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Format: CD
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Released: 9/25/2015
Genre: Folk / Country
Barcode: 865294000101
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Seller Ref:   I00419800

The songs that make up this unprecedented album were gathered and compiled by Austin-based musician and record collector Jason Chronis. He visited countless small towns across Texas and beyond, in search of anything and everything that might be etched on vinyl. From mountains of material, he chose these fourteen forgotten odes and put them in an order that tells a story. Like Harry Smith's visionary anthology of folk music, this selection of private press country music captures the joys and the sorrows of people who sang for themselves.TRACKS:01. Ron McFarlin - Death Of Bobby Darin02. Buddy Jack & Kathy Williams - Angel With A Broken Heart03. Earl Pettijohn - Sinner's Fate04. Harold Crosby - The Old Man And The Burro05. Donald Adkins - Lonely Side Walks06. Chuck Mathews - What Are You Going To Do07. Mitchell Catalanatto - Daddy's Dream08. Daniel Leal - I Wish09. Andy Johnston - Good Times10. Lee Royal - I See Love There In Your Eyes11. Harmonica Kid - Peppenadi12. Carroll Martin - The Sweetest Girl I've Ever Known13. Kenny Brent & Donna Harris - Shadows Of You14. Lefty Batchelor - Second Rate

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1Death Of Bobby Darin
2Angel With A Broken Heart
3Sinner's Fate
4The Old Man And The Burro
5Lonely Side Walks
6What Are You Going To Do
7Daddy's Dream
8I Wish
9Good Times
10I See Love There In Your Eyes
12The Sweetest Girl I've Ever Known
13Shadows Of You
14Second Rate

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