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  Artist  Title  Format  Information  Country  Label  Item #  Price USD     
 10, 000 Maniacs Blind Man's Zoo 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, 10,000 MANIACS: Blind Man's Zoo 11 tracks, Elektra 60815/stock/foldout ps/'89... Eat For Two/Please Forgive Us/The Big Parade/Trouble Me/You Happy Puppet/Headstrong/Poison In the Well/Dust Bowl/The Lion's Share/Hateful Hate/Jubilee. 
U.S. Elektra 217859 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 112 Cupid radio mix/This Is Your Day Cassette 
cassette, 112: Cupid radio mix/This Is Your Day, Bad Boy 79087/stock/ps/'97... . 
U.S. Bad Boy 286174 $5.00 Info  Buy 
 12 Gauge Dunkie Butt radio/lp Cassette 
cassette, 12 GAUGE: Dunkie Butt radio/lp, Street Life 72392 75373-4/stock/ps/hibc/'93... . 
  165024 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 29 Palms Greetings From ep (Gone Gone Gone/No Pelicans acoustic/Ivan Ho live) Cassette 
cassette, 29 PALMS: Greetings From ep (Gone Gone Gone/No Pelicans acoustic/Ivan Ho live), IRS 29/dj/POPS/'92... . 
 IRS 121676 $6.00 Info  Buy 
 4pm Sukiyaki lover's groove radio mix/flowin' at cha radio mix Cassette 
cassette, 4PM: Sukiyaki lover's groove radio mix/flowin' at cha radio mix, Next Plateau 857 736/stock/ps/'94 S/S... . 
  347031 $5.00 Info  Buy 
 5th Ward Boyz Usual Suspects 16 tracks Cassette 
cassette, 5TH WARD BOYZ: Usual Suspects 16 tracks, Rap-A-Lot/dj title ps... O.G. Intro/Gangsta Shit/Hustlin'/Live Your Life/Big Faces/I Know/Heat/Got II Be Down II Die/Live Remote/Fuck Strugglin'/Hollywood/Somethin' To Ride Too/Don't Nuttin' Change/Pussy, Weed, Alchohol/Til Da World Blow Up/Moma's Prayin'. 
 Rap-A-Lot 265626 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 808 State Utd. State 90 12 tracks Cassette 
cassette, 808 STATE: Utd. State 90 12 tracks, Tommy Boy 1033/stock/foldout ps/'89... Pacific 202/Boneyween/Ancodia/Kinky National/Cobra Bora/Cubik/Magical Dream/808080808/Revenge Of the Girlie Men/Donkey Doctor/Sunrise/State to State. 
 Tommy Boy 232843 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 911 Sampler (Love Sensation/Take Good Care/Don't Make Me Wait/The Day We Find Love/Bodyshakin') Cassette 
cassette, 911: Sampler (Love Sensation/Take Good Care/Don't Make Me Wait/The Day We Find Love/Bodyshakin'), Virgin dj title cover... . 
  288489 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 Abc Abracadabra 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ABC: Abracadabra 11 tracks, MCA 10184/cust.sticker/stock/hic/'91... . 
  116901 $8.00 Info  Buy 
ABDUL,PAULA - Shut Up and Dance 8 tracksAbdul, Paula Shut Up and Dance 8 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ABDUL, PAULA: Shut Up and Dance 8 tracks, Virgin 91362/commercial issue/case with insert/Õ90... Coldhearted quiverin' 12"/Straight Up ultimix mix/One Or the Other '90 mix/Forever Your Girl frankie foncett mix/Knocked Out pettibone 12"/The Way That You Love Me houseafire edit/Opposites Attract '90 mix/1990 medley mix. 
US Virgin 470600 $6.00 Info  Buy 
ABDUL,PAULA - The Promise of a New Day 7" edit/12" mixAbdul, Paula The Promise of a New Day 7" edit/12" mix Cassette 
cassette, ABDUL, PAULA: The Promise of a New Day 7" edit/12" mix, Virgin 98752/commercial issue/slide card ps/'91... . 
