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Steve Miller Band

American rock group, formed in 1967 by Steve Miller.

Review: Steve Miller's astro-blues psychedelia and frat house theme songs have become the sort of Classic Rock music that seems absurd and irrelevant one day and the work of pure '70s genius the next, depending which side of the bong you wake up on. As a child, Miller got his initial guitar lessons from Les Paul; by the age of 21 he was gigging around the San Francisco blues scene. When Chuck Berry came to town in 1967, the fledgling Steve Miller Blues Band played behind him in a set released as Berry's Live at the Fillmore Auditorium. In 1973 Miller put out The Joker, a smash hit that made him a household name and yielded the goofy title cut that has since become a perverse mantra for Ray Ban-wearing, pangenerational jerk-offs across the world. Fly Like an Eagle followed in 1976, and Book of Dreams in '77, records that ensured him a spot on FM radio playlists for years to come. While Miller's music has always been strictly commercial, his obvious respect for his forefathers often lends the songs credibility. From the pumped-up Chuck Berry/Brian Wilson sound of "Rock'n Me" to the sheer cocaine buzz of his '82 comeback single "Abracadabra," Miller's influences are never hard to identify, and they're good, too. It doesn't matter whether you consider his music fake blues or if you get off on the bedrock riffs and trippy falsetto; Steve Miller still sells out open-air arenas, and his best songs have more to offer than any of the Jam Rock bands his music spawned.

Members: Ben Sidran, Billy Peterson, Bobby Winkelman, Boz Scaggs, Byron Allred, Curley Cooke, David Denny, Gary Mallaber, Jim Peterman, John King, John Massaro, Joseph Wooten, Kenny Lee Lewis, Leo Sidran, Lonnie Turner, Norton Buffalo, Steve Miller, Tim Davis

Steve Miller Band Discography

Live At Fillmore Auditorium (3 Versions) Mercury 1967       Track Listing
Live At The Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco (7 Versions) Mercury 1967       Track Listing
Children Of The Future (35 Versions) Capitol Records 1968       Track Listing
Living In The 20th Century (52 Versions) Capitol Records 1968       Track Listing
Sailor (45 Versions) Capitol Records 1968       Track Listing
Brave New World (27 Versions) Capitol Records 1969       Track Listing
Your Saving Grace (18 Versions) Capitol Records 1969       Track Listing
Number 5 (25 Versions) Capitol Records 1970       Track Listing
Rock Love (17 Versions) Capitol Records 1971       Track Listing
Recall The Beginning...A Journey From Eden (16 Versions) Capitol Records 1972       Track Listing
Volume 1 (2 Versions) World Cassette Club 1972       Track Listing
The Joker (83 Versions) Capitol Records 1973       Track Listing
Volume 3 / Brave New World (2 Versions) World Record Club 1973       Track Listing
Fly Like An Eagle (92 Versions) Capitol Records 1976       Track Listing
Book Of Dreams (59 Versions) Capitol Records 1977       Track Listing
The Book Of Dreams (2 Versions) PGP RTB 1977       Track Listing
Abracadabra (98 Versions) Mercury 1981       Track Listing
Circle Of Love (41 Versions) Mercury 1981       Track Listing
Abracadbra (CD) BMG Direct Marketing, Inc., Capitol Records 1982       Track Listing
Live! (31 Versions) Mercury 1983       Track Listing
Italian X Rays (27 Versions) Mercury 1984       Track Listing
Wide River (19 Versions) Polydor 1993       Track Listing
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents (2xCD) King Biscuit Flower Hour Records 2002       Track Listing
Extended Versions (CD) BMG Special Products 2003       Track Listing
Bingo! (5 Versions) Roadrunner Records 2010       Track Listing
Let Your Hair Down (6 Versions) Roadrunner Records 2010       Track Listing
Live 1973 - 1976 (2xCD) Plastic Soho 2013       Track Listing
The Joker: Live In Concert (3 Versions) Sailor Records 2015       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
My Dark Hour / Song For Our Ancestors (8 Versions) Capitol Records 1968       Track Listing
Sittin' In Circles / Roll With It (7 Versions) Capitol Records 1968       Track Listing
Little Girl (4 Versions) Capitol Records 1969       Track Listing
Going To The Country (7 Versions) Capitol Records 1970       Track Listing
Fandango (2 Versions) Capitol Records 1972       Track Listing
The Joker / Something To Believe In (3 Versions) Capitol Records 1973       Track Listing
Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (5 Versions) Capitol Records 1973       Track Listing
Per Un Momento / The Joker (Vinyl) Parlophone, Capitol Records-EMI Of Canada Limited 1974       Track Listing
Rock 'N' Me (3 Versions) Mercury 1976       Track Listing
Rock 'N' Me / Serenade (Vinyl) Mercury 1976       Track Listing
Rock'n Me / Mercury Blues (3 Versions) Mercury 1976       Track Listing
Serenade (Vinyl) Mercury 1976       Track Listing
Take The Money And Run (9 Versions) Mercury 1976       Track Listing
Dance, Dance, Dance / True Fine Love (Vinyl) Capitol Records 1977       Track Listing
Jet Airliner (17 Versions) Mercury 1977       Track Listing
Jungle Love (12 Versions) Mercury 1977       Track Listing
Rock N' Me / Fly Like An Eagle (Vinyl) Mercury 1977       Track Listing
Star Trax (Vinyl) Mercury 1977       Track Listing
Swingtown (9 Versions) Capitol Records 1977       Track Listing
The Joker / The Stake (Vinyl) Mercury 1977       Track Listing
Get On Home (3 Versions) Mercury 1981       Track Listing
Heart Like A Wheel (7 Versions) Capitol Records 1981       Track Listing
Macho City (5 Versions) Mercury 1981       Track Listing
Cool Magic (3 Versions) Capitol Records 1982       Track Listing
Give It Up (7 Versions) Mercury 1982       Track Listing
Goodbye Love (Vinyl) Mercury 1982       Track Listing
Keeps Me Wondering Why (5 Versions) Mercury 1982       Track Listing
View From A Bridge / Abracadabra (Vinyl) RAK, Capitol Records 1982       Track Listing
Double A Side Live (Vinyl) Mercury 1983       Track Listing
Bongo Bongo (10 Versions) Mercury 1984       Track Listing
Shangri-La (13 Versions) Mercury 1984       Track Listing
I Wanna Be Loved (4 Versions) Capitol Records 1986       Track Listing
I Want To Make The World Turn Around (16 Versions) Capitol Records 1986       Track Listing
Nobody But You Baby (5 Versions) Capitol Records 1986       Track Listing
Blue Eyes (CD) Polydor 1993       Track Listing
Cry Cry Cry (CD) Polydor 1993       Track Listing
Midnight Train (CD) Polydor 1993       Track Listing
Rock It (CD) Capitol Records 1994       Track Listing
The Joker / Abracadabra (CD) Capitol Records 1997       Track Listing
Sweet Home Chicago (CDR) Roadrunner Records 2011       Track Listing
The Joker / Rock'n Me (3 Versions) Capitol Records 2099       Track Listing

