rockin Tonight (Vinyl!) 7" 
Uk London In Orig Sleeve Tri 1950's 
£2.57 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat Greatest Hits Pic Disc (Picture Disc!) Pic Disc 
Dutch Picture Disc Lp 
£11.45 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat If Dreams Came True (Vinyl!) 7" 
Uk London In Orig Sleeve Tri 1950's 
£2.57 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat Just Let Me Dream (Vinyl!) 7" 
Uk London Hld9461 Long Deleted Original 1961 
£3.25 Info  Buy 
 Boone Pat Main Attraction (Vinyl!) 7" 
Uk London In Orig Sleeve 1960's 
£4.62 Info  Buy 

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