U.S. Virgin 124127 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Bryan Let's Make a Night to Remember/Star Cassette 
cassette, ADAMS, BRYAN: Let's Make a Night to Remember/Star, A&M 31458 1862/stock/ps/cust.sticker/'96... . 
  190429 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Bryan Live! Live! Live! (17 tracks) Cassette 
cassette, ADAMS, BRYAN: Live! Live! Live! (17 tracks), A&M PCTY 10010/Japan/ps/stock... . 
  35000 $40.00 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Bryan Please Forgive Me/Can't Stop This Thing We Started live Cassette 
cassette, ADAMS, BRYAN: Please Forgive Me/Can't Stop This Thing We Started live, A&M 31458 0422/stock/ps/'93... . 
  127379 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Bryan Reckless 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ADAMS, BRYAN: Reckless 10 tracks, A&M 5013/Korea/stock/ps/'85... . 
  175440 $12.00 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Bryan Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven/Summer of '69 (live) Cassette 
cassette, ADAMS, BRYAN: Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven/Summer of '69 (live), A&M 75021 1592/stock/ps/'91 M-/VG+... . 
  180179 $5.00 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Johnny Sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ADAMS, JOHNNY: Sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me 11 tracks, Rounder 2109/stock/foldout insert ps/hibc/'91... Imitation of Love/Still in Love/There Is Always One More Time/My Baby's Quit Me/She's Everything To Me/I Underestimated You/Blinded By Love/Prisoner of Life/The Night Is a Hunter/No One/The Real Me. 
 Rounder 323450 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Adams, Oleta Rhythm of Life/Don't Look Too Closely Cassette 
cassette, ADAMS, OLETA: Rhythm of Life/Don't Look Too Closely, Polygram 875 018/stock/ps/'90... . 
  216653 $10.00 Info  Buy 
ADDERLEY,CANNONBALL - Radio Nights 8 tracksAdderley, Cannonball Radio Nights 8 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ADDERLEY, CANNONBALL: Radio Nights 8 tracks, Night 91590/commercial issue/case with insert/'91... The Little Boy With the Sad Eyes/Midnight Mood/Stars Fell on Alabama/Fiddler On the Roof/Work Song/The Song My Lady Sings/Unit Seven/Cannonball Monologues On: Oh Babe-Country Preacher. 
US Night 470683 $8.00 Info  Buy 
AEROSMITH - Falling in Love (Is Hard On the Knees/Fall Together)Aerosmith Falling in Love (Is Hard On the Knees/Fall Together) Cassette 
cassette, AEROSMITH: Falling in Love (Is Hard On the Knees)/Fall Together, Columbia 38T 78499/commercial issue/case with insert/Õ97 M-/VG+ (cassette/cover)... . 
US Columbia 473664 $8.00 Info  Buy 
ALARM - Change 14 tracksAlarm Change 14 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ALARM, THE: Change 14 tracks, IRS 82018/commercial issue/case with insert/Õ89 VG/VG+ (cassette/cover)... Sold Me Down the River/The Rock/Devolution Workin' Man Blues/Love, Don't Come Easy/Hardland/Change II/No Frontiers/Scarlet/Where a Town Once Stood/Black Sun/Prison Without Prison Bars/How the Mighty Fall/Rivers to Cross/A New South Wales. 
US IRS 470575 $4.00 Info  Buy 
ALARM - Raw 10 tracksAlarm Raw 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ALARM: Raw 10 tracks, IRS 13087/commercial issue/case with insert/Õ91... Raw/Rockin' In the Free World/God Gave Somebody/Moments in Time/Hell or High Water/Lead Me Through the Darkness/The Wind Blows Away My Words/Let the River Run Its Course/Save Your Crying/Wonderful World. 
US IRS 470639 $6.00 Info  Buy 
 Alarm Raw 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ALARM, THE: Raw 10 tracks, IRS 13087/advance POPS/'91... . 
 IRS 93171 $20.00 Info  Buy 
 Ali, Tatyana Kiss the Sky album preview (Daydreamin' single edit + 4 snippets) Cassette 
cassette, ALI, TATYANA: Kiss the Sky album preview (Daydreamin' single edit + 4 snippets), MJJ Music 41332/dj/POPS/'98 S/S... . 
