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Jimi Hendrix




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  Artist   Title   Format   Condition   Seller Price    
  Hendrix Jimi   Super Hendrix
No Cover Musidisc 1354, F
  LP   VG (+)/VG VinylSchall
  $4.34     Details
  Hendrix,Jimi   Superstar
Dutch Pressing; No Jacket- Just The Record Polydor, 823 434, 1972
  LP   F GoJohnnyGo
United States
  $4.39     Details
  Hendrix,Jimi   Superpak
Original 2-lp. Cover Is In Poor Condition With Large Seam Splits, Stickers And Ring Wear. Trip Ts...
  LP   VG-/VG Solid Viper
United States
  $8.95     Details
  hendrix,jimi   Superpak
Double Lp Trip, Tsx 3505
  LP   VG+/NM yorklyn
United States
  $9.00     Details
Hendrix, Jimi - Superstar   Hendrix,Jimi   Superstar
Dutch Polydor 823434-1 Music For The Millions Series
  LP   EX/EX- VinylnetUK
United Kingdom
  $8.88     Details
  Hendrix,Jimi   Super Star
+booklet Valentine, Su1036(it)
  LP   M-/VG+ clusterrec
  $10.86     Details
  Hendrix,jimi   Superpack
2,lps,of Early Stuff Us, Trip, 3509
  LP   VG+ EX zorgal
  $14.04     Details
  Hendrix,jimi   Superstar / Made In Holland
Still Sealed! Made In Holland Polydor, 823434
  LP   SS DustyVinyl19
United States
  $16.10     Details
Hendrix, Jimi - Super Hendrix   Hendrix,Jimi   Super Hendrix
Light Ringwear On Back Of Cover, Lp Shows Very Light Wear, Plays Ok France, Musidisc, 30 Cv 1354
  LP   VG+++ , EX karmamusic
  $19.88     Details
  Hendrix,jimi   Superstar
Still Sealed! Made In Italy, Gatefold Armando Curcio Editore, 1020
  LP   SS DustyVinyl19
United States
  $29.90     Details
  HENDRIX,JIMI   Superpak
Hendrix, Jimi superpak Trip, Tsx-3505
  LP   S/9/9/7/9/9 CyrCo
United States
  $31.25     Details
Super Hendrix - Jimi Hendrix   Jimi Hendrix   Super Hendrix LP   0 / NM recordsale
  $11.19 - $11.62      Details
Super Hendrix - Jimi Hendrix   Jimi Hendrix   Super Hendrix
Label: Musidisc Cover Missing. Ships In Brand New Plain Sleeve ''original Session...collection...
  LP   0 / NM recordsale
  $11.62     Details
Jimi Hendrix - Super Hendrix Album   Jimi Hendrix   Super Hendrix
Label: Musidisc France, Musidisc, 30 Cv 1354
  LP   NM / NM recordsale
  $11.19     Details
  Jimi Hendrix   Super Hendrix  (no Cover)
France, Musicdisc, Co 1354
  LP   EX J&L Reco
United Kingdom
  $12.00     Details
  JIMI HENDRIX   Superstar
  LP   EX/NM Bside the Cs
United Kingdom
  $11.88     Details
  Jimi Hendrix   Superpak
Nm Vinyl Looks Barely Played. (clean Cover W/ Mild Rub Wear) Us, Trip Records (2), Tsx3509
  LP   VG+/NM Barnyard Orb
United States
  $25.00     Details
  jimi hendrix   Superpak
E558817 lp Used, Condition: Very Good/ Trip Tsx-3505 Usa Lp Title: Superpak -'?,2lp-set Special Order
  LP   CDExpress
  $32.48     Details
  Jimi Hendrix   Supersession
France, Musicdisc
  LP   EX/EX Vinylshop Re
United Kingdom
  $36.35     Details
  jimi hendrix   Super Star
Gatefold Sleevewith Booklet 11 Track Pressed In Italy Armando Curcio Editore Nm/nm
  LP   VinylUK / Be
United Kingdom
  $56.47     Details
Jimi Hendrix - Super Hendrix Original Session   Jimi Hendrix   Super Hendrix Original Session
Jimi Hendrix 33t Super Hendrix Original Session Musicdisc 30cv 1354
  LP   EX/EX Multimusic
  $54.31     Details
Jimi Hendrix, Eric Burdon, Gary Glitter - Super Rock & Beat Festival 1 (club- Sonderauflage)   Jimi Hendrix,Eric Burdon,Gary Glitter   Super Rock & Beat Festival 1 (club- Sonderauflage)
[club- Sonderauflage]label: Polydor Germany, Polydor, 63 331
  LP   EX / EX recordsale
  $6.65     Details
  Jimi Hendrix/ Dave Dee   Superstars Of The M60s & 70s
Nice Lp. Tracks. Hey Joe. Purple Haze. The Wind Cries Mary. The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp. Hol...
  LP   EX/EX J&L Reco
United Kingdom
  $16.00     Details

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