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  Artist  Title  Format  Information  Country  Label  Item #  Price USD     
ABC - Alphabet CityAbc Alphabet City Poster 
poster, ABC: Alphabet City, Polygram '87 - two duo pics inset w/covers on bottom, 24x32, M- condition... . 
  281283 $25.00 Info  Buy 
ABDUL,PAULA - Forever Your GirlAbdul, Paula Forever Your Girl Poster 
poster, ABDUL, PAULA: Forever Your Girl, lp cover shot variation, Virgin '88, 24x36, VG++ condition... . 
  294870 $25.00 Info  Buy 
ADAMS,BRYAN - Into the FireAdams, Bryan Into the Fire Poster 
poster, ADAMS, BRYAN: Into the Fire, lp cover picture inset on white, A&M '87, 24x36, M- condition... . 
  294877 $15.00 Info  Buy 
AEROSMITH - PumpAerosmith Pump Poster 
poster, AEROSMITH: Pump, action group pose, slick and rockin', big logo, '89 Geffen, 34x23, M- (like new) condition... . 
  344513 $20.00 Info  Buy 
ALABAMA - LiveAlabama Live Poster 
poster, ALABAMA: Live, RCA, lineup shot with instruments, '88, 24x36, M- condition... . 
  281284 $20.00 Info  Buy 
ALARM - Eye Of the HurricaneAlarm Eye Of the Hurricane Poster 
poster, ALARM, THE: Eye Of the Hurricane, IRS, picture on steps inset on cover type art, 23x35, M- condition... . 
 IRS 281286 $20.00 Info  Buy 
ALARM - StrengthAlarm Strength Poster 
poster, ALARM: Strength, group pic inset on cover art, IRS '85, 24x36, M- condition... . 
  281285 $20.00 Info  Buy 
ALLMAN,GREGG - Just Before the Bullets FlyAllman, Gregg Just Before the Bullets Fly Poster 
poster, ALLMAN, GREGG: Just Before the Bullets Fly, lp cover, CBS '88, 24x24, M- condition... . 
  294865 $15.00 Info  Buy 
AMERICA - History, America's Greatest HitsAmerica History, America's Greatest Hits Poster 
poster, AMERICA: History, America's Greatest Hits, WB, cover shot variation, 18x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  321613 $30.00 Info  Buy 
AMOS,TORI - Little EarthquakesAmos, Tori Little Earthquakes Poster 
poster, AMOS, TORI: Little Earthquakes, Atlantic '92, Tori in box on white, 24x36, M- condition... . 
US Atlantic 281287 $50.00 Info  Buy 
ANKA,PAUL - Listen To Your HeartAnka, Paul Listen To Your Heart Poster 
poster, ANKA, PAUL: Listen To Your Heart, lp cover art, RCA, 24x36, some staple holes, otherwise VG++ condition... . 
  321639 $15.00 Info  Buy 
ANTHRAX - Among the LivingAnthrax Among the Living Poster 
poster, ANTHRAX: Among the Living, bowed head art + indian head nickel + 2 live pics, 23x35, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281288 $12.00 Info  Buy 
ANTHRAX - Sound of White NoiseAnthrax Sound of White Noise Poster 
poster, ANTHRAX: Sound of White Noise, Elektra '92, colorful group tinted pink, 24x24, M- condition... . 
  281289 $15.00 Info  Buy 
ANTHRAX - Sound of White NoiseAnthrax Sound of White Noise Poster 
poster, ANTHRAX: Sound of White Noise, Elektra '92, colorful group tinted pink with transparency, 24x24, M- condition... . 
  294886 $20.00 Info  Buy 
ANTHRAX - Spreading the DiseaseAnthrax Spreading the Disease Poster 
poster, ANTHRAX: Spreading the Disease, lp cover art inset on black, band member pics on the bottom, 24x36, VG+ condition... . 
  281290 $20.00 Info  Buy 
APRIL MARCH - Chrominance DecoderApril March Chrominance Decoder Poster 
poster, APRIL MARCH: Chrominance Decoder, head shot & greenery, Ideal, 17x20, M- condition... . 