  265595 $5.00 Info  Buy 
ALIAS - Alias 11 tracksAlias Alias 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ALIAS: Alias 11 tracks, EMI 93908/commercial issue/case with insert/(case cracked under seal)/Õ90 S/S (factory sealed)... Say What I Wanna Say/Haunted Heart/Waiting For Love/The Power/Heroes/What To Do/After All the Love is Gone/More Than Words Can Say/One More Chance/True Emotion/Standing In the Darkness. 
US EMI 470648 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 All 4 One So Much in Love radio & acapella Cassette 
cassette, ALL 4 ONE: So Much in Love radio & acapella, Blitzz 4-87271/stock/cust.sticker/'93... . 
  190441 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 All 4 One So Much in Love radio & acapella Cassette 
cassette, ALL 4 ONE: So Much in Love radio & acapella, Blitzz 78284-15001/stock/ps/'93 M-/VG+... . 
  153837 $5.00 Info  Buy 
 Amos, Tori Boys For Pele 18 tracks Cassette 
cassette, AMOS, TORI: Boys For Pele 18 tracks, Atlantic 82862/dj title ps/'96... Horses/Blood Roses/Father Lucifer/Professional Widow/Mr Zebra/Marianne/Caught a Lite Sneeze/Muhammad My Friend/Hey Jupiter/Way Down/Little Amsterdam/Talula/Not the Red Baron/Agent Orange/Doughnut Song/In the Springtime Of His Voodoo/Putting the Damage on/Twinkle. 
 Atlantic 269410 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 An Emotional Fish selftitled 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, AN EMOTIONAL FISH: selftitled 10 tracks, Eastwest 17 21484/Canada/stock/ps/'90... . 
  132104 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Angels Live From Angel City 5 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ANGELS, THE: Live From Angel City 5 tracks, Telegraph 0011/stock/ps/'88... . 
  120392 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Animotion Room to Move (10 songs) Cassette 
cassette, ANIMOTION: Room to Move (10 songs), Polygram 837 314-4/dj only title cover/'88... . 
  35009 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Animotion Room to Move/Send It Over Cassette 
cassette, ANIMOTION: Room to Move/Send It Over, Polydor 871 418/stock/ps/'88... . 
  126098 $5.00 Info  Buy 
 Anotha Level What's That Cha Say 2 vers./Phatt-T Cassette 
cassette, ANOTHA LEVEL: What's That Cha Say 2 vers./Phatt-T, Priority 53848/stock/ps/'94... . 
 Priority 165025 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 Armatrading, Joan What's Inside excerpt sampler (Shapes & Sizes/Recommend My Love/Everyday Boy/Trouble - all betwe Cassette 
cassette, ARMATRADING, JOAN: What's Inside excerpt sampler (Shapes & Sizes/Recommend My Love/Everyday Boy/Trouble - all between a minute & minute & a half vers.), RCA 68562/ps/'95 S/S... . 
  320343 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Armstrong, Louis The Sullivan Years (17 tracks) Cassette 
cassette, ARMSTRONG, LOUIS: The Sullivan Years (17 tracks), TVT 9427-4/POPS/'90... . 
  35011 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Ashton, Susan selftitled 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ASHTON, SUSAN: selftitled 10 tracks, Sparrow 1388/stock/ps/cust.sticker/'93... . 
  176175 $7.00 Info  Buy 
 Astley, Rick Ain't Too Proud to Beg/I Don't Want to Be Your Lover Cassette 
cassette, ASTLEY, RICK: Ain't Too Proud to Beg/I Don't Want to Be Your Lover, RCA 9030/stock/ps/'88 M-/VG... . 
  180190 $6.00 Info  Buy 
 Astley, Rick Cry For Help/Behind the Smile Cassette 
cassette, ASTLEY, RICK: Cry For Help/Behind the Smile, RCA 2774/stock/ps/'91... . 
