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Johnny Burnette

American singer-songwriter rockabilly musician. Born: March 25, 1934 in Memphis, TN, United States Died: August 14, 1964 in Clear Lake, CA, United States

Johnny Burnette Discography

Johnny Burnette (23 Versions) Liberty 1961       Track Listing
Sings (5 Versions) Liberty 1961       Track Listing
Roses Are Red (7 Versions) Liberty 1962       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
You're Undecided / Go Along Mule (2 Versions) Von Records 1955       Track Listing
Butterfingers / Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Vinyl) Coral 1957       Track Listing
Eager Beaver Baby (4 Versions) Coral 1957       Track Listing
Rock Billy Boogie / If You Want It Enough (3 Versions) Coral 1957       Track Listing
Kiss Me / I'm Restless (Vinyl) Freedom 1958       Track Listing
I'll Never Love Again / Sweet Baby Doll (2 Versions) Freedom 1959       Track Listing
Me And The Bear (Vinyl) Freedom 1959       Track Listing
Party Girl (Vinyl) Chancellor Records 1959       Track Listing
Settin' The Woods On Fire (3 Versions) Liberty 1959       Track Listing
Dreamin' (26 Versions) Liberty 1960       Track Listing
Little Boy Sad (13 Versions) London Records 1960       Track Listing
Sonhando Com Johnny Burnette (Vinyl) London International 1960       Track Listing
You're Sixteen (22 Versions) London Records 1960       Track Listing
Ballad Of The One-Eyed Jacks (2 Versions) London Records 1961       Track Listing
Big Big World / Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks (9 Versions) Liberty 1961       Track Listing
Girls (7 Versions) London Records 1961       Track Listing
Girls / I've Got A Lot Of Things To Do (Vinyl) London Records 1961       Track Listing
God, Country And My Baby / Honestly I Do (8 Versions) London Records 1961       Track Listing
I'm Still Dreamin' (Vinyl) London Records 1961       Track Listing
I Wanna Thank Your Folks (2 Versions) Chancellor 1962       Track Listing
Clown Shoes (4 Versions) Liberty 1962       Track Listing
Damn The Defiant! (2 Versions) Liberty 1962       Track Listing
The Fool Of The Year / The Poorest Boy In Town (2 Versions) Liberty 1962       Track Listing
The Giant (Vinyl) Chancellor 1962       Track Listing
(Wish It Were Saturday Night) All Week Long (Vinyl) Capitol Records 1963       Track Listing
Hit After Hit (Vinyl) Liberty 1963       Track Listing
Whispering Blues / Shadow My Baby (2 Versions) Vance Records 1963       Track Listing
Four By Johnny Burnette (Vinyl) Capitol Records 1964       Track Listing
Less Than A Heartbeat / Bigger Man (Vinyl) Magic Lamp Records 1964       Track Listing
Walkin', Talkin' Doll / Sweet Suzie (2 Versions) Capitol Records 1964       Track Listing
Dreamin' / Little Boy Sad (3 Versions) United Artists Records 1973       Track Listing
Ballad Of One-Eyed Jacks / You're Sixteen (Vinyl) United Artists Records 1978       Track Listing
Please Don't Leave Me (3 Versions) Revival Records 1981       Track Listing
No Use In Livin' (Vinyl) El Toro Records 2015       Track Listing
(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You (Vinyl) Pye International       Track Listing
I Beg You Pardon / You're Sixteen (Vinyl) London Records       Track Listing
I Beg Your Pardon (Vinyl) London Records       Track Listing
Sweet Baby Doll / Me And The Bear (Vinyl) Freedom       Track Listing
What A Summer Day (2 Versions) Sahara Records 2099       Track Listing

Hits And Other Favorites (3 Versions) Liberty 1962       Track Listing
Teensville! (2 Versions) Liberty 1962       Track Listing
The Johnny Burnette Story (4 Versions) Liberty 1964       Track Listing
Rock 'N Roll Trio (6 Versions) BGO Records 1966       Track Listing
Tear It Up (5 Versions) Solid Smoke Records 1969       Track Listing
The Very Best Of Johnny Burnette (Vinyl) United Artists Records 1975       Track Listing
10th Anniversary Album (Vinyl) Sunset Records 1976       Track Listing
Best Of (Vinyl) Sunset Records 1976       Track Listing
20 Rock 'N' Roll Hits (4 Versions) Liberty 1979       Track Listing
Tenth Anniversary Album (3 Versions) Sunset Records 1981       Track Listing
Listen To Johnny Burnette! (Vinyl) MCA Records 1982       Track Listing
The Rock'N'Roll Trio (Vinyl) Alligator Records 1985       Track Listing
Sings Collectible Recordings (Vinyl) Musketeer Records 1986       Track Listing
We're Havin' A Party (Vinyl) Rockstar Records 1988       Track Listing
The Best Of Johnny Burnette (4 Versions) Liberty 1989       Track Listing
Legends Of Rock'n'Roll Series (CD) Liberty 1992       Track Listing
That's The Way I Feel (CD) RockStar Records 1994       Track Listing
Dreamin' / Johnny Burnette (CD) BGO Records 1996       Track Listing
Todas Las Grabaciones De Johnny Burnette (CD) Rama Lama Music 1996       Track Listing
25 Greatest Hits (CD) EMI, Music For Pleasure 1998       Track Listing
Hits & Other Favourites / Roses Are Red (CD) BGO Records 1998       Track Listing
The Original (CD) Disky 1998       Track Listing
Crazy Date [Rock And Roll Demos Volume 1] (Vinyl) Norton Records 2004       Track Listing
The Complete Recordings 1955-1964 (2 Versions) Bear Family Records 2004       Track Listing
Wampus Cat [Rock And Roll Demos Volume 2] (Vinyl) Norton Records 2004       Track Listing
Johnny Rocks (CD) Bear Family Records 2008       Track Listing
Rockabilly Pioneer (2xCD) Delta Leisure Group 2011       Track Listing
Six Classic Albums Plus Singles (4xCD) Real Gone 2013       Track Listing
Stars Of The Rock And Roll Volume 9 (Vinyl) MCA Records       Track Listing
The Story Of Rock And Roll (Vinyl) United Artists Records       Track Listing
The Unforgettable Johnny Burnette (Vinyl) Rejoice Records       Track Listing

Sings Rare Items Vol. 1 (2 Versions) Liberty 1991       Track Listing

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