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Format: CD
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Label: MAGIC CIRCLE 00453852
Released: 20140321
Genre: METAL
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'Kings of Metal MMXIV' is a completely new recording with many surprises, celebrating the 25th anniversary of therelease of 'Kings Of Metal' and MANOWAR's following world tour.Already a significant force with international success since their debut album 'Battle Hymns', the 'Kings of Metal'release in 1988 and the following world tour in 1989 catapulted MANOWAR into a new sphere. Songs like "Heart ofSteel", "Kings of Metal", "Hail and Kill", and "Blood of the Kings" became instant classics, celebrated since by metalfans all over the world.For ,Kings of Metal MMXIV', MANOWAR have recorded these timeless metal anthems with new arrangements andtheir signature "larger than life" sound that sealed their place in heavy metal history.,Kings of Metal MMXIV' will feature 9 main tracks packed with face-melting metal, plus 10 bonus tracks with over 45minutes of additional music.For the new narration on the spoken word track "The Warrior's Prayer MMXIV", MANOWAR have joined forces withcelebrated British actor Brian Blessed. Blessed is a renowned Shakespeare and character actor who has starred,among others, in Kenneth Brannagh's "Henry V", Oliver Stone's "Alexander", in "King Lear", and as Prince Vultan inthe cult movie "Flash Gordon". Not only an actor and adventurer, Blessed was also awarded the "Spirit of HammerAward" from Metal Hammer UK for his contributions to heavy metal.For special effects of the highest level on "The Warrior's Prayer MMXIV", sound effects specialist Hamilton Sterlingwas recruited;a Hollywood Veteran who has contributed to action blockbusters including "Batman - The Dark Knight","Men In Black 3", "War of the Worlds", and "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World", two of which wonOscars for Best Sound Editing.,Kings Of Metal MMXIV' will be released in retail on February 28, 2014 as a 2 Disc CD with two 24-page booklets andadditional new art by legendary fantasy artist and longtime collaborator Ken Kelly, and as a digital double album.The release of t...

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