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Jimi Hendrix

American modern electric blues guitar virtuoso. Born: 27 November 1942, Seattle, USA – Died: 18 September 1970, London, UK. A self-taught guitarist, Hendrix began his musical career backing such R&B greats as Ike and Tina Turner, Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, Little Richard, The Isley Brothers, and B.B. King. Brought to London from New York by former Animals bassist Chas Chandler, Hendrix quickly established himself as the brightest new star on the burgeoning progressive rock scene of the early '60s. Along with bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell he formed Jimi Hendrix. After a landmark appearance at the Monterey Pop festival, their debut album Jimi Hendrix was released in September 1967. The album, and its 1968 successors - Jimi Hendrix and the seminal blues-oriented developments of Jimi Hendrix - earned Hendrix international acclaim as a premier rock instrumentalist and innovator of his generation. A 'greatest hits' collection, "Smash Hits" (1969), and an in-concert memento of his historic Monterey appearance, "Otis Redding / Jimi Hendrix Experience at Monterey" (1970), followed before his untimely death. A posthumous studio album, "The Cry Of Love", was released in January of 1971, followed by the double album soundtrack to the documentary film "Jimi Hendrix" in June of 1973.

Review: It seems as if no other musician has had more posthumous music released than the mighty Jimi Hendrix. But more amazing is the stratospheric, comet-like career of the man who, more than anyone before or since, revolutionized the way the electric guitar is played. Ask any middle-aged English blues and rock guitar player from Eric Clapton to Pete Townshend, and they will each individually claim that they were Jimi's best friend -- Hendrix was known for having that kind of ingratiating effect on people. His prodigious guitar playing, his soul-saturated, swaggering vocal style, and his brother-from-outer-space aura immediately seemed to hypnotize anyone within a five-mile radius. From 1966 to his death in 1970, he breathed life into his Stratocaster, squeezing a new sonic language from the fretboard that had never been played, let alone fathomed, by any guitarist before. With drummer Mitch Mitchell and bass player Noel Redding, his power trio, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, forged a new galactic style of psychedelic blues. Nearly thirty years after his untimely death, his music remains as popular, influential, and powerful as ever.

