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The Derailers

The Derailers Discography

Jackpot (3 Versions) Watermelon Records 1995       Track Listing
Live Tracks (CD) Freedom Records 1995       Track Listing
Reverb Deluxe (4 Versions) Watermelon Records 1997       Track Listing
Full Western Dress (2 Versions) Sire 1999       Track Listing
Here Come The Derailers (2 Versions) Lucky Dog 2001       Track Listing
Genuine (CD) Lucky Dog 2003       Track Listing
Soldiers Of Love (CD) Palo Duro Records 2006       Track Listing
Under The Influence Of Buck (CD) Palo Duro Records 2007       Track Listing
Guaranteed To Satisfy! (CD) Palo Duro Records 2008       Track Listing
The Derailers Live! From Texas (CD) Varèse Sarabande 2010       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
California Angel B/W Raspberry Beret (Vinyl) Watermelon Records, Sire 1997       Track Listing
Come Back / Raspberry Beret (Vinyl) Watermelon Records 1997       Track Listing
More Of Your Love (2 Versions) Sony Music Entertainment 2001       Track Listing

Retrospective (CD) Varèse Sarabande 2006       Track Listing

The Right Place (CD) Sire 1999       Track Listing

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