  142007 $6.00 Info  Buy 
 Astley, Rick She Wants to Dance With Me vocal/instrum. Cassette 
cassette, ASTLEY, RICK: She Wants to Dance With Me vocal/instrum., RCA 8838/stock/ps/'88 M-/VG+... . 
  180191 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Astley, Rick The Ones You Love (edit/Remember the Days) Cassette 
cassette, ASTLEY, RICK: The Ones You Love (edit)/Remember the Days, RCA 62721/stock/ps/sm/'93... . 
  165033 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 Aswad To the Top 9 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ASWAD: To the Top 9 tracks, Mango 539 866/stock/foldout insert ps/his (spine) S/S... Pull Up/Wrapped Up/Bubbling/Noh Bada Wid It/Gimme the Dub/Nuclear Soldier/Kool Noh/Star Of My Show/Hooked On You. 
 Mango 323404 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Aswad Too Wicked 12 tracks Cassette 
cassette, ASWAD: Too Wicked 12 tracks, Mango 539 883/stock/foldout ps/hic/cust.sticker S/S... Fire/Next To You/Best Of My Love/Confidential/Gotta Find a Way/Just Can't Take It/Dancing On My Own/Smile/Love Won't Leave Me/Got to Get (To Your Loving)/Old Fire Stick/Hang On Baby. 
 Mango 232831 $12.00 Info  Buy 
 Australian Crawl Sons of Beaches (12 songs) Cassette 
cassette, AUSTRALIAN CRAWL: Sons of Beaches (12 songs), EMI 17072/dj only title cover... . 
  35013 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Aztec Camera Frestonia 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, AZTEC CAMERA: Frestonia 10 tracks, Reprise 46089/dj title cover... . 
  173480 $12.00 Info  Buy 
 Aztec Camera Knife 9 tracks Cassette 
cassette, AZTEC CAMERA: Knife 9 tracks, WEA 240 483/Germany/stock/ps M-/VG+... . 
Germany  155549 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 B52s Good Stuff/Bad Influence Cassette 
cassette, B52S: Good Stuff/Bad Influence, Reprise 18895/stock/ps/'92... . 
  247680 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 B52s Party Mix/Mesopotamia 12 tracks Cassette 
cassette, B52S: Party Mix/Mesopotamia 12 tracks, Reprise 26401/stock/foldout ps/'81... Party Out of Bounds/Private Idaho/Give Me Back My Man/Lava/Dance This Mess Around/52 Girls/Loveland/Deep Sleep/Mesopotamia/Cake/Throw That Beat In the Garbage Can/Nip It In the Bud. 
  217937 $20.00 Info  Buy 
 B52s/fred Schneider Just Fred 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, B52S/FRED SCHNEIDER: Just Fred 11 tracks, Reprise/dj title cover/'96... . 
  180355 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 B52s/just Fred selftitled 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, B52S/JUST FRED: selftitled 11 tracks, Reprise/dj title cover/'96... . 
  177759 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Babes In Toyland Nemesister 13 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BABES IN TOYLAND: Nemesister 13 tracks, Reprise/dj only title cover... . 
  147628 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BAEZ,JOAN - Live In Europe 25 tracksBaez, Joan Live In Europe 25 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BAEZ, JOAN: Live In Europe 25 tracks, Vanguard 91039/UK/ps/insert/'75... Farewell Angelina/Love Is Just a Four Letter Word/Suzanne/Kumbaya/We Shall Overcome/Sweet Sir Galahad/Joe Hill/A Song For David/C'ere Un Ragazzo Che Come Me Amava../(We Want Our) Freedom Now/Donna Donna/There But For Fortune/Blowin' In the Wind/With God On Our Side/Where Have All the Flowers Gone/Vagabond/A City Called Heaven/Saigon Bridge/Yesterday/Brand New Tennessee Waltz/Oh Freedom/North/Ghetto/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Farewell Angelina. 
 Vanguard 337821 $25.00 Info  Buy 
 Bainbridge, Merril Between the Days 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BAINBRIDGE, MERRIL: Between the Days 10 tracks, Universal/dj title ps/'98... Between the Days/Lonely/Goodbye to Day/Stars Collide/Walk On Fire/Hello/Blindfolded/Love and Terror/When You Call My Name/Big Machine. 
