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The Blues Band

British blues band formed in 1979 around Paul Jones, former lead vocalist for Manfred Mann

Members: Dave Kelly, Gary Fletcher, Hughie Flint, Paul Jones, Rob Townsend, Tom McGuinness

The Blues Band Discography

Official Blues Band Bootleg Album (12 Versions) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Ready (20 Versions) Arista 1980       Track Listing
The Blues Band Official Bootleg Album (21 Versions) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Itchy Feet (17 Versions) Arista 1981       Track Listing
Brand Loyalty (14 Versions) Arista 1982       Track Listing
Bye Bye Blues - The Blues Band Live (8 Versions) Arista 1983       Track Listing
These Kind Of Blues (5 Versions) Line Music GmbH 1986       Track Listing
Back For More (5 Versions) Ariola 1989       Track Listing
Fat City (5 Versions) RCA 1991       Track Listing
Live (CD) Mau Mau Records 1992       Track Listing
Homage (3 Versions) Essential 1993       Track Listing
Wire Less (4 Versions) Cobalt Records 1995       Track Listing
18 Years Old And A Live (CD) Cobalt Records 1996       Track Listing
Live At The BBC (CD) Windsong International 1996       Track Listing
Brassed Up (2 Versions) Hypertension 1999       Track Listing
Scratchin' On My Screen (2 Versions) Hypertension 2000       Track Listing
Live In Poland (CD) BGO Records 2001       Track Listing
Stepping Out (2 Versions) Hypertension 2002       Track Listing
Be My Guest (A Collection Of Tracks By The Blues Band Featuring Guest Artists) (CD) BGO Records 2003       Track Listing
Thank You Brother Ray (3 Versions) Colbalt Records 2004       Track Listing
Few Short Lines (CD) Repertoire Records 2011       Track Listing
The Big Blues Band Live Album (2xCD) Repertoire Records Ltd 2017       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
Come On In (4 Versions) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Diddy Wah Diddy (Vinyl) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Find Yourself Another Fool (2 Versions) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Hey, Hey Little Girl (2 Versions) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Maggie's Farm (2 Versions) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Nadine (Vinyl) Arista 1980       Track Listing
Ain't It Tuff / Back Door Man (Vinyl) Arista 1981       Track Listing
Come On (Vinyl) Arista 1981       Track Listing
Who's Right, Who's Wrong (2 Versions) Arista 1981       Track Listing
Rolling Log (Vinyl) Arista 1982       Track Listing
Seemed Like A Good Idea (Vinyl) Arista 1982       Track Listing
Take Me Home (2xVinyl) Arista 1982       Track Listing
Leaving / Victim Of Love (Vinyl) Ariola 1989       Track Listing
Duisburg Blues / Blue Collar (Vinyl) Ariola 1990       Track Listing
Blue Collar (Vinyl) Ariola 1990       Track Listing

The Collection (CD) BMG Ariola 1993       Track Listing
The Bootleg Album / Ready (2xCD) BGO Records 2000       Track Listing
Best Of (2xCD) Repertoire Records 2011       Track Listing
The Best Of (The Recent Years) (CD) Hypertension       Track Listing

Rock Goes To College 1980 22 May Keele University (CD, DVD) Repertoire Records Ltd 2015       Track Listing

Greenstuff - Live At The BBC 1982 (CD) Hux Records 2001       Track Listing
Live At Rockpalast (2 Versions) Repertoire Records 2013       Track Listing

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