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Ottmar Liebert

Ottmar Liebert is a Grammy Award nominated "Nouveau Flamenco" guitarist. He leads the band Luna Negra, which has supported him on most of his albums and on tour. 10 of his albums have been certified Platinum in the United States and he has received five Grammy Award nominations. He is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the U.S. Liebert was born in 1959 in Cologne, Germany to a Chinese-German father and a Hungarian mother, Ottmar spent most of his childhood traveling throughout Europe and Asia with his family. His classical guitar training began at age 12.

Review: By softening up the edges and adding a Latin-influenced bed of tropical percussion, Liebert has turned Flamenco into a widely appealing genre that has topped the new age charts on multiple occasions. His fleet-fingered picking may not put him in the same echelon as guitarists such as Paco De Lucia, but Liebert's music is designed to please the audience with a sprinkling of exotic flavors. Songs such as "Ballad for Santana" showcase the bittersweet side of his playing, while the hit "Barcelona Nights" is as attractive as a starry night on a Mediterranean cruise. A variety of styles make up Liebert's sound: Rumba, Merengue, classical, dance, jazz and rock all help to make his music the accessibly exciting aural opiate that it is.

Ottmar Liebert Discography

Nouveau Flamenco (10 Versions) Higher Octave Music 1990       Track Listing
Poets & Angels (5 Versions) Higher Octave Music 1990       Track Listing
Leaning Into The Night / Inclinado En La Noche (5 Versions) Sony Classical 1997       Track Listing
Leda Battisti (3 Versions) Epic 1998       Track Listing
Innamorare - Summer Flamenco (3 Versions) Epic 1999       Track Listing
Christmas + Santa Fe (CD) Epic 2000       Track Listing
In The Arms Of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults (2 Versions) Higher Octave Music 2002       Track Listing
One Guitar (CD) Spiral Subwave Records International 2006       Track Listing
Santa Fe (CD) Spiral Subwave Records International 2011       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
Barcelona Nights (4 Versions) Higher Octave Music 1991       Track Listing
Havana Club (2 Versions) Epic 1994       Track Listing
2 The Night (Remix) (2 Versions) New Sounds Multimedia 1997       Track Listing
L'Acqua Al Deserto (CD) Epic, Sony Music Entertainment S.p.a. 1998       Track Listing

Hot Flamenco (CD) Not On Label 1991       Track Listing
Surrender 2 Love The Best Of Ottmar Liebert Volume Two (CD) Higher Octave Music 2001       Track Listing
The Best Of Ottmar Liebert (CD) Epic 2002       Track Listing
Великие Гитаристы Мира (CD) Grand Records 2002       Track Listing
Spanish Sun (CD) Lifescapes, Compass Productions 2009       Track Listing

Wide-Eyed And Dreaming (Laserdisc) Epic Music Video 1996       Track Listing
"Dune" (CD) Spiral Subwave Records International 2012       Track Listing

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