  297545 $10.00 Info  Buy 
ARMATRADING,JOAN - The KeyArmatrading, Joan The Key Poster 
poster, ARMATRADING, JOAN: The Key, lp cover art variation, A&M '83, 28x40, VG+ condition... . 
  294697 $25.00 Info  Buy 
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - Tribute to the Music of Bob WillsAsleep At The Wheel Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills Poster 
poster, ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills, album cover, Liberty '93, 22x22, M- condition... . 
  312338 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BEACH BOYS - The Beach Boys TourBeach Boys The Beach Boys Tour Poster 
poster, BEACH BOYS: The Beach Boys Tour, Chevy's Heartbeat of America Presents the Beach Boys Tour, lots of sand & beach & car artwork, band pic inset, 24x36, M- condition... . 
  281295 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BEASTIE BOYS - Hello NastyBeastie Boys Hello Nasty Poster 
poster, BEASTIE BOYS: Hello Nasty, Capitol '98, sardine can with trio inside - on green, 18x24, VG++ condition... . 
  317917 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BEASTIE BOYS - i'll CommunicationBeastie Boys i'll Communication Poster 
poster, BEASTIE BOYS: Ill Communication, Grand Royal, group shot in front of computer art, lp cover lower right corner, (slight crinkling 1 corner), 20x30, VG condition... . 
  281296 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BEASTIE BOYS - The Sounds of ScienceBeastie Boys The Sounds of Science Poster 
poster, BEASTIE BOYS: The Sounds of Science, Grand Royal '99, double sided b&w, 20x30, VG++ condition... . 
  313320 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BEATLES - 1Beatles Poster 
poster, BEATLES: 1, 1 art on red, of members on bottom, double-sided poster, 20x30, VG (some crinkling along one edge) condition... . 
  313986 $8.00 Info  Buy 
BEATLES - Anthology 3Beatles Anthology 3 Poster 
poster, BEATLES, THE: Anthology 3, collage of pics, Apple, 20x30, M- condition... . 
  295197 $8.00 Info  Buy 
BEATLES - Beatles TapesBeatles Beatles Tapes Poster 
poster, BEATLES, THE: Beatles Tapes, clips from the album cover, etc, One Stop Posters '97, 22x36, M- condition... . 
  294859 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BEATLES - Live At the BBCBeatles Live At the BBC Poster 
poster, BEATLES, THE: Live At the BBC, Apple '94, 20x26, group shot walking, VG++ condition... . 
 Apple 328199 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BEATLES - personalityBeatles personality Poster 
poster, BEATLES, THE: personality, classic b&w group shot, not sure of issue, but has EMI Odeon logo, 20x30, VG++ condition... . 
  306664 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BEATLES - The Beatles On Compact DiscBeatles The Beatles On Compact Disc Poster 
poster, BEATLES, THE: The Beatles On Compact Disc, 4 lp covers, Capitol '87, 36x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  306640 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD - The GameBeavis & Butthead The Game Poster 
poster, BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD: The Game, Super Nintendo '94/classic duo head shot on black - with text "featuring the music of Gwar", 12x24, M- condition... . 
  281298 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BECK - Midnite VulturesBeck Midnite Vultures Poster 
poster, BECK: Midnite Vultures, pink & green art with neon, DGC '99, 18x18, M- condition... . 
  297562 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BENSON,GEORGE - Livin' Inside Your LoveBenson, George Livin' Inside Your Love Poster 
poster, BENSON, GEORGE: Livin' Inside Your Love, lp cover art variation, WB '79, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  316488 $40.00 Info  Buy 
BIG HEAD TODD & THE MONSTERS - StrategemBig Head Todd & The Monsters Strategem Poster 
poster, BIG HEAD TODD & THE MONSTERS: Strategem, brown tinted group shot inset on white, Giant '94, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  316483 $25.00 Info  Buy 
BLAND,BOBBY - I Feel Good, I Feel FineBland, Bobby I Feel Good, I Feel Fine Poster 
poster, BLAND, BOBBY: I Feel Good, I Feel Fine, MCA '78, lp cover art, 24x24, VG++ condition... . 
  321620 $25.00 Info  Buy 
BLONDIE - Blondie Live!Blondie Blondie Live! Poster 
poster, BLONDIE: Blondie Live!, classic tight shot of Debbie, for MCA Home Video, 12x18, M- (like new) condition... . 
