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The Searchers

Liverpool based group that were originally the backing group for singer Johnny Sandon but decided to branch out on their own. When Pye Records recording manager Tony Hatch heard a demo they had made he was so impressed that they were immediately placed under contract. They recorded "Sweets For My Sweet" as their first song. Members history 1957 to 1959 John McNally: Guitar, Vocals Big Ron: Vocals Brian Dolan: Guitar Joe West: Bass Joe Kennedy: Drums 1960 to Feb 1962 John McNally: Guitar, Vocals Chris Curtis: Drums, Vocals Mike Pender: Guitar, Vocals Tony Jackson: Bass, Vocals Johnny Sandon: Vocals Feb 1962 to July 1964 John McNally: Guitar, Vocals Chris Curtis: Drums, Vocals Mike Pender: Guitar, Vocals Tony Jackson: Bass, Vocals July 1964 to April 1966 John McNally: Guitar, Vocals Chris Curtis: Drums, Vocals Mike Pender: Guitar, Vocals Frank Allen: Bass, Vocals May 1966 to December 1969 John McNally: Guitar, Vocals John Blunt: Drums Mike Pender: Guitar, Vocals Frank Allen: Bass, Vocals January 1970 to December 1985 John McNally: Guitar, Vocals Billy Adamson: Drums Mike Pender: Guitar, Vocals Frank Allen: Bass, Vocals 1986 to today John McNally: Guitar, Vocals Billy Adamson: Drums Spencer James: Guitar, Vocals Frank Allen: Bass, Vocals

Aliases: Pasha

Members: Billy Adamson, Chris Curtis, Christopher Crummy, Frank Allen, John McNally, Johnny Sandon, Mike Pender, Spencer James, Tony Jackson

