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  Artist  Title  Format  Information  Condition  Price USD     
2nd Chapter Of Acts - Hymns2nd Chapter Of Acts Hymns LP 
M- $5.50 Info  Buy 
2nd Chapter Of Acts - Night Light2nd Chapter Of Acts Night Light LP 
M- $7.72 Info  Buy 
2nd Chapter Of Acts - Singer Sower2nd Chapter Of Acts Singer Sower LP 
M-/vg+ $7.72 Info  Buy 
4him - 4him4him 4him CD 
1 - Couldn't We Stand - 4:01 2 - Stay Forever - 4:06 3 - When I Need You Most - 3:56 4 - Do Right... 
M/vg $7.50 Info  Buy 
Ad - ReconstructionsAd Reconstructions LP 
Cover Has Writing On One Song 
Vg+/vg+ $7.15 Info  Buy 
Adrian Snell - Listen To The PeaceAdrian Snell Listen To The Peace LP 
A1 - Reach Me - 3:57 a2 - Peace Be With You - 2:26 a3 - Through The City Noise - 3:30 a4 - Judas... 
M- / M- $7.77 Info  Buy 
After The Fire - AtfAfter The Fire Atf LP 
Vg+ $3.00 Info  Buy 
Agape Force - Within The GateAgape Force Within The Gate LP 
M-/m- $10.30 Info  Buy 
Albrecht,roley & Moore - Gently Flowing FeelingAlbrecht, Roley & Moore Gently Flowing Feeling LP 
M-/m- $10.30 Info  Buy 
Allies - AlliesAllies Allies LP 
M-/vg+ $6.70 Info  Buy 
Allies - Shoulder To ShoulderAllies Shoulder To Shoulder LP 
Vg+/vg+ $6.70 Info  Buy 
Allies - VirtuesAllies Virtues LP 
Vg+/vg+ $6.70 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - Age To AgeAmy Grant Age To Age LP 
M-/m- $2.75 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - House Of LoveAmy Grant House Of Love CD 
M- $3.09 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - In ConcertAmy Grant In Concert LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - In Concert Volume TwoAmy Grant In Concert Volume Two LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - My Fathers EyesAmy Grant My Fathers Eyes LP 
M- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - Never AloneAmy Grant Never Alone LP 
M/m $5.77 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - Straight AheadAmy Grant Straight Ahead LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - The CollectionAmy Grant The Collection LP 
M-/m- $6.95 Info  Buy 
Amy Grant - UnguardedAmy Grant Unguarded LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Andrae Crouch & The Disciples - Live At Carnegie HallAndrae Crouch & The Disciples Live At Carnegie Hall LP 
M-/m- $10.30 Info  Buy 
Andrae Crouch & The Disciples - Live In LondonAndrae Crouch & The Disciples Live In London LP 
M-/m- $7.75 Info  Buy 
Andrae Crouch & The Disciples - Take Me BackAndrae Crouch & The Disciples Take Me Back LP 
M-/m- $5.15 Info  Buy 
Andrus & Blackwood - HolidayAndrus & Blackwood Holiday LP 
Vg+ $7.72 Info  Buy 
Angie Lewis - What's It Gonna TakeAngie Lewis What's It Gonna Take LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Archers - All Systems Are GoArchers All Systems Are Go LP 
Track Listing: all Systems Are Go!-4:09 what's It Gonna Take-4:24 heaven In Your Eyes-4:00 get R... 
M/m- $7.50 Info  Buy 
Archers - Stand UpArchers Stand Up LP 
M-/m- $5.15 Info  Buy 
Ark - The Angels ComeArk The Angels Come LP 
M-/m- $12.88 Info  Buy 
Audio Adrenaline - Don't Censor Me Extended Play RemixesAudio Adrenaline Don't Censor Me Extended Play Remixes CD 
M- $2.32 Info  Buy 
Avalon - 02 / Avalon RemixedAvalon 02 / Avalon Remixed CD 
M- $3.86 Info  Buy 
Barry Mcguire & 2nd Chapter Of Acts - To The BrideBarry Mcguire & 2nd Chapter Of Acts To The Bride LP Gatefold 
M-/m- $7.77 Info  Buy 
Bash -n- The Code - Big MouthBash -n- The Code Big Mouth LP 
M-/vg+ $8.24 Info  Buy 
 Bebe & Cece Winans Lost Without You 12" 
12" Radio Single 
M-/m- $7.21 Info  Buy 
Becky Ugartechea - House Between Two RiversBecky Ugartechea House Between Two Rivers LP 
M/m- $10.30 Info  Buy 
Benny Hester - Benny From HereBenny Hester Benny From Here LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Benny Hester - LegacyBenny Hester Legacy LP 
Vg+ $7.72 Info  Buy 
Benny Hester - Nobody Knows Me Like YouBenny Hester Nobody Knows Me Like You LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Billy Crockett - Surprises In DisguisesBilly Crockett Surprises In Disguises LP 
M-/vg+ $7.72 Info  Buy 
Billy Smiley - New NightBilly Smiley New Night LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Billy Sprague - Serious FunBilly Sprague Serious Fun LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Bob Bennett - Matters Of The HeartBob Bennett Matters Of The Heart LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
Bob Dylan - Slow Train ComingBob Dylan Slow Train Coming LP 
M-/m- $7.72 Info  Buy 
 Boyce, Kim You Can Be Mine / I Just Want To Celebrate LP 
12" Radio Single From Time & Again Lp 
VG+/VG+ $4.12 Info  Buy 
Brian Mcknight - Back At OneBrian Mcknight Back At One CD 
Used $7.72 Info  Buy 
Bryan Duncan - Have Yourself CommittedBryan Duncan Have Yourself Committed LP 
Vg+ $7.72 Info  Buy 
Bryan Duncan - Whistlin' In The DarkBryan Duncan Whistlin' In The Dark LP 
M-/m- $9.07 Info  Buy 
Bryn Haworth - The GapBryn Haworth The Gap LP 
A1 - The Gap a2 - Egypt a3 - I Can Do All Things a4 - New World Coming a5 - It Would Have Been M... 
M- / M- $10.73 Info  Buy 
Carman - A Long Time AgoCarman A Long Time Ago LP 
Vg+/vg+ $7.72 Info  Buy 
Carolyn Arends - Feel FreeCarolyn Arends Feel Free CD 
M- $3.86 Info  Buy 

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