  313983 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BLONDIE - No ExitBlondie No Exit Poster 
poster, BLONDIE: No Exit, double sided with ep type art, 18x24, M- condition... . 
  312336 $15.00 Info  Buy 
 Blondie/debbie Harry Kookoo Poster 
poster, BLONDIE/DEBBIE HARRY: Kookoo, double sided banner with lp art, Chrysalis, 12x36, M- condition... . 
  293373 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BODEANS - Black and WhiteBodeans Black and White Poster 
poster, BODEANS: Black and White, flowers pics, Slash, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  316522 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BODEANS - Go Slow DownBodeans Go Slow Down Poster 
poster, BODEANS: Go Slow Down, b&w shot inset on cover art, Slash '93, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  316509 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BODEANS - HomeBodeans Home Poster 
poster, BODEANS: Home, b&w duo shot inset on colorful lp type graphics, Slash '89, 24x36, M- (like new except for a couple of nearly invisible pinholes) condition... . 
  316517 $25.00 Info  Buy 
BODEANS - Love & Hope & Sex & DreamsBodeans Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams Poster 
poster, BODEANS: Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams, group shot, Slash '86, 24x36, VG+ condition... . 
  328178 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BON JOVI - Slippery When WetBon Jovi Slippery When Wet Poster 
poster, BON JOVI: Slippery When Wet, Mercury, group shot inset, lp covers as well, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281301 $30.00 Info  Buy 
BOW WOW WOW - '80s personalityBow Wow Wow '80s personality Poster 
poster, BOW WOW WOW: '80s personality, group shot (pointing, clapping, snearing), 24x36, M- condition... . 
  281303 $26.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID - Cat PeopleBowie, David Cat People Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID: Cat People, mini one-sheet coming attraction poster of Nastassia Kinski classic head shot art, 10x14, (crease on lower edge), VG++ condition... . 
  297573 $25.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID - Let's DanceBowie, David Let's Dance Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID: Let's Dance, lp cover art, EMI '83, 36x36, VG+ condition... . 
  297585 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID - Never Let Me DownBowie, David Never Let Me Down Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID: Never Let Me Down, lp cover variation, Dave jumping, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281304 $18.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID - TonightBowie, David Tonight Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID: Tonight, lp cover art plus, EMI '84, 24x36, (slight crinkling upper right corner, otherwise like new condition), M- condition... . 
  297579 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID - Ziggy StardustBowie, David Ziggy Stardust Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID: Ziggy Stardust, for Rykodisc reissue, red tinted Bowie + lp cover inset, info about release, 22x32, M- condition... . 
  299443 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID/SOUNDTRACK - LabyrinthBowie, David/soundtrack Labyrinth Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID/SOUNDTRACK: Labyrinth, Bowie cartoon art movie one-sheet, for video release, 30x40, M- (like new) condition... . 
  315259 $25.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID/TIN MACHINE - debutBowie, David/tin Machine debut Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID/TIN MACHINE: debut, group lineup on white, '89 Stenton, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  313308 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID/TIN MACHINE - debutBowie, David/tin Machine debut Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID/TIN MACHINE: debut, group lineup on white, unknown origin, 26x38, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281305 $12.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID/TIN MACHINE - debutBowie, David/tin Machine debut Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID/TIN MACHINE: debut, group lineup on white, unknown origin, logo across top, Victory '91, 24x36, VG condition... . 
  281306 $12.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID/TIN MACHINE - debut albumBowie, David/tin Machine debut album Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID/TIN MACHINE: debut album, huge classic group shot, 40x60, M- (like new) condition... . 
  306728 $40.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID/TIN MACHINE - IIBowie, David/tin Machine II Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID/TIN MACHINE: II, lp cover art, Polygram '91, 24x24, VG+ condition... . 
  299438 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BOWIE,DAVID/TIN MACHINE - selftitledBowie, David/tin Machine selftitled Poster 
poster, BOWIE, DAVID/TIN MACHINE: selftitled, group pic inset/lots of black n blue, 24x36, EMI, VG condition... . 