  286125 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Baka Forest People The Heart of the Forest 21 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BAKA FOREST PEOPLE: The Heart of the Forest 21 tracks, Hannibal 1378/dj only title cover... . 
  131285 $7.00 Info  Buy 
 Bananarama Selftitled 9 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BANANARAMA: Selftitled 9 tracks, London 820 165/stock/foldout ps/'84... Cruel Summer/Rough Justice/King Of the Jungle/Dream Baby/Hot Line To Heaven/State I'm In/Robert De Niro's Waiting/Through a Childs Eyes. 
  288237 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Bananarama True Confessions 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BANANARAMA: True Confessions 11 tracks, London 828 013/stock/ps/'86... True Confessions/Ready or Not/A Trick of the Night/Dance With a Stranger/A Perfect World/Venus/Do Not Disturb/Cut Above the Rest/Promised Land/More Than Physical/Hooked on Love. 
  195010 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Bangles Everything 13 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BANGLES: Everything 13 tracks, Columbia 44056/dj title cover/'88... In Your Room/Complicated Girl/Bell Jar/Something to Believe In/Eternal Flame/Be With You/Glitter Years/I'll Set You Free/Watching the Sky/Some Dreams Come True/Make a Play For Her Now/Waiting For You/Crash and Burn. 
  190498 $12.00 Info  Buy 
 Bangles In Your Room/Bell Jar Cassette 
cassette, BANGLES: In Your Room/Bell Jar, Columbia 38T 08090/stock/ps/'88... . 
  35019 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Bangles/susanna Hoffs My Side of the Bed/Made of Stone Cassette 
cassette, BANGLES/SUSANNA HOFFS: My Side of the Bed/Made of Stone, Columbia 38T 73529/stock/ps/'90 M-/VG+... . 
  180182 $7.00 Info  Buy 
 Bangles/susanna Hoffs Unconditional Love Cassette 
cassette, BANGLES/SUSANNA HOFFS: Unconditional Love, Columbia/title cover/'91... . 
  89587 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Bangles/susanna Hoffs When You're a Boy 12 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BANGLES/SUSANNA HOFFS: When You're a Boy 12 tracks, Columbia/dj only title cover/'91... . 
  152004 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Banton, Pato & The Reggae Revolution Live & Kickin All Over America 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BANTON, PATO & THE REGGAE REVOLUTION: Live & Kickin All Over America 11 tracks, IRS 1310/POPS/'91... . 
 IRS 186221 $12.00 Info  Buy 
BAR-KAYS - Money Talks 6 tracksBar-kays Money Talks 6 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BAR-KAYS: Money Talks 6 tracks, Stax 5194-4106/commercial issue/case with insert/Õ78... Holy Ghost/FeelinÕ Alright/Monster/Money Talks/Mean Mistreater/Holy Ghost (Reborn). 
US Stax 473650 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Barenaked Ladies Brian Wilson 2000 vers./edit Cassette 
cassette, BARENAKED LADIES: Brian Wilson 2000 vers./edit, Reprise 17290/stock/ps/'97... . 
  257219 $5.00 Info  Buy 
BARRY,JOHN/SOUNDTRACK - Thunderball 11 tracksBarry, John/soundtrack Thunderball 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BARRY, JOHN/SOUNDTRACK: Thunderball 11 tracks, Liberty 55132/commercial issue/case with insert/JOHN BARRY score, TOM JONES/Õ84... . 
US Liberty 470647 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Bas Noir Shoo-B-Doo radio edit/radio remix Cassette 
cassette, BAS NOIR: Shoo-B-Doo radio edit/radio remix, Atlantic 87456/stock/ps/'92 S/S... . 
