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Duran Duran

UK pop group founded in Birmingham in 1978. They have sold over 100 million records.

Review: Duran Duran are largely responsible for bringing New Wave and New Romantic music to the mainstream. Taking their moniker from the film Barbarella, Duran Duran personified the 1980s by utilizing an exciting new concept called the music video. Anyone watching MTV back then was introduced to five English dandies from Birmingham who were jet-setting all over the globe.Duran Duran's signature style of seductive pop music is rooted in Funk rhythms, crafty Pop arrangements, and Glam rock melodies. The band first broke with the serpentine hit "Is There Something I Should Know." Shortly before the video for the glamorous, Eno-influnced "Girls On Film" was released, Duran Duran became a front page phenomenon; but it was sexy hits such as "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "The Reflex" from Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983) that made Duran Duran a household word -- especially in the homes where teenage girls resided.

Aliases: The Krush Brothers

Members: Alan Curtis, Andy Taylor, Andy Wickett, John Taylor, Nicholas James Bates, Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Stephen Duffy, Sterling Campbell, Warren Cuccurullo

Duran Duran Discography

Duran Duran (215 Versions) EMI       Track Listing
Rio (162 Versions) EMI 1982       Track Listing
Special D.J. Copy (2 Versions) EMI 1982       Track Listing
Seven And The Ragged Tiger (103 Versions) EMI 1983       Track Listing
Siete Y El Tigre Harapiento (3 Versions) EMI 1983       Track Listing
Siete Y El Andrajoso Tigre (Cassette) EMI 1983       Track Listing
Arena (106 Versions) EMI 1984       Track Listing
Arena | Recorded Around The World 1984 (Vinyl) Capitol Records 1984       Track Listing
Notorio (4 Versions) EMI 1986       Track Listing
Notorious (135 Versions) EMI 1986       Track Listing
Big Thing (68 Versions) EMI 1988       Track Listing
Libertad (Vinyl) EMI 1990       Track Listing
Liberty (50 Versions) Parlophone 1990       Track Listing
The Wedding Album (3 Versions) EMI 1993       Track Listing
Thank You (41 Versions) Parlophone 1995       Track Listing
Medazzaland (20 Versions) Capitol Records 1997       Track Listing
Original Gold (Box Set, CD, CD) Disky 1999       Track Listing
3 X CD (Box Set, CD, CD, CD) EMI 2000       Track Listing
Pop Trash (29 Versions) Hollywood Records 2000       Track Listing
78-03: Costa Mesa July 16, 2003 (2xCD) 2003       Track Listing
78-03: Fukuoka July 8, 2003 (2xCD) 2003       Track Listing
78-03: Las Vegas July 17, 2003 (2xCD) 2003       Track Listing
78-03: Nagoya July 10, 2003 (2xCD) 2003       Track Listing
78-03: Osaka July 7, 2003 (2xCD) 2003       Track Listing
78-03: Tokyo July 11, 2003 (2 Versions) 2003       Track Listing
Astronaut (45 Versions) Epic 2004       Track Listing
Red Carpet Massacre (24 Versions) Epic 2007       Track Listing
BBC In Concert - 1981 (5 Versions) DD Fan Club 2009       Track Listing
All You Need Is Now (44 Versions) Tape Modern 2010       Track Listing
As The Lights Go Down (live) (2 Versions) EMI UK 2010       Track Listing
Big Thing Special Edition 2CD (2xCDR) EMI Music Catalogue Marketing 2010       Track Listing
Live 2011 (A Diamond In The Mind) (20 Versions) Eagle Vision 2012       Track Listing
Paper Gods (24 Versions) Warner Bros. Records 2015       Track Listing