  281307 $15.00 Info  Buy 
BREEDERS - Live at the Revolver Club, MadridBreeders Live at the Revolver Club, Madrid Poster 
poster, BREEDERS, THE: Live at the Revolver Club, Madrid, bear & halo art for show, signed and numbered by poster artist, 12x28, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281308 $20.00 Info  Buy 
BRITNY FOX - selftitledBritny Fox selftitled Poster 
poster, BRITNY FOX: selftitled, '88 CBS, 4 narrow band member shots - lots of big hair!, 24x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281310 $12.00 Info  Buy 
BRODERICK,MATTHEW - Project X movieBroderick, Matthew Project X movie Poster 
poster, BRODERICK, MATTHEW: Project X movie, 20th Century Fox/movie one sheet, bit smiling bust shot, 27x40, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281311 $10.00 Info  Buy 
BROOKS,GARTH - Beyond the SeasonBrooks, Garth Beyond the Season Poster 
poster, BROOKS, GARTH: Beyond the Season, serious bust shot with scarf & cowboy hat, album discography along bottom, Liberty '92, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  301847 $25.00 Info  Buy 
BROOKS,GARTH - Ropin' the WindBrooks, Garth Ropin' the Wind Poster 
poster, BROOKS, GARTH: Ropin' the Wind, standing shot with sky backdrop, lp cover discography along bottom, Liberty '91, 18x34, M- (like new) condition... . 
  328166 $25.00 Info  Buy 
CARLISLE,BELINDA - Heaven On EarthCarlisle, Belinda Heaven On Earth Poster 
poster, CARLISLE, BELINDA: Heaven On Earth, lp cover shot variation, MCA '87, 24x36, M- condition... . 
  294833 $20.00 Info  Buy 
CARS - Shake It UpCars Shake It Up Poster 
poster, CARS, THE: Shake It Up, lp cover art, Elektra '81, 36x36, VG+ condition... . 
  297593 $25.00 Info  Buy 
CAVE,NICK & KYLIE MINOGUE - Where the Wild Roses GrowCave, Nick & Kylie Minogue Where the Wild Roses Grow Poster 
poster, CAVE, NICK & KYLIE MINOGUE: Where the Wild Roses Grow, advance poster, on black, girl lays in water with snake, 20x30, M- condition... . 
  294862 $10.00 Info  Buy 
CHANDRA,SHEILA - A Bone Crone DroneChandra, Sheila A Bone Crone Drone Poster 
poster, CHANDRA, SHEILA: A Bone Crone Drone, Realworld/arty hair shot/lp cover inset, 18x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281316 $20.00 Info  Buy 
CHARLIE - LinesCharlie Lines Poster 
poster, CHARLIE: Lines, lp cover, 24x24, Janus, laminated, VG+ condition (staple holes in 4 corners)... . 
  301850 $20.00 Info  Buy 
CHEAP TRICK/ROBIN ZANDER - '93 personalityCheap Trick/robin Zander '93 personality Poster 
poster, CHEAP TRICK/ROBIN ZANDER: '93 personality, Interscope, close up head shot, 20x30, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281318 $15.00 Info  Buy 
CHECKER,CHUBBY - The Texas TwistChecker, Chubby The Texas Twist Poster 
poster, CHECKER, CHUBBY: The Texas Twist, Sun, Chubby and map backdrop, condition: tiny pinholes in corners, 20x30, M- (like new) condition... . 
 Sun 281319 $15.00 Info  Buy 
CHENIER,C.J. & THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND - Hot RodChenier, C.j. & The Red Hot Louisiana Band Hot Rod Poster 
poster, CHENIER, C.J. & THE RED HOT LOUISIANA BAND: Hot Rod, Slash tour poster with date slot hand written in ("appearing at the Palomino with Buckwheat Zydeco!", 13x36, VG+ condition... . 
 Slash 281320 $20.00 Info  Buy 
CINDERELLA - Long Cold WinterCinderella Long Cold Winter Poster 
poster, CINDERELLA: Long Cold Winter, Mercury, group shot in snow with horses, '88, 24x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  294678 $15.00 Info  Buy 
CLAPTON,ERIC - Another TicketClapton, Eric Another Ticket Poster 
poster, CLAPTON, ERIC: Another Ticket, Eric playing guitar, RSO, 20x30, VG condition... . 