 Atlantic 352244 $6.00 Info  Buy 
BEACH BOYS - ConcertBeach Boys Concert Cassette 
cassette, BEACH BOYS: Concert, Capitol 4N 16154/commercial issue/case with insert... Fun Fun Fun/Little Old Lady From Pasadena/Little Deuce Coupe/Long Tall Texan/In My Room/The Monster Mash/Let's Go Trippin'/Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow/The Wanderer/Hawaii/Graduation Day/I Get Around/Johnny B Goode. 
US Capitol 470603 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Beach Boys Still Cruisin' 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEACH BOYS: Still Cruisin' 10 tracks, Capitol C4 92639/dj only title cover/'89... Still Cruisin'/Somewhere Near Japan/Island Girl/In My Car/Kokomo/Wipe Out/Make It Big/I Get Around/Wouldn't It Be Nice/California Girls. 
  35025 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Beach Boys Surfin' Safari 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEACH BOYS: Surfin' Safari 10 tracks, Capitol 16012/stock/ps... Surfin' Safari/County Fair/Ten Little Indians/Little Girl (You're My Miss America)/409/Chug-A-Lug/Heads You Win-Tails I Loose/Sumertime Blues/Moon Dawg/The Shift. 
  289195 $5.00 Info  Buy 
BEACH BOYS/BRIAN WILSON - Brian Wilson 11 tracksBeach Boys/brian Wilson Brian Wilson 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEACH BOYS/BRIAN WILSON: Brian Wilson 11 tracks, Sire 25669/commercial issue/case with insert... Love and Mercy/Walkin'g the Line/Melt Away/Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long/Little Children/One For the Boys/There's So Many/Night Time/Let It Shine/Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight/Rio Grande. 
U.S. Sire 190510 $5.00 Info  Buy 
BEACH BOYS/BRIAN WILSON - Love and Mercy/He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body to MoveBeach Boys/brian Wilson Love and Mercy/He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body to Move Cassette 
cassette, BEACH BOYS/BRIAN WILSON: Love and Mercy/He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body to Move, Sire 27814/stock/ps/'88... . 
 Sire 78392 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Beastie Boys Check Your Head 8 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEASTIE BOYS: Check Your Head 8 tracks, Capitol 79266/ps/'92... Jimmy James/Funky Boss/Pass the Mic/Gratitude/So Whatcha Want/Time for Livin'/Something's Got to Give/Professor Booty. 
  323400 $20.00 Info  Buy 
 Beatles Free As a Bird/Christmas Time (Is here Again) Cassette 
cassette, BEATLES, THE: Free As a Bird/Christmas Time (Is here Again), Apple 58497/stock/ps/'95... . 
U.S. Apple 323446 $8.00 Info  Buy 
BEATLES - Rock n Roll Music Volume 1 14 tracksBeatles Rock n Roll Music Volume 1 14 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEATLES: Rock n Roll Music Volume 1 14 tracks, Capitol 16020/commercial issue/case with insert/'80... Rock n Roll Music/Slow Down/Kansas City-Hey Hey Hey Hey/Money (ThatÕs What I Want)/Bad Boy/Matchbox/Roll Over Beethoven/Twist and Shout/I Saw Her Standing There/You CanÕt Do That/I Wanna Be Your Man/I Call Your Name/Boys/Long Tall Sally. 
U.S. Capitol 253705 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 13 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEATLES: Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 13 tracks, Capitol 46442/stock/foldout insert ps/bar code issue... Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band/A Little Help From My Friends/Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/Getting Better/Fixing a Hole/She's Leaving Home/Being For the Benefit of Mrs Kite!/Within You Without You/When I'm Sixty Four/Lovely Rita/Good Morning, Good Morning/Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)/A Day In the Life. 
  323407 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Beautiful South selftitled 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEAUTIFUL SOUTH, THE: selftitled 11 tracks, Elektra 60617/stock/foldout ps/'90... . 
  186238 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Beautiful South Welcome to The Beautiful South 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEAUTIFUL SOUTH, THE: Welcome to The Beautiful South 11 tracks, Elektra 60917/stock/foldout ps/'90... Song For Whoever/Have You Ever Been Away?/From Under the Covers/I'll Sail This Ship Alone/Girlfriend/Straight In at 37/You Keep It All In/Woman In the Wall/Oh Blackpool/Love Is.../I Love You (But You're Boring). 
