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Robbie Williams

First known as one of the members of British boy band Take That, he was the first to leave, and after battling addiction problems, went on to have a successful solo career. On 15 July 2010 it was announced that Williams would rejoin Take That. This followed the fact that the band's career after 2006 had been more successful again than William's recent solo efforts. In 2014 he left Take That for a second time. Husband of Ayda Field. He is also known to have signed one of the biggest record contracts in 2002 with EMI for £80million. It was the last before the age of (illegal) digital downloading became apparent. Born 13 February 1974 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.

Review: A success story of purely British proportions, Robbie Williams went from being a teen pinup in the U.K's version of New Kids on the Block (Take That) to being a teen pinup for the post-Brit Pop generation. After the demise of Take That, Robbie "The Tough One" Williams took to hardening his image by surrounding himself with drugs, solo records, and Oasis. His singles have been the perfect blend of teen-pop all dressed up in lad-rock clothing. His smirking confidence, roguish good looks and genuine stage presence have seen him do surprisingly well with the American market.

Robbie Williams Discography

Life Thru A Lens (17 Versions) Chrysalis 1997       Track Listing
I've Been Expecting You (25 Versions) Chrysalis 1998       Track Listing
The Ego Has Landed (22 Versions) Capitol Records 1999       Track Listing
Sing When You're Winning (50 Versions) Chrysalis 2000       Track Listing
Swing When You're Winning (34 Versions) Chrysalis 2001       Track Listing
Escapology (39 Versions) Chrysalis 2002       Track Listing
Live At Knebworth (8 Versions) Island Records 2003       Track Listing
Live Summer 2003 (16 Versions) Chrysalis 2003       Track Listing
Intensive Care (26 Versions) Chrysalis 2005       Track Listing
Rudebox (47 Versions) Chrysalis 2006       Track Listing
Reality Killed The Video Star (22 Versions) Virgin 2009       Track Listing
Take The Crown (15 Versions) Island Records 2012       Track Listing
Swings Both Ways (17 Versions) Island Records 2013       Track Listing
Live: Take The Crown Stadium Tour 2013 13.07.2013 Amsterdam Arena (3 Versions) Concert Live 2013       Track Listing
Under The Radar Vol 1 (4 Versions) 2014       Track Listing
Live In Paris At Le Zénith - Let Me Entertain You Tour (2xCDR) Robbie Williams, Farrell Music Ltd. 2015       Track Listing
Heavy Entertainment Show (8 Versions) Sony Music 2016       Track Listing
The Heavy Entertainment Show (6 Versions) Columbia 2016       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
Freedom (17 Versions) Chrysalis 1996       Track Listing
Freedom cd two of a two part set (CD) Chrysalis 1996       Track Listing
Angels (26 Versions) Chrysalis 1997       Track Listing
Lazy Days (6 Versions) Chrysalis 1997       Track Listing
Let Me Entertain You (9 Versions) Chrysalis 1997       Track Listing
Millennium (21 Versions) Chrysalis 1997       Track Listing
N'Oubliez Jamais / South Of The Border (Vinyl) EMI 1997       Track Listing
Old Before I Die (9 Versions) Chrysalis 1997       Track Listing
South Of The Border (9 Versions) Chrysalis 1997       Track Listing
Elettromacumba / She's The One (Vinyl) EMI 1998       Track Listing
Karma Killer (CD) Chrysalis 1998       Track Listing
No Regrets (12 Versions) Chrysalis 1998       Track Listing
It's Only Us / She's The One (4 Versions) Chrysalis 1999       Track Listing
Lift Me Up / It's Only Us (Vinyl) EMI 1999       Track Listing
She's The One / It's Only Us (9 Versions) Chrysalis 1999       Track Listing
Strong (6 Versions) Chrysalis 1999       Track Listing
Win Some Lose Some (CD) Chrysalis 1999       Track Listing
Kids (12 Versions) Chrysalis 2000       Track Listing
Millenium Best 2000 (3 Versions) Not On Label 2000       Track Listing
Rock DJ (14 Versions) Chrysalis 2000       Track Listing
Rock Dj / Where Do I Begin (Vinyl) EMI 2000       Track Listing