  306940 $30.00 Info  Buy 
CLUB 69 - StyleClub 69 Style Poster 
poster, CLUB 69: Style, Twisted America, nude guy on motorcycle, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  313987 $12.00 Info  Buy 
COLE,LLOYD - Don't Get Weird On Me, BabyCole, Lloyd Don't Get Weird On Me, Baby Poster 
poster, COLE, LLOYD: Don't Get Weird On Me, Baby, head shot, Capitol, 20x30, VG++ condition... . 
  294706 $20.00 Info  Buy 
COLE,NATALIE - InseperableCole, Natalie Inseperable Poster 
poster, COLE, NATALIE: Inseperable, lp cover art variation, Capitol, 18x24, VG+ condition... . 
  321634 $40.00 Info  Buy 
COLLINS,PHIL - ... HitsCollins, Phil ... Hits Poster 
poster, COLLINS, PHIL: ... Hits, lp cover art & then some, Virgin, 20x30, M- condition... . 
  287581 $15.00 Info  Buy 
COLLINS,PHIL - '85 personalityCollins, Phil '85 personality Poster 
poster, COLLINS, PHIL: '85 personality, outreaching to audience pic, Atlantic '85, 22x32, M- (like new) condition... . 
  299441 $25.00 Info  Buy 
COLLINS,PHIL - '89 personalityCollins, Phil '89 personality Poster 
poster, COLLINS, PHIL: '89 personality, big smiling head & hand shot, Atlantic '89, 25x37, M- (like new) condition... . 
  299440 $20.00 Info  Buy 
COOPER,ALICE - ConstrictorCooper, Alice Constrictor Poster 
poster, COOPER, ALICE: Constrictor, lp cover, 24x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  328169 $20.00 Info  Buy 
COREA,CHICK - Chick Corea & OriginCorea, Chick Chick Corea & Origin Poster 
poster, COREA, CHICK: Chick Corea & Origin, Stretch Records, old time pic with cover art, more, unfilled tour date slot, 18x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  321641 $8.00 Info  Buy 
COSTELLO,ELVIS & BURT BACHARACH - Painted From MemoryCostello, Elvis & Burt Bacharach Painted From Memory Poster 
poster, COSTELLO, ELVIS & BURT BACHARACH: Painted From Memory, b&w collage of pics inset on red, '98, 18x24, M- condition... . 
  281325 $25.00 Info  Buy 
CRANBERRIES - To the Faithful DepartedCranberries To the Faithful Departed Poster 
poster, CRANBERRIES, THE: To the Faithful Departed, group in house in woods, Island '96, 18x24, M- condition... . 
  281327 $10.00 Info  Buy 
CRAY,ROBERT - Don't Be Afraid Of the DarkCray, Robert Don't Be Afraid Of the Dark Poster 
poster, CRAY, ROBERT: Don't Be Afraid Of the Dark, lineup group shot, logos top & bottom, Hightone, 24x24, M- condition... . 
  294710 $18.00 Info  Buy 
CRENSHAW,MARSHALL - Our TownCrenshaw, Marshall Our Town Poster 
poster, CRENSHAW, MARSHALL: Our Town, poster for UK ep, pic inset on yellow, 18x22, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281330 $20.00 Info  Buy 
CROW,SHERYL - The Globe SessionsCrow, Sheryl The Globe Sessions Poster 
poster, CROW, SHERYL: The Globe Sessions, b&w head shot closeup with art logo, '98, 18x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281331 $12.00 Info  Buy 
CRUISE,TOM - All the Right Moves movieCruise, Tom All the Right Moves movie Poster 
poster, CRUISE, TOM: All the Right Moves movie, movie one sheet 830157/'83 movie, Tom stands in classic thighs up shot with football under one arm, 27x41, M- condition... . 
