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Price/Preis EUR     
 Cross Cowboys And Indians 12" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €12.34 Info  Buy 
 Cross Cowboys And Indians / Love Lies Bleeding 7" Germany Pop / Rock/ Disco €12.34 Info  Buy 
 Cross Heaven For Everyone 12" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €14.29 Info  Buy 
 Cross Heaven For Everyone (x2 Incl. 1 Version Vocals By F. Mercury) 7" Germany Pop / Rock/ Disco €9.74 Info  Buy 
 Cross Liar 7" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €32.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross Power To Love (Extended Version) 12" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €11.69 Info  Buy 
 Cross Shove It 12" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €7.14 Info  Buy 
 Cross Shove It / Rough Justice 7" Germany Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross Modulator Next Generation (x2 / Raverberg (x2)) 12" Germany Club: Techno €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross That Line Push It Harder (3 Mixes, Sealed !) 12" Germany Club: Techno €7.14 Info  Buy 
 Cross X Negative Words CD international Heavy Metal €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Ceybil Someday And Then Some 12" Italy Club (General) €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher A Chance For Heaven / Talking In My Sleep 7" USA Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher A Chance For Heaven / Talking In My Sleep 7" Netherlands Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher All Right / Long World 7" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher All Right / Long World 7" Italy Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Another Page LP Italy Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Charm The Snake 7" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Christopher Cross LP Germany Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Christopher Cross Cassette USA Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Deal 'Em Again / Baby Says No 7" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Every Turn Of The World LP Italy Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher I Will (Take You Forever / Just One Look (+ Productfact)) 7" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher I Will (Take You Forever / Just One Look) 7" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher In The Blink Of An Eye (+2) CD Single international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher In The Blink Of An Eye / Rendezvous 7" Germany Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Is There Something CD Single international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Is There Something / Angry Young Men 7" Germany Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher No Time For Talk / Think Of Laura 7" international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Sailing / PoorShirley (FLC) 7" USA Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Think Of Laura / Words Of Wisdom 7" Italy Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher Wild Wild West (x1+2) CD Single international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher: East Side Beat Ride Like The Wind (x3) 12" Italy Pop / Rock/ Disco €7.79 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Christopher: Soundtracks Arthur - The Album LP international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Dave JASS BLUES & GUMBO GROOVES CD international Jazz €7.14 Info  Buy 
 Cross, Tim Classic Landscape LP international New Age/Relax/Meditation €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Cross'n' Crazy Wet CD international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossbow Break The Ice CD Germany Heavy Metal €7.14 Info  Buy 
 Crosscurrent (alternative) Square One / False Government / Serenity 7" Germany Punk/Hardcore/Garage/Oi €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crosse, Clay My Place Is With You CD USA Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crosse, Clay MY PLACE IS WITH YOU CD Canada Pop / Rock/ Disco €8.44 Info  Buy 
 Crosse, Clay STAINED GLASS CD Canada Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossfade Hey You Bombs CD international Club: Eurodance/Charts €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossfade Hey You Bombs (x2, Club Mix 6:50 + Hip House 6:16) 12" international Club: Eurodance/Charts €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossfade Hey You Bombs (x2, NC) 12" international Club: Eurodance/Charts €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossfire (folk) On The Run CD USA Folk (American / British) €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossfire Choir Crossfire Choir LP USA Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossfire Choir Nation Of Thieves / What's It To Ya (Promo+ Picture Sleeve) 12" USA Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossing SOUNDTRACK CD international Christmas (Music, Videos...) €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossing Point Listener Friendly LP international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossing Point Point Of No Return LP international Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossing, The (folk) Look Both Ways / Rise And Go CD USA Folk (Celtic / Irish) €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossland, Dave FIELDS OF PROMISE CD international Folk (American / British) €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover FANTASMO 2LP Germany Pop / Rock/ Disco €14.29 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Air & Style Vol. 6 CD Europe Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Air & Style Vol.5 CD Europe Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Boarder's World 1 CD international Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Freedom Sucks Vol.2 CD international Alternative €7.14 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Lords Of The Boards 2001 2CD Germany Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Snowboarder Tunes 2 CD international Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Snowboarder Tunes 3 CD international Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Soundtrack 1 - The Definitive X-Box Compilation (+ Bonus CD-Rom) 2CD international Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Spin This! CD Canada Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crossover Compilation Wake Attack - The Sound For A New Sport ! CD international Alternative €6.49 Info  Buy 
 Crosstide Seventeen Nautical Miles CD Canada Pop / Rock/ Disco €6.49 Info  Buy 

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