Singles & EPs
A Mi Estilo (2 Versions) EMI 1981       Track Listing
Careless Memories (15 Versions) EMI 1981       Track Listing
Girls On Film (50 Versions) EMI 1981       Track Listing
Life On Mars? / Planet Earth (Flexi-disc) EMI 1981       Track Listing
My Own Way (24 Versions) EMI 1981       Track Listing
New Romantic (Vinyl) EMI 1981       Track Listing
Planet Earth (39 Versions) EMI 1981       Track Listing
Planeta Tierra (Vinyl) EMI 1981       Track Listing
Sound Of Thunder (Vinyl) EMI 1981       Track Listing
With Compliments (Vinyl) EMI 1981       Track Listing
Anyone Out There (2 Versions) Harvest 1982       Track Listing
Destination Unknown = 失われた未来 / Words = ワーズ / Rio = リオ (Part II) (2 Versions) Capitol Records 1982       Track Listing
Hungry Like The Wolf (52 Versions) EMI 1982       Track Listing
Machinery = マシーナリー / Hungry Like The Wolf = ハングリー・ライク・ザ・ウルフ (狼のように飢えて) (2 Versions) Express 1982       Track Listing
Save A Prayer (39 Versions) EMI 1982       Track Listing
Wind Power / Flying North / Rio (Night Version) (Vinyl) Harvest, Venice In Peril Records 1982       Track Listing
Hold Back The Rain (2 Versions) EMI 1982       Track Listing
¿Deberia Saberlo? (¿Quieres Decirme Algo?) (Is There Something I Should Know?) (2 Versions) EMI 1983       Track Listing
¿Hay Algo Que Debiera Saber? (4 Versions) EMI 1983       Track Listing
De Originele Duran Duran Promotie Flexi Disc (Flexi-disc) EMI 1983       Track Listing
DMM Mega Mixes (Vinyl) EMI 1983       Track Listing
Is There Something I Should Know? (43 Versions) EMI 1983       Track Listing
New Moon On Monday (30 Versions) EMI 1983       Track Listing
Rio / Save A Prayer / Hungry Like The Wolf / My Own Way (Vinyl) Harvest 1983       Track Listing
Say Say Say / Union Of The Snake (Vinyl) EMI, Odeon, MPL 1983       Track Listing
Too Shy / Is There Something I Should Know (Vinyl) EMI 1983       Track Listing
Union Of The Snake (52 Versions) EMI 1983       Track Listing
La Unión De La Serpiente / Secreto De Octubre (Vinyl) EMI 1983       Track Listing
El Reflejo (The Reflex) (2 Versions) EMI 1984       Track Listing
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (Vinyl) EMI 1984       Track Listing
The Lion's Mouth / New Moon On Monday (Vinyl) EMI 1984       Track Listing
The Reflex (57 Versions) EMI 1984       Track Listing
The Wild Boys (58 Versions) EMI 1984       Track Listing
Tiger! Tiger! (4 Versions) EMI 1984       Track Listing
A View To A Kill (33 Versions) EMI 1985       Track Listing
A View To Kill / Kayleigh (2 Versions) EMI 1985       Track Listing
En La Mira De Los Asesinos = A View To A Kill / Subiendo Esa Colina = Running Up That Hill) (Vinyl) EMI 1985       Track Listing
Mixing (2 Versions) Parlophone 1985       Track Listing
Tarzan Boy / Reserva Una Plegaria (Save A Prayer) (Vinyl) EMI 1985       Track Listing
007 美しき獲物たち = A View To A Kill (4 Versions) EMI 1985       Track Listing
The Smash Hits Interviews: Duran Duran (Flexi-disc) Smash Hits! Magazine 1985       Track Listing
Excerpts From The Album "Notorious" (Flexi-disc) EMI 1986       Track Listing
Conoce El Presidente (Vinyl) EMI 1987       Track Listing
Duran Goes Dutch (2 Versions) Capitol Records 1987       Track Listing
Master Mixes (5 Versions) Capitol Records 1987       Track Listing
Meet El Presidente (23 Versions) EMI 1987       Track Listing
Skin Trade (28 Versions) EMI 1987       Track Listing
The Presidential Suite (5 Versions) Capitol Records 1987       Track Listing
All She Wants Is (31 Versions) EMI 1988       Track Listing
Do You Believe In Shame? (21 Versions) EMI 1988       Track Listing
I Don't Want Your Love (35 Versions) EMI 1988       Track Listing
No Quiero Tu Amor (3 Versions) EMI 1988       Track Listing
The Edge Of America / Lake Shore Driving (The LSD Edit) (CD) Capitol Records 1988       Track Listing
Too Late Marlene (2 Versions) EMI 1988       Track Listing
Walkman Mix (Cassette) EMI 1988       Track Listing
アイ・ドント・ウォント・ユア・ラヴ (7 Versions) EMI 1988       Track Listing
6ix By 3hree (2 Versions) Picture Music International 1989       Track Listing
Burning The Ground (14 Versions) EMI 1989       Track Listing
Decadance (Vinyl) Parlophone 1989       Track Listing
Big Thing + 5 Special Package (CD, CD) EMI, Capitol Records 1989       Track Listing
Serious (18 Versions) Parlophone 1990       Track Listing
Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over) (28 Versions) Parlophone 1990       Track Listing
Come Undone (25 Versions) Parlophone 1993       Track Listing
Drowning Man (5 Versions) Capitol Records 1993       Track Listing
Femme Fatale (5 Versions) EMI 1993       Track Listing
No Ordinary EP (3 Versions) Parlophone 1993       Track Listing
Ordinary World (30 Versions) Parlophone 1993       Track Listing

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