Aliases: Heaven Research

Jimi Hendrix Discography

Are You Experienced (20 Versions) Polydor 1967       Track Listing
Get That Feeling (34 Versions) London Records 1967       Track Listing
"Live" (Vol.1) "I'm A Man" (2 Versions) Stateside 1970       Track Listing
"Live" Vol : 2 On The Killin' Floor (3 Versions) Stateside 1970       Track Listing
Band Of Gypsys (198 Versions) Polydor 1970       Track Listing
Banda De Gitanos (3 Versions) Capitol Records 1970       Track Listing
Early Jimi Hendrix (6 Versions) Stateside 1970       Track Listing
I'm A Man "Live" (2 Versions) Stateside 1970       Track Listing
On The Killin' Floor (2 Versions) Stateside 1970       Track Listing
Presents The Band Of Gypsys (6 Versions) Polydor 1970       Track Listing
Startrack Vol. 8 (Vinyl) Polydor 1970       Track Listing
1967 Material (Vinyl) Pink Elephant 1971       Track Listing
Cry Of Love (8-Track Cartridge) Reprise Records 1971       Track Listing
Hendrix In The West (63 Versions) Polydor 1971       Track Listing
Isle Of Wight (49 Versions) Polydor 1971       Track Listing
Original Sound Track 'Experience' (23 Versions) Ember Records 1971       Track Listing
Rainbow Bridge - Original Motion Picture Sound Track (92 Versions) Reprise Records 1971       Track Listing
The Cream Of Jimi (2 Versions) Interdisc 1971       Track Listing
The Cry Of Love (98 Versions) Polydor 1971       Track Listing
Two Great Experiences - Together (7 Versions) Maple Records 1971       Track Listing
War Heroes (48 Versions) Polydor 1971       Track Listing
Friends - From The Beginning (8 Versions) Stateside 1972       Track Listing
Friends From The Beginning (10 Versions) Stateside 1972       Track Listing
More "Experience" Jimi Hendrix (Titles From The Original Sound Track Of The Feature Length Motion Picture) (Volume Two) (12 Versions) Ember Records 1972       Track Listing
More Titles From The Original Soundtrack Of The Motion Picture "Experience" Volume Two (4 Versions) Sonet 1972       Track Listing
Rare Hendrix (21 Versions) Trip Records 1972       Track Listing
Roots Of Hendrix (11 Versions) Phoenix 10 1972       Track Listing
Banda Sonora Original De La Película "Jimi Hendrix" (3 Versions) Reprise Records 1973       Track Listing
Birth Of Success (2 Versions) Music For Pleasure 1973       Track Listing
La Storia Del Rock Vol.3 (Vinyl) Quadrifoglio International 1973       Track Listing
Loose Ends (20 Versions) Polydor 1973       Track Listing
Sound Track Recordings From The Film "Jimi Hendrix" (33 Versions) Reprise Records 1973       Track Listing
Together (8 Versions) Pickwick/33 Records 1973       Track Listing
Vol. 2 Strange Things (Vinyl) World Record Club 1973       Track Listing
Hard (Vinyl) PPX Productions 1974       Track Listing
Heroes De Guerra (Vinyl) Polydor 1974       Track Listing
Roots Of Rock (2 Versions) Archive Of Folk & Jazz Music 1974       Track Listing
Crash Landing (59 Versions) Polydor 1975       Track Listing
For Real! (5 Versions) DJM Records 1975       Track Listing
Midnight Lightning (54 Versions) Polydor 1975       Track Listing
Super Hendrix (4 Versions) Musidisc 1975       Track Listing
Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead (21 Versions) Red Lightnin' 1978       Track Listing
Free Spirit (14 Versions) Thunderbird 1979       Track Listing
My Best Friend (6 Versions) Astan 1979       Track Listing
Second Time Around (8 Versions) Astan 1979       Track Listing
Before London (3 Versions) Accord 1980       Track Listing
Live Isle Of Wight '70 (8 Versions) Polydor 1980       Track Listing
Nine To The Universe (18 Versions) Polydor 1980       Track Listing
Cosmic Turnaround (6 Versions) Nutmeg Records 1981       Track Listing
Kaleidoscope (6 Versions) Nutmeg Records 1981       Track Listing
Mr. Pitiful (7 Versions) Astan 1981       Track Listing
Welcome Home (6 Versions) Astan 1981       Track Listing
Archives (Vinyl) ALA 1982       Track Listing
From This Day On (Cassette) Richmond 1985       Track Listing
Jimi Plays Monterey (50 Versions) Polydor 1986       Track Listing
First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (28 Versions) Experience Hendrix 1987       Track Listing
Woodstock (23 Versions) MCA Records 1989       Track Listing
Lifelines: The Jimi Hendrix Story (3 Versions) Reprise Records 1990       Track Listing
Atlanta 70 (Cassette) Polydor, polydor 1991       Track Listing
Stages San Diego 69 (CD) Polydor 1991       Track Listing
The Early Years (7 Versions) Receiver Records Limited 1991       Track Listing
Tomorrow Never Knows (2 Versions) Rialto 1991       Track Listing
Jamming Live At The Scene Club N.Y.C. (3 Versions) Realisation Records 1994       Track Listing
Abtone Session (CD) Jimco Records 1995       Track Listing
Voodoo Soup (11 Versions) Polydor 1995       Track Listing
Live At George's Club (Vol. 4) (2 Versions) CBH Records 1996       Track Listing
Something On Your Mind (CD) SPV Recordings, CBH Records 1997       Track Listing
NYC '68 (CD) M.I.L. Multimedia 1998       Track Listing
Live At Woodstock (39 Versions) Experience Hendrix 1999       Track Listing
Morning Symphony Ideas (3 Versions) Dagger Records 2000       Track Listing
The Baggy's Rehearsal Sessions (2 Versions) Dagger Records 2002       Track Listing
Hear My Music (6 Versions) Dagger Records 2004       Track Listing
Burning Desire (3 Versions) Dagger Records 2006       Track Listing
Valleys Of Neptune (21 Versions) Experience Hendrix 2009       Track Listing
People, Hell And Angels (14 Versions) Experience Hendrix 2013       Track Listing
Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/1969 (7 Versions) Experience Hendrix 2016       Track Listing
Same (Cassette) Polydor       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
Hey Joe (25 Versions) Polydor 1966       Track Listing
Day Tripper (4 Versions) London Records 1967       Track Listing
Foxy Lady / Bold As Love (Vinyl) Atlantic 1967       Track Listing
Hey Joe / Stone Free (2 Versions) Polydor 1967       Track Listing
How Would You Feel (5 Versions) Track Record 1967       Track Listing
Hush Now (11 Versions) London Records 1967       Track Listing
Hush Now / Flashing (5 Versions) London Records 1967       Track Listing
The Wind Cries Mary (9 Versions) Polydor 1967       Track Listing
Foxy Lady (4 Versions) Polydor 1968       Track Listing
Let Me Light Your Fire / Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (Vinyl) Polydor 1969       Track Listing
Ballad Of Jimi (9 Versions) London Records 1970       Track Listing
Come On (2 Versions) Polydor 1970       Track Listing
Freedom (5 Versions) Polydor 1970       Track Listing
I'm A Man (3 Versions) Stateside 1970       Track Listing
No Such Animal (14 Versions) Audio Fidelity 1970       Track Listing
The Ballad Of Jimi (5 Versions) Stateside 1970       Track Listing
Vodoo Chile / Hey Joe / All Along The Watchtower (Vinyl) Polydor 1970       Track Listing
Angel (5 Versions) Polydor 1971       Track Listing
Angel / Freedom (Vinyl) Polydor 1971       Track Listing
California Night / Get Out Of My Life Woman (3 Versions) Stateside 1971       Track Listing
Dolly Dagger / Night Bird Flying (9 Versions) MCA Records 1971       Track Listing
Freedom / Angel (7 Versions) Polydor 1971       Track Listing
Johnny B. Goode An Original Video Soundtrack (37 Versions) Capitol Records 1971       Track Listing

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