PROgressive POP (Vinyl) Hör Zu Black Label, Capitol Records 1969       Track Listing
Sailor / Music From Big Pink / Quicksilver Messenger Service (3xVinyl, Box Set) Capitol Records 1969       Track Listing
The Steve Miller Band (2 Versions) Capitol Records 1969       Track Listing
The Best Of Steve Miller 1968-1973 (37 Versions) Capitol Records 1970       Track Listing
Steve Miller's Midnight Tango / Going To Mexico (4 Versions) Capitol Records 1971       Track Listing
Anthology (21 Versions) Capitol Records 1972       Track Listing
St. Louie To Frisco To Memphis (2 Versions) Mercury 1972       Track Listing
The Legend (2 Versions) Capitol Records 1975       Track Listing
Greatest Hits 1974-78 (81 Versions) Capitol Records 1978       Track Listing
Masters Of Rock (Vinyl) Capitol Records, EMI Electrola GmbH 1983       Track Listing
The History Of Rock (Volume Thirteen) (2xVinyl) Orbis 1983       Track Listing
Моята Семейна Грижа / Абракадабра (Vinyl) Балкантон 1983       Track Listing
The Very Best Of The Steve Miller Band (22 Versions) Arcade 1991       Track Listing
Box Set Sampler (CD) Capitol Records 1994       Track Listing
Young Hearts: Complete Greatest Hits (4 Versions) Capitol Records 2003       Track Listing
Complete Greatest Hits (CD) Capitol Records 2013       Track Listing
Star Power (CD) Ελευθεροτυπία       Track Listing
The Adventures Of A Space Cowboy (Vinyl) Capitol Records       Track Listing

Video Anthology - Various TV Live 1970-1982 (DVDr) Footstomp 2006       Track Listing
Live From Chicago (3 Versions) Coming Home Media 2007       Track Listing
Go Ride The Music & West Pole (2xDVD) Eagle Vision 2008       Track Listing
Flyin' High (DVD) Access All Areas 2011       Track Listing

Live At Monterey Pop Festival 1967 (CD) Document Records 1989       Track Listing
The Joker On Stage (CD) Oh Boy 1991       Track Listing
The Gangster's Back (CD) American Concert Series 1992       Track Listing
The Joker Is In Town (CD) American Concert Series 1992       Track Listing
In Concert (2xVinyl) Westwood One 1992       Track Listing
Live USA 1990 (CD) Arriba! 1993       Track Listing
Live In Concert (Ultra Rare Trax) (2 Versions) Star Box 1996       Track Listing
Work It (Joeski Remixes) (Vinyl) Not On Label, Not On Label 2003       Track Listing
Hey Yeah London (2xCDR) Uxbridge 2010       Track Listing

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