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Tom Waits




    Tom Waits' new album is so weird that Asylum Records decided not to release it, but it's so good that Island was smart enough to pick it up. Half of the fifteen cuts–the dirty blues, poetry recitals and odd instrumentals–would not sound out of place on a Captain Beefheart album. The rest of the record consists of gorgeous Waitsian melodies, which haven't been collected in such quantity since his ten-year-old debut album.

It's easy to forget that Tom Waits is one of the great American pop songwriters. His voice is so ravaged that... Read More

his albums have often been cluttered and overproduced in order to compensate. On the self-produced Swordfish trombones, Waits wisely sticks to spare accompaniment, which allows his rough-hewn voice to achieve a real tenderness. As for the songs, many of them feature men who are caught up, broken down or separated from loved ones by war. In "Soldier's Things," the saddest song on the album and Waits' most stunning composition in years, a mother is having a yard sale: "A tinker, a tailor/A soldier's things/His rifle, his boots full of rocks/And this one is for bravery, and this one is for me/Everything's a dollar in this box."

Of course, it wouldn't be a Tom Waits album without the rhymes ("He got twenty years for lovin' her/From some Oklahoma governor") and deadbeat humor. "Frank's Wild Years" contains a hilarious monologue about a guy cutting out on his wife, "a spent piece of used jet trash [with] a little Chihuahua named Carlos/That had some kind of skin disease/And was totally blind." The combination of weirdness, heartfelt lyrics and haunting instrumentals adds up to a superior LP and an opportunity to rediscover Tom Waits. (RS 409)


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  Artist   Title   Format   Condition   Seller Price    
Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones   Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Play Graded. Vinyl Has A Couple Of Light Scuffs, But Plays Very Well. Cover Has Wear On Edges And...
  LP   VG+/VG/ the Vinyl Re
United Kingdom
  $15.84     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
  LP   VG+/M- Modern World
  $19.08     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Sticker Mark
  LP   VG/NM Bside the
United Kingdom
  $19.81     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Island; Ilpm9762,uk 1986 Reissue, Barcode Strong Vg, Sticker Damage To Sleeve
  LP   VG/VG Flashback
United Kingdom
  $21.13     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Brand New & Factory Sealed 180g Vinyl Lp With Download Code. Europe, Island Records, 00422842...
  LP   MINT (M)/MINT (M) Pebble
United Kingdom
  $23.76     Details
  TOM WAITS   Swordfishtrombones (180g Vinyl Lp)
  LP   NEW GrooveNet
United States
  $25.16     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Matrix Number Suffixes: A-5u And B-2u. With Advertising Inner Sleeve. Professionally Cleaned On...
  LP   VG+/VG+ kangoo
United Kingdom
  $28.12     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Very Clean/plays Great Usa, 108, 1983
  LP   EXCELLENT++ Power Record
  $29.99     Details
  TOM WAITS   Swordfishtrombones
  LP   Action
United Kingdom
  $31.38     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones (1983)
  LP   EX Fun Records
  $34.64     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones ( With Inner )
Usa, Island, 90095-1
  LP   EX/EX Vinylshop Re
United Kingdom
  $38.00     Details
Swordfishtrombones - Tom Waits   Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Sealed - Brand New 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, Includes Free Download Voucher.swordfishtrombones&l
  LP   Just For The
New Zealand
  $39.43     Details
  TOM WAITS   Swordfishtrombones
W.inner. 1983 Island L-38135. Cover Has Minor Weat & Light Creases Aus
  LP   VG+/NM Vicious Slot
  $41.98     Details
  TOM WAITS   Swordfishtrombones
Picture Cover. 1983 Uk, Island, Ilps 9762
  LP   NM IntDj
United States
  $47.25     Details
  Tom Waits   Swordfishtrombones
Russian, Anton, 789987
  LP   EX/EX Vinylshop Re
United Kingdom
  $86.00     Details
  tom waits   Swordfishtrombones
189788770 lp, Album, Rp Island Records 205 774 Used,cond Medium... Special Order
  LP   CDExpress
  $90.21     Details
  TOM WAITS - Swordfishtrombones - LP   Swordfishtrombones - Tom Waits - Lp
Dispatched As Soon As Possible By Independent Uk Seller. Please Contact Me If Item Is Not Dispatc...
United Kingdom
  $25.73     Details
  Waits Tom   Swordfishtrombones
Uk Copy With Card Lyric Inner Sleeve. Uk, Island, Ilps9762, 1983
  LP   EX/EX- Vinyl
United Kingdom
  $33.01     Details
  WAITS TOM   Swordfishtrombones: 2009 Reissue
Groundbreaking 1983 Album Remastered & Re-issued In 2009 On 180 Gram Vinyl To Celebrate The 5...
  LP   Red Eye
  $36.05     Details
WAITS, TOM - Swordfishtrombones Album   WAITS,TOM   Swordfishtrombones
Russia, Anfon 9100085
  LP   MINT-/MINT Apex Music
  $11.88     Details
  waits,tom   Swordfishtrombones
Uk, Island, Ilpm 9762
  LP   EX/EX varulv69
  $20.00     Details
  WAITS,TOM   Swordfishtrombones (ogv (spec) (reis))
  LP   NEW GrooveNet
United States
  $24.98     Details
  WAITS,TOM   Swordfishtrombones (1983 Release! Gatefold Sleeve)
Island 4228424691
  LP   Vintage
United States
  $27.00     Details
  WAITS,TOM   Swordfishtrombones
Universal Domestic Reissue.
  LP   NEW GrooveNet
United States
  $28.49     Details
  Waits,Tom   Swordfishtrombones
1983--tros--rw--is Ca, Island, 7 900 951
  LP   VG+/VG++ Sonowax
  $28.75     Details
  Waits,Tom   Swordfishtrombones
Rw, Bumped Corners s Island, 90095-1
  LP   VG+/VG++ Bananas
United States
  $29.00     Details
  Waits,Tom   Swordfishtrombones
De, Ariola
  LP   EX/EX rosiesrecord
  $62.00     Details
Waits, Tom - Swordfishtrombones Record   Waits,Tom   Swordfishtrombones LP   SS Audiophileus
United States
  $110.00      Details
Waits, Tom - Swordfishtrombones Record   Waits,Tom   Swordfishtrombones
Sealed 1983 Original With Custom Inner Sleeve A Five Star Classic Pristine Copy Usa, Island, 90
  LP   SS Audiophileus
United States
  $110.00     Details
Waits, Tom - Swordfishtrombones LP   Waits,Tom   Swordfishtrombones
Factory Sealed Original His 1983 Masterpiece Clean Cut Out Hole A Truly Five Star Album Usa, I...
  LP   SS Audiophileus
United States
  $110.00     Details
  Waits,Tom   Swordfishtrombones
Us Asylum 60211-1. Fine Copy Of Superb 1983 Waits Lp, In Cool, Rare, Withdrawn Sleeve, Deletion P...
  LP   EX/EX Slow Boat Re
New Zealand
  $200.00     Details

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