Rock DJ The Remixes (2 Versions) Capitol Records 2000       Track Listing
Supreme (10 Versions) Chrysalis 2000       Track Listing
Suprême (CD) Chrysalis 2000       Track Listing
Supreme Hits (CD) Chrysalis, EMI Music Group Australasia 2000       Track Listing
United (7 Versions) Chrysalis 2000       Track Listing
Better Man (3 Versions) EMI 2001       Track Listing
Eternity / The Road To Mandalay (7 Versions) Chrysalis 2001       Track Listing
Let Love Be Your Energy (6 Versions) Chrysalis 2001       Track Listing
Mack The Knife / In Your Eyes (2 Versions) EMI 2001       Track Listing
My Culture (3 Versions) Palm Pictures 2001       Track Listing
Ser Mejor (CD) Chrysalis 2001       Track Listing
Somethin' Stupid (8 Versions) Chrysalis 2001       Track Listing
Something Beautiful (12 Versions) Chrysalis 2001       Track Listing
The Road To Mandalay (2 Versions) E-Music 2001       Track Listing
We Are The Champions (5 Versions) Columbia 2001       Track Listing
Feel (16 Versions) Chrysalis 2002       Track Listing
I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen (2 Versions) Chrysalis 2002       Track Listing
Mr Bojangles (3 Versions) Chrysalis 2002       Track Listing
Come Undone (10 Versions) Chrysalis 2003       Track Listing
Man For All Seasons (CDR) Universal, Decca 2003       Track Listing
Sexed Up (10 Versions) Chrysalis 2003       Track Listing
Hot Fudge (Live) (CD) Chrysalis 2003       Track Listing
Graham Massey vs. Radio (Vinyl) Chrysalis 2004       Track Listing
Misunderstood (9 Versions) Chrysalis 2004       Track Listing
Radio (11 Versions) Chrysalis 2004       Track Listing
Radio Remixes (3 Versions) Chrysalis 2004       Track Listing
Advertising Space (6 Versions) Chrysalis 2005       Track Listing
Hung Up / Tripping (Vinyl) Not On Label 2005       Track Listing
Tripping (9 Versions) Chrysalis 2005       Track Listing
Bongo Bong And Je Ne T'aime Plus (4 Versions) Chrysalis 2006       Track Listing
Lovelight (21 Versions) Chrysalis 2006       Track Listing
Sin Sin Sin (10 Versions) Chrysalis 2006       Track Listing
Never Touch That Switch (2 Versions) Chrysalis 2007       Track Listing
She's Madonna (18 Versions) Chrysalis 2007       Track Listing
We're The Pet Shop Boys (2 Versions) Capitol Records 2008       Track Listing
Bodies (12 Versions) Virgin 2009       Track Listing
Close My Eyes (11 Versions) Nebula 2009       Track Listing
Morning Sun (6 Versions) Virgin 2009       Track Listing
You Know Me (7 Versions) Virgin 2009       Track Listing
iTunes Live: From London (6xFile) Chrysalis 2009       Track Listing
Last Days Of Disco (5 Versions) Astralwerks 2010       Track Listing
Shame (4 Versions) Virgin 2010       Track Listing
Candy (6 Versions) Island Records 2012       Track Listing
Different (3 Versions) Island Records 2012       Track Listing
Dream A Little Dream (3 Versions) Island Records 2013       Track Listing
Go Gentle (3 Versions) Island Records 2013       Track Listing
Goin' Crazy (3 Versions) Dirtee Stank Recordings 2013       Track Listing
Shine My Shoes (3 Versions) Burslem Records 2013       Track Listing
Be A Boy (3 Versions) Universal Music 2013       Track Listing
Love My Life (2 Versions) Columbia 2016       Track Listing
Party Like A Russian (File) Columbia 2016       Track Listing
King Of Bongo (Vinyl) Not On Label       Track Listing

Back for B-Sides (CD) Chrysalis 1999       Track Listing
Greatest Hits (40 Versions) Chrysalis 1999       Track Listing
The Winner (CD) EMI 2000       Track Listing
Special DJ Sampler 2003 (CD) Chrysalis 2003       Track Listing
De-Lovely (The Cole Porter Story) (CD) The Mail On Sunday 2004       Track Listing
Songbook (3 Versions) Upfront 2009       Track Listing
The Lowdown (CD, CD, Box Set) Sexy Intellectual 2009       Track Listing
In And Out Of Consciousness - Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010 (13 Versions) Virgin 2010       Track Listing
Definitive Collector's Edition (Box Set) Chrysalis 2010       Track Listing

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