  194996 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Beautiful South Welcome to The Beautiful South 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEAUTIFUL SOUTH, THE: Welcome to The Beautiful South 11 tracks, Elektra 60917/dj only title cover... . 
  149718 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Bee Gees Still Waters (Run Deep single vers./Love Never Dies) Cassette 
cassette, BEE GEES: Still Waters (Run Deep) single vers./Love Never Dies, Polydor 31456 9218/stock/ps/'97... . 
  232847 $5.00 Info  Buy 
 Bel Canto Magic Box 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BEL CANTO: Magic Box 11 tracks, Atlantic 92617/dj title cover... . 
 Atlantic 177780 $8.00 Info  Buy 
BELL BIV DEVOE - Poison 10 tracksBell Biv Devoe Poison 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BELL BIV DEVOE: Poison 10 tracks, MCA 6387/commercial issue/case with insert/Õ90... Dope!/B.B.D. (I Thought It Was Me)/Let Me Know Something?!/Do Me!/Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny (Word To the Mutha)!/Poison/Ain't Nut'in Changed!/When Will I See You Again?/I Do Need You. 
US MCA 470638 $6.00 Info  Buy 
BELL BIV DEVOE - WBBD - Boot City! The Remix Album 12 tracksBell Biv Devoe WBBD - Boot City! The Remix Album 12 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BELL BIV DEVOE: WBBD - Boot City! The Remix Album 12 tracks, MCA 10345/stock/booklet ps/cust.sticker/'91 S/S... Intro-DJ Opening/Word to the Mutha!/Ain't Nut'in Changed!/B.B.D./Do Me!/I Do Need You/Interview-Uhh Ahh/Let Me Know Something/She's Dope! epod mix/Do Me!/When Will I See You Smile Again/Poison london style. 
  358362 $12.00 Info  Buy 
 Beloved Happiness 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BELOVED, THE: Happiness 10 tracks, Atlantic 82047/stock/foldout ps/'90... Hello/Your Love Takes Me Higher/Time After Time/Dont You Worry/Scarlet Beautiful/The Sun Rising/I Love You More/Wake Up Soon/Up Up and Away/Found. 
 Atlantic 195031 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Benet, Eric Spiritual Thang Cassette 
cassette, BENET, ERIC: Spiritual Thang, WB/dj title ps... . 
  265590 $6.00 Info  Buy 
 Benet, Eric True to Myself/I'll Be There/If You Want Me to Stay/Femininity Cassette 
cassette, BENET, ERIC: True to Myself/I'll Be There/If You Want Me to Stay/Femininity, WB 8385/cust.sticker/'96... . 
  265570 $6.00 Info  Buy 
 Bennett, Tony 40 Years of Artistry 10 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BENNETT, TONY: 40 Years of Artistry 10 tracks, Columbia 46887/dj title cover/'91... . 
  175429 $8.00 Info  Buy 
BENSON,GEORGE - I'll Be Good to You/LovinÕ on Borrowed TimeBenson, George I'll Be Good to You/LovinÕ on Borrowed Time Cassette 
cassette, BENSON, GEORGE: I'll Be Good to You/LovinÕ on Borrowed Time, WB 18423/commercial issue/card sleeve cover/Õ93 M-/VG+ (cassette/cover)... . 
US WB 473605 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Berlin Pleasure Victim 7 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BERLIN: Pleasure Victim 7 tracks, Geffen 2036/stock/ps/'82... Tell Me Why/Pleasure Victim/Sex (I'm A..)/Masquerade/The Metro/World of Smiles/Torture. 
  291550 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BERNSTEIN,ELMER/SOUNDTRACK - The Man With the Golden ArmBernstein, Elmer/soundtrack The Man With the Golden Arm Cassette 
cassette, BERNSTEIN, ELMER/SOUNDTRACK: The Man With the Golden Arm, MCA 1526/commercial issue/ps/ELMER BERNSTEIN score/Õ83... . 
