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Come Back To Me


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  Artist   Title   Format   Condition   Seller Price    
Angel Heart - Come On - Let's Work   Angel Heart   Come On - Let's Work
Label: Dos Or Die Recordings, Published: 1995 Germany, Dos Or Die Recordings, Dos 016-1, 1995
  12"   NM / NM recordsale
  $5.15     Details
  angel heart   Come On - Let's Work
130619362 condition Medium/sleeve: Very Good Plus (vg+) Near Mint (nm Or M-) Dos Or Die Recordin... Special Order
  12"   CDExpress
  $8.84     Details
  ANGEL HEART   Come On(rmx
/n/a/ Usa, Gema, N/a
  12"   NM IntDj
United States
  $31.49     Details
  Angel Heart (Techno)   Come On - Let's Work (x2, Incl. Belgium Mix, Flc)
In Stock. Usually Shipped Within 24 Hours. Confirmation Email After Shipping. Number Of Media (di...
  12"   USED/GEBRAUCHT Total Recall
  $8.32     Details
  Angelheart   Come Back To Me
Sleeve Has Some Buff And Edge Wear. Nice Clean Unmarked Vinyl. Both Sides Play With A Warm Clear ...
  12"   NEAR MINT (NM OR M-)/VERY GOOD (VG) PrixBas
  $1.28     Details
  Angelheart   Come Back To Me
Wol Uk, Hi Life Recordings, Angel1, 1996
  12"   VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+) / VERY GOOD (VG) Glennsmusic
United Kingdom
  $1.46     Details
  Angelheart   Come Back To Me
Richard Goodliff Bead 12 Uk, Hi Life Recordings, 5776311, 1996
  12"   VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+)/VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+) Music Meltdo
United Kingdom
  $3.57     Details
  Angelheart   Come Back To Me
Lc:a29b (s:1) Uk, Hi Life Recordings, 5776311, 1996
  12"   GOOD (G)/VERY GOOD (VG) Mushimushi
United Kingdom
  $3.54     Details
Angelheart - Come Back To Me   Angelheart   Come Back To Me
Huge Golden Anthem! Contains The Lisa Marie Experience Version That Was Hammered Back In The Day....
  12"   HTF Retail
United Kingdom
  $6.45     Details
Come Back To Me - Angelheart   Angelheart   Come Back To Me
White Label, Come 1, 1996 1 Sided Dub Uk, Hi Life Recordings, Come1, 1996
  12"   EX Rixrecords
United Kingdom
  $8.01     Details
  ANGELHEART   Come Back To Me
Superb Fully Restored Vinyl For Collectors And Media (nm & Ex) Since 1969 From Krtpro Music A...
  12"   VG/EX KRTpro Music
United Kingdom
  $8.07     Details
Angelheart - Come Back To Me Album   Angelheart   Come Back To Me
Picture Sleeve 2 promo Copy Uk, Hi Life, Angel 1, 1996
  12"   NEW/NEAR MINT/MINT bitsandgroov
  $8.84     Details
  Angelheart   Come Back To Me
Hi Life Recordings, Angel 1
  12"   NEAR MINT/VERY GOOD PLUS tenhard
United Kingdom
  $19.40     Details
ANGELHEART - Come Back To Me Record   ANGELHEART   Come Back To Me
Ita, Impulse, Imp 537, 1996
  12"   VG+ Record Store
  $20.74     Details
  Angelheart Feat. Rochelle Harris   Come Back To Me
Swoon Club Mix / Lisa Marie Experience Mix / Swoon Dub Mix Hilife
  12"   VG+ Flip Records
United Kingdom
  $24.26     Details
/n/a Uk, Hi-life, N/a
  12"   NM IntDj
United States
  $40.70     Details

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