The Searchers Discography

Meet The Searchers (31 Versions) PRT 1963       Track Listing
Sugar & Spice (7 Versions) PRT 1963       Track Listing
Hear! Hear! (4 Versions) Mercury 1964       Track Listing
It's The Searchers (22 Versions) PRT 1964       Track Listing
This Is Us (3 Versions) Kapp Records 1964       Track Listing
No. 4 (3 Versions) Kapp Records 1965       Track Listing
Sounds Like Searchers (17 Versions) PRT 1965       Track Listing
The New Searchers LP (4 Versions) Kapp Records 1965       Track Listing
Love's Melodies (11 Versions) Sire 1980       Track Listing
Play For Today (Vinyl) Sire 1981       Track Listing
Hungry Hearts (4 Versions) Coconut 1988       Track Listing
The Swedish Radio Sessions (CD) Castle Music, Sanctuary Records 2001       Track Listing
At The Star-Club (CD) Bear Family Records 2002       Track Listing
The Iron Door Sessions (CD) Castle Music 2002       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
Sweets For My Sweet (40 Versions) Pye Records 1963       Track Listing
Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya (10 Versions) Pye Records 1963       Track Listing
Farmer John (4 Versions) Vogue Schallplatten 1963       Track Listing
Money / Hungry For Love (Vinyl) Vogue Schallplatten 1963       Track Listing
Sick And Tired / Led In The Game (Vinyl) Philips 1963       Track Listing
Sugar And Spice (31 Versions) Pye Records 1963       Track Listing
Sweet Nothin's (2 Versions) Philips 1963       Track Listing
Twist And Shout (Vinyl) Pye Records 1963       Track Listing
(Ain't That) Just Like Me (Vinyl) Mercury 1964       Track Listing
A Tear Fell / Bumble Bee (2 Versions) Kapp Records 1964       Track Listing
Ain't That Just Like Me (2 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Bumble Bee (19 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Chantent En Français (Vinyl) Disques Vogue 1964       Track Listing
Cuando Caminas (Vinyl) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Don't Throw Your Love Away (23 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Everything You Do / Bumble Bee (2 Versions) Kapp Records 1964       Track Listing
Glad All Over (Vinyl) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Goodbye My Love (16 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Hungry For Love (2 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
I Sure Know A Lot About Love (Vinyl) Star-Club Records 1964       Track Listing
Love Potion Number Nine / Hi-Heel Sneakers (21 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Needles And Pins (60 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
No Tires Tu Amor (Vinyl) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Some Day We're Gonna Love Again (15 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Surf Encore ! (Vinyl) Disques Vogue 1964       Track Listing
Süß Ist Sie (Sugar And Spice) (Vinyl) Vogue Schallplatten 1964       Track Listing
Tausend Nadelstiche / Farmer John (2 Versions) PRT 1964       Track Listing
What Have They Done To The Rain (14 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
When You Walk In The Room (26 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
¿Que Le Han Hecho A La Lluvia? (Vinyl) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
Adios Mi Amor (2 Versions) Hispavox 1965       Track Listing
Everybody Come Clap Your Hands (Vinyl) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
Four By Four (2 Versions) Astor 1965       Track Listing
He's Got No Love (13 Versions) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
I Don't Want To Be The One (6 Versions) PRT 1965       Track Listing
Magic Potion (Vinyl) Astor 1965       Track Listing
Searchers '65 (8 Versions) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
Take Me For What I'm Worth (32 Versions) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
Verzeih' My Love / Wenn Ich Dich Seh' (Vinyl) Vogue Schallplatten 1965       Track Listing
When I Get Home (7 Versions) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Vinyl) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
You Can't Lie To A Liar (Vinyl) Kapp Records 1965       Track Listing
It's In Her Kiss (Vinyl) Pye Records 1965       Track Listing
Dandy / ¿Has Amado Alguna Vez? (Vinyl) Gamma 1966       Track Listing
Have You Ever Loved Somebody (13 Versions) Pye Records 1966       Track Listing
I'm Ready (Vinyl) Pye Records 1966       Track Listing
Lo Tomas O Lo Dejas (Vinyl) Pye Records, Hispavox 1966       Track Listing
Popcorn Double Feature (8 Versions) Pye Records 1966       Track Listing
Take It Or Leave It (12 Versions) Pye Records 1966       Track Listing
It's Just The Way (Love Will Come And Go) / Here We Are Again / Fine With Me (Vinyl) Vogue 1966       Track Listing
Secondhand Dealer (4 Versions) Pye Records 1967       Track Listing
Western Union / I'll Cry Tomorrow (8 Versions) Pye Records 1967       Track Listing
Umbrella Man (4 Versions) Liberty 1968       Track Listing
Kinky Kathy Abernathy (3 Versions) Liberty 1969       Track Listing
Shoot 'Em Up Baby (Vinyl) Liberty 1969       Track Listing
Desdemona (5 Versions) RCA 1971       Track Listing
Love Is Everywhere (5 Versions) RCA Victor 1971       Track Listing
Sing Singer Sing (Vinyl) RCA Victor 1972       Track Listing
Vahevala (4 Versions) RCA Victor 1972       Track Listing
Spicks And Specks (2 Versions) RCA Victor 1973       Track Listing
Spics And Specks (2 Versions) RCA Victor 1973       Track Listing
Have I The Right / Needles And Pins (Vinyl) Pye Records 1977       Track Listing
Hearts In Her Eyes (4 Versions) Sire 1979       Track Listing
It's Too Late (6 Versions) Sire 1979       Track Listing
Another Night (Vinyl) Sire 1981       Track Listing
Forever In Love (Near To Heaven) (4 Versions) Coconut 1988       Track Listing
No Other Love (4 Versions) Coconut 1989       Track Listing
Sick & Tired / I Go Ape (Vinyl) Blakey 2002       Track Listing
Brebaje De Amor No. 9 (Vinyl) Gamma       Track Listing
Hi Heel Sneakers (Vinyl) Pye Records       Track Listing

Needles & Pins (7 Versions) Castle Pulse 1964       Track Listing
The Searchers (39 Versions) Pye Records 1964       Track Listing
Twist Time im Starclub (Vinyl) Ex Libris 1964       Track Listing
Discotheque (Vinyl) Orbe 1966       Track Listing
Attention! The Searchers! (2 Versions) Fontana 1972       Track Listing
Golden Hour Of The Searchers (7 Versions) Golden Hour 1972       Track Listing
Hit Collection (2xVinyl) Pye Records 1972       Track Listing
Second Take (4 Versions) RCA Victor 1972       Track Listing
Best Of The Searchers (4 Versions) Pye Records 1974       Track Listing
Pop Chronik (3 Versions) Ariola 1975       Track Listing
The Pye History Of British Pop (2 Versions) Pye Records 1975       Track Listing
Historia De La Música Pop Inglesa / Vol. 4 (2 Versions) Pye Records 1977       Track Listing
The Story Of Pop (Vinyl) Pye Records 1977       Track Listing
Pop Gold (2 Versions) PYE Records 1978       Track Listing
Rock Music From Britain Of The 60's - Vol. 1 (3 Versions) Mode 1979       Track Listing
Star Discothek (2 Versions) Pye Records 1979       Track Listing

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