US MCA 473575 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Big Daddy Kane How U Get a Record Deal 4 vers./Here Comes Kane, Scoop and Scrap lp & instrum. Cassette 
cassette, BIG DADDY KANE: How U Get a Record Deal 4 vers./Here Comes Kane, Scoop and Scrap lp & instrum., Cold Chillin' 40830/stock/ps/hic/'93... . 
  152796 $4.00 Info  Buy 
 Big Dish Creeping Up on Jesus 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BIG DISH, THE: Creeping Up on Jesus 11 tracks, Virgin 25764/stock/foldout ps S/S... . 
  186236 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Big Star Columbia: Live At Missouri University 4-25-93 14 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BIG STAR: Columbia: Live At Missouri University 4-25-93 14 tracks, Zoo 72445 11060/stock/foldout ps/hic/'93... In the Street/Don't Lie To Me/When My Baby's Beside Me/I Am the Cosmos/The Ballad of El Goodo/Back Of a Car/Way Out West/Daisy Glaze/Baby Strange/For You/Feel/September Gurls/Thank You Friends/Slut. 
  232827 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Black Box Dreamland 8 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BLACK BOX: Dreamland 8 tracks, RCA 2221/stock/foldout ps/hic/'90... . 
  180329 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Black Box Fantasy/Greatest Hits Snippets (4:29) Cassette 
cassette, BLACK BOX: Fantasy/Greatest Hits Snippets (4:29), RCA 07863 62092/stock/ps/'91... . 
  106988 $5.00 Info  Buy 
 Black Crowes selftitled 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BLACK CROWES: selftitled 11 tracks, Def American 24278/stock/ps/cust.sticker/hic S/S... Twice As Hard/Jealous Again/Sister Luck/Could I've Been/So Blind/Seeing Things/Hard To Handle/Thick n Thin/She Talks To Angels/Struttin' Blues/Start It Cold. 
  266819 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Black Sorrows Harley & Rose 12 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BLACK SORROWS, THE: Harley & Rose 12 tracks, Columbia 48995/stock/ps/hibc/'90... . 
  155543 $8.00 Info  Buy 
 Black Uhuru The Positive Dub (9 songs) Cassette 
cassette, BLACK UHURU: The Positive Dub (9 songs), ROIR 159/stock/ps... . 
  35034 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Blasters selftitled 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BLASTERS, THE: selftitled 11 tracks, WB 3680/stock/ps/'81... Marie Marie/No Other Girl/I'm Shakin'/Border Radio/American Music/So Long Baby Goodbye/Hollywood Bed/Never No More Blues/This Is It/Highway 61/I Love You So/Stop the Clock. 
  323425 $12.00 Info  Buy 
 Blasters/dave Alvin King of California 13 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BLASTERS/DAVE ALVIN: King of California 13 tracks, Hightone 8054/stock/foldout ps/'94... King of California/Barn Burning/Fourth of July/Goodbye Again/East Texas Blues/Every Night About This Time/Bus Station/Mother Earth/Blue Wing/Little Honey/(I Won't Be) Leaving/What Am I Worth/Border Radio. 
  237292 $10.00 Info  Buy 
 Blasters/dave Alvin Romeo's Escape 11 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BLASTERS/DAVE ALVIN: Romeo's Escape 11 tracks, Epic 40921/stock/foldout insert/with DAVID HIDALGO, AL KOOPER, more/'87... Fourth of July/Long White Cadillac/Every Night About This Time/Romeo's Escape/Brother on the Line/Jubilee Train/Border Radio/Far Away/New Tattoo/You Got Me/I Wish It Was Saturday Night. 
  323460 $12.00 Info  Buy 
 Blind Melon selftitled 13 tracks Cassette 
cassette, BLIND MELON: selftitled 13 tracks, Capitol 96585/stock/foldout insert ps/hic/'92... Soak the Sun/Tones of Home/I Wonder/Paper Scratcher/Dear Ol Dad/Change/No Rain/Deserted/Sleepyhouse/Holyman/Seed to A Tree/Drive/Time. 
  323469 $10.00 Info  Buy 

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