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Dwight Yoakam


A Long Way Home


    With his eleventh album, "A Long Way Home," Los Angelesbased, Kentucky-born Dwight Yoakam repledges his troth to the classic country & western that originally fueled his fire. And, as the recording's sole composer (a first for Yoakam), he has created a work that's more eloquent and personal than any of his previous efforts.

Yoakam's supple vocal approach is his hallmark, and A Long Way Home is no exception. His honey-flavored croon adorns the Merle Haggard-style ballad "I'll Just Take These"; he undulates like a rockabilly cat on the... Read More

raucous "Only Want You More"; and he adds melodrama galore to the weeper "Yet to Succeed." Yoakam – who has garnered critical acclaim for his acting ability – deftly becomes each victim or victor in the torturous game of love described in most of the album's thirteen songs.

Yet when Yoakam reveals his introspective side, his singing takes on a soulfulness that's only hinted at in his well-crafted character studies. He has never sounded more earnest than on the wistful, Dobro-drenched title track: "Don't look inside/No, don't look there/'Cause you might find/Yourself somewhere." And on the extraordinary "Traveler's Lantern," Yoakam has retraced his ancestral path, enlisting the aid of Ralph Stanley, the seventy-one-year-old elder statesman of old-time-y mountain music. Stanley's plaintive tenor offers a twangy counterpoint to Yoakam's rich baritone, and on the chorus, the pair's harmonizing swells with a fervor straight out of the Baptist Church: "Won't you set out a traveler's lantern/Just a small light that they might see/To guide them back home/Before they wander/Into the dark billows/That crash on the sea." A long way home, indeed. Yoakam has dug down deep and come up with a blue-ribbon hybrid of honky-tonk pastiche and reflective country soul. (RS 792)


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Dwight Yoakam - A Long Way Home   Dwight Yoakam   A Long Way Home
Canadian Pressing - 1. Same Fool 3:03 2. The Curse 2:33 3. Things Change 3:45 4. Yet To Succe...
  CD   EXC Pulse
United Kingdom
  $3.71     Details
  Dwight Yoakam   A Long Way Home
Domestic Cd In A Standard Cd Case - 2701_42396_6560
  CD   VG VS Music
United States
  $4.99     Details
  Dwight Yoakam   A Long Way Home (1998)
  CD   EX Fun Records
  $6.45     Details
  dwight yoakam   A Long Way Home
Near Mint Cd /all Inserts/13 Tracks Usa, Reprise, 46918-2, 1998
  CD   N/M pepechango
United States
  $7.11     Details
  Dwight Yoakam   A Long Way Home
Out Of Print U.s.a., Warner Bros / Wea, 1998
  CD   USED, LIKE NEW Forever Youn
United States
  $14.98     Details
  Dwight Yoakam   A Long Way Home
  CD   EX/EX Vinylshop Re
United Kingdom
  $34.00     Details
  yoakam dwight   Long Way Home
Repr 46918x36 "cond: Mint- New Cd Sealed - 13 Songs:\
  CD   CDExpress
  $21.13     Details
  yoakam dwight   Long Way Home (mod)
93624691822 new Copy/ Barcode: 93624691822 Releasedate: 6-9-1998 Style:pop Title: Long Way H... Special Order
  CD   CDExpress
  $21.13     Details
YOAKAM, DWIGHT - Long Way Home 13 Tracks   YOAKAM,DWIGHT   Long Way Home 13 Tracks
Full Length Cd, Yoakam, Dwight: Long Way Home 13 Tracks, Reprise 46918/commercial Issue/design O...
  CD   LIKE NEW Music Obsess
United States
  $6.00     Details
  Yoakam,dwight   Long Way Home
Includes Lyrics - Promo Usa, Reprise, 9 46918-2, 1998
  CD   NM The Cd Depot
United States
  $7.00     Details
  Yoakam,Dwight   A Long Way Home (incl "traveler's Lantern", "things Change", "the Curse&quo
Reprise, 9-46918
  CD   SS PH Records
United Kingdom
  $8.34     Details
  YOAKAM,DWIGHT   Long Way Home
New Cd Sealed - 13 Songs: 1. Same Fool 2. Curse, The 3. Things Change 4. Yet To Succeed 5. ...
  CD   NEW Horizons
United States
  $10.00     Details
  Yoakam,Dwight   A Long Way Home
Germany, Reprise, 936246918, 1998
  CD   M/M Walter Rosen
  $13.38     Details
  YOAKAM,DWIGHT   Long Way Home
  CD   NEW GrooveNet
United States
  $13.98     Details
  YOAKAM,DWIGHT   A Long Way Home
Canada, Reprise, 46918
  CD   SEALED Airpower
  $21.60     Details
  YOAKAM,DWIGHT   Long Way Home (mod)
Brand New, In-stock Item. Free U.s. Shipping. No Minimum Purchase. Ships Fast And Secure. Add To ...
United States
  $27.64     Details
A Long Way Home - Yoakam, Dwight   Yoakam,Dwight   A Long Way Home
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  CD   NEW Leftovers!
  $40.33     Details

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