  294909 $15.00 Info  Buy 
CRUISE,TOM - CocktailCruise, Tom Cocktail Poster 
poster, CRUISE, TOM: Cocktail, Tom leans on bar, with neon logo framing him, movie credits as well, 18x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281332 $10.00 Info  Buy 
CRUZADOS - After DarkCruzados After Dark Poster 
poster, CRUZADOS: After Dark, band pics w/logo & lp cover inset, with unfilled tour date slot, Arista, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281333 $12.00 Info  Buy 
D'ARBY,TERENCE TRENT - Symphony or DamnD'arby, Terence Trent Symphony or Damn Poster 
poster, D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT: Symphony or Damn, lp cover, Columbia '93, 24x24, VG++ condition... . 
  294705 $18.00 Info  Buy 
D'ARBY,TERENCE TRENT - The Hardline According To..D'arby, Terence Trent The Hardline According To.. Poster 
poster, D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT: The Hardline According To.., lp cover, Columbia '87, 24x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
  294714 $20.00 Info  Buy 
DANZIG - German tour posterDanzig German tour poster Poster 
poster, DANZIG: German tour poster, not entirely sure of authenticity - possibly a reproduction, 27x38, VG condition... . 
  328179 $20.00 Info  Buy 
DAVIS,MILES - Miles, personality '96Davis, Miles Miles, personality '96 Poster 
poster, DAVIS, MILES: Miles, personality '96, classic b&w shot in folding chair (shot from the 50's), Columbia '96, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281340 $15.00 Info  Buy 
DESTINY'S CHILD - Charlie's AngelsDestiny's Child Charlie's Angels Poster 
poster, DESTINY'S CHILD: Charlie's Angels, Sony '00, double sided with group shot on one side, movie art on other, 24x24, VG+ condition... . 
  317679 $15.00 Info  Buy 
DION,CELINE - All the Way: A Decade of Song + Celine, the TV SpecialDion, Celine All the Way: A Decade of Song + Celine, the TV Special Poster 
poster, DION, CELINE: All the Way: A Decade of Song + Celine, the TV Special, '99 slick double sided color poster, perforated (intact), 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  328180 $25.00 Info  Buy 
DOLBY,THOMAS - Blinded By Science mini lpDolby, Thomas Blinded By Science mini lp Poster 
poster, DOLBY, THOMAS: Blinded By Science mini lp, lp cover art + more/Harvest '83, 20x30, M- (like new) condition... . 
  294851 $30.00 Info  Buy 
DOOBIE BROTHERS - Live Farewell TourDoobie Brothers Live Farewell Tour Poster 
poster, DOOBIE BROTHERS: Live Farewell Tour, WB '83, lp cover & many candid b&w pics, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  281344 $22.00 Info  Buy 
DOOBIE BROTHERS - Minute By MinuteDoobie Brothers Minute By Minute Poster 
poster, DOOBIE BROTHERS: Minute By Minute, lp cover art + Best of Collection lp cover inset, WB '78, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  316507 $40.00 Info  Buy 
DREAM ACADEMY - selftitledDream Academy selftitled Poster 
poster, DREAM ACADEMY: selftitled, trio shot from album, album graphics, WB '86, 20x30, VG++ condition... . 
  294699 $20.00 Info  Buy 
ECHO & BUNNYMEN - for '87 releaseEcho & Bunnymen for '87 release Poster 
poster, ECHO & BUNNYMEN: for '87 release, Sire, closeup brown-tinted foursome/'87, 24x36, M- condition... . 
 Sire 281350 $15.00 Info  Buy 
ENGLISH,JOE - Lights In the WorldEnglish, Joe Lights In the World Poster 
poster, ENGLISH, JOE: Lights In the World, Refuge, Joe at drums, lp cover inset, 18x24, M- (like new) condition... . 
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ENYA - The Memory of TreesEnya The Memory of Trees Poster 
poster, ENYA: The Memory of Trees, Enya in throne pic, Reprise '95, 24x36, M- (except for crinkling along lower right edge) condition... . 
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ERASURE - CowboyErasure Cowboy Poster 
poster, ERASURE: Cowboy, lighter art, Sire, 24x36, M- (like new) condition... . 
  317681 $20.00 Info  Buy 
EURYTHMICS - Be Yourself TonightEurythmics Be Yourself Tonight Poster 
poster, EURYTHMICS: Be Yourself Tonight, lp cover art, RCA, 24x24, G+ condition... . 
  294872 $10.00 Info  Buy 

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