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The Fisherfolk

U.K. Christian music group comprising members of the religious 'Community of Celebration', based in the '70s in Coventry and Yeldall Manor, later Post Green and the Isle Of Cumbrae, Scotland. The community was founded in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. by Rev. Graham Pulkingham. Their missionary worship tours were an early part of the 'Charismatic Movement' within liturgical Christianity. The FisherFolk grew into two touring teams. One team in Yeldall Manor then Post Green, who did ministry to U.K. churches. And, the other an international team based on the Isle of Cumbrae traveled as far away as Australia, New Zealand & South Africa. Later they returned to the USA to Colorado, and are now based in Aliquippa, PA

Aliases: The Community Of Celebration, The Redeemer Choir

Members: Alex Simons, Andrew Maries, Anthony Hendriks, Arabella Miner, Betty Pulkingham, Bill Farra, Bill Pulkingham, Brian Howard, Cecilie Hobson, Celia Harrisson, Conway Barker, David Pulkingham, Diane Davis, Ed Baggett, Gary Miles, Graham Pulkingham, Jackie Kemp, Jodi Page, John Farra, Jon Wilkes, Jonathan Asprey, Louise Jolly, Maggie Durran, Margi Hackett, Martha Pulkingham, Max Dyer, Mikel Kennedy, Mimi Farra, Pat Allen, Pat Beall, Richard Gullen, Ruth Wieting, Sandy Hardyman, Stephen Ball, Tim Whipple, Wiley Beveridge

The Fisherfolk Discography

Songs From Sound Of Living Waters (5 Versions) Celebration Records 1974       Track Listing
On Tiptoe (4 Versions) Celebration Records 1975       Track Listing
God Is For Me (Fisherfolk Sing Songs For Children) (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1975       Track Listing
Ah! There's The Celebration (Live Performance - Edinburgh Festival Fringe) (Vinyl) Not On Label 1976       Track Listing
Celebrate The Whole Of It (5 Versions) Celebration Records 1976       Track Listing
Lo! He Comes (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1978       Track Listing
O For A Thousand Tongues (Vinyl) Praise Records 1978       Track Listing
Wake Up! To Sing The Praise Of Jesus (A Fisherfolk Children's Album) (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1978       Track Listing
Worship With The Fisherfolk (3 Versions) Celebration Records 1978       Track Listing
Be Like Your Father (2 Versions) Celebration Records 1979       Track Listing
God, Make Us Your Family (2 Versions) Celebration Records 1979       Track Listing
More Songs From Sounds Of Living Waters (2 Versions) Celebration Records 1979       Track Listing
Rejoice With The Fisherfolk (2 Versions) Celebration Records 1979       Track Listing
Cry Hosanna (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1980       Track Listing
This Is The Day (2 Versions) Celebration Records 1980       Track Listing
Sweet Water ... Flowing Out Of The Rock To Revive God's Children (2 Versions) Celebration Records 1981       Track Listing
The Sun's Gonna Shine (2 Versions) Celebration Records 1981       Track Listing
Joy In The Morning (Fisherfolk Sing Psalms) (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1982       Track Listing
Rest Awhile (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1982       Track Listing
Willing To Row (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1982       Track Listing
Sing Praise With The Fisherfolk (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1983       Track Listing
Worship In Concert (Live! Double Album) (2xVinyl) Celebration Records 1983       Track Listing
Let Our Praise Be As Incense (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1985       Track Listing
Songs in the Night (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1987       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
The Celebration Song (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1976       Track Listing

Spectrum (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1980       Track Listing

Love Divine - Hymns Sung By The Fisherfolk (Vinyl) Celebration Records 1979       Track Listing

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