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Alberto Parmemgiani Quintet


Under A Shimmery Grace



Format: CD
Condition: MINT    More Info
Label: Records/timkat AMC001
Country: Italy
Released: July 2015
Genre: Jazz
Num In Set: 1
Quantity: 10 in stock
Seller Ref:   AMC001

1 - Feet Don't Fail Me Now
2 - Ana Maria (Wayne Shorter)
3 - The End of a Love Affair
4 - In Our Land
5 - A True Decision
6 - Blues Me
7 - The Crossing
8 - L'Osservatore Involontario
- - -
Alberto Parmegiani, Guitar
Gaetano Partipilo, Alto Saxophone
Enrico Zanisi, Piano
Francesco Ponticelli, Bass
Enrico Morello, Drums
Produced by Antonio Martino, A.MA Records
(c) 2015 A.MA Records.   Under contracted legal license for distribution in the U.S., Canada, and International Territories to label TIMKAT Entertainment LLC, Denver, CO, USA.    Should you see the album on any torrent download, please help us to fight piracy by reporting it.

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01Feet Don't Fail Me Now
02Ana Maria
03The End Of A Love Affair
04In Our Land
05A True Decision
06Blues Me
07The Crossing
08L